Trump Continues Gutting the Climate Church of the EPA

by: the Common Constitutionalist

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As was promised, the Trump administration has begun the task of gutting the EPA. Trump is doing whatever he can to remove the jackboot of the agency from the throats of industry and frankly all Americans.

And it’s about time. Other than the IRS, I can think of no government agency or department which wields more power, and uses it almost exclusively to abuse the American private sector.

So when Trump announced that he would drastically cut back the authority of the EPA, many of cautiously cheered. I say cautiously, because experience tells us to be weary of campaign promises. Yet, at least as far as the EPA and the whole myth of man-caused climate change are concerned, he appears to be keeping his word.

In March, the Independent woefully reported that the word ‘Science’ disappeared from the “Environmental Protection Agency office’s mission statement. The EPA once proudly told visitors that a large part of its work was scientific research to help improve the climate and the environment. But those references have since been removed and replaced with a reference to things that are ‘economically and technologically achievable.’”

Well that is good news, for as we know, it has been quite some time, if ever, that the EPA had anything to do with science. Rather the government agency should have long ago been classified as a church, due to its almost singular focus on the religion of global warming. And wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony, considering the left’s irrational fear of the separation of Church and State. read more

Can We Negotiate with ISIS?

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Who thinks ISIS can be negotiated with? Any reasonable person would immediately say no, and not just know, but hell no. However over the years, the world has become populated with ever less reasonable people. Or maybe they’ve always been in our midst and we’re just paying better attention.

After all, there were those who thought it not only necessary but reasonable to attempt to negotiate a peace with Hitler, or the North Vietnamese.

I guess there have always been pie-in-the-sky leftists, like John Kerry who believe negotiation is and should be our only weapon, despite every ounce of evidence to the contrary.

And yet even John Kerry pales in comparison to Robert Fisk who wrote an article in the Independent entitled “Suddenly it looks like we could have done with Osama bin Laden staying alive – Who’s left if we want to negotiate with Isis?”

In the article, he describes Osama bin Laden as an “old softee, compared to the throat cutting killers of the Islamic State.” Fisk writes glowingly that bin Laden “loves his wife, he wants his son to take over the whole al-Qaeda outfit, he studies – if he can read English – Noam Chomsky.”

Okay, anyone who studies Chomsky is by default, a bit unhinged. If we didn’t know that about Osama, we do now, but I digress.

Fisk continues extolling the virtues of bin Laden by describing him as “a chap we could do business with, the ‘moderate’ we are always searching for when we fail to destroy our enemies, a ‘middle party’ to start a ‘dialogue’ with these unruly Isis Fellows.” read more