One Way or Another – We Are The Cause of Terrorism

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Western Leftists are really struggling to explain the rise of ISIS, the resurgence of al-Qaeda and radical Islamic terrorism in general. Liberals desperately grasp at anything they can point to as the cause(s) for terrorism – because it just has to be our fault. Somehow we brought this upon ourselves.

Bernie Sanders, the Vermont curmudgeon, claims that climate change is to blame. We on the right laugh at the idea, but last month reported that “many academics and national security experts agree that climate change contributes to an uncertain world where terrorism can thrive.” These Obama sycophants in academe and the “researchers” at the new and improved Department of Defense will say and do anything to advance the president’s climate change, wealth distribution agenda, and to keep their funding rolling in and save their jobs.

Time references a 2014 DOD report as proof of the expert claims. Although the report is a full 20 pages long, one has only to read a portion of the forward, which states: “The responsibility of the Department of Defense is the security of our country. Among the future trends that will impact our national security is climate change. In our defense strategy, we refer to climate change as a ‘threat multiplier’ because it has the potential to exacerbate many of the challenges we are dealing with today – from infectious disease to terrorism. We are already beginning to see some of these impacts.”

The report is stunning! The only thing they get right is the first sentence. If, to this point, you haven’t been worried about our security, I suggest you start. If this is what the great military minds at the Pentagon are concerned with, we are in worse trouble than I thought, as it appears Obama has successfully co-opted everyone short of the boots on the ground. read more

Thomas Piketty – The Latest Leftist Hero

by: the Common Constitutionalist

All this talk by the president of “Income Inequality” seems to be quite well-timed.

It seems to coincide quite nicely with the blitzkrieg of promotion regarding the book “Capital In the Twenty First Century”, by French economist Thomas Piketty. Who better to attempt to trash the capitalist system than a French socialist and obvious Keynesian.

In his book, Piketty argues that worsening income inequality is an inevitable outcome of free-market capitalism where a select few get richer – widening the gap between the haves and have-nots.

There’s only one problem with Piketty’s theory and it is his assumption that we actually have a free market. Of course to him, anything that isn’t a top-down centralized authoritarian socialist state would be considered a free market.

But we don’t have a free market. We have a skewed system – some call it crony capitalism – I call it crony corporatism. Whatever you call it, it bears little resemblance to a free market. read more