Liberals and Islamists Both Want Change – for the Worse

by: Brent Smith at the Common Constitutionalist

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One big problem we have regarding radical Islam in this country is not just a lack of assimilation, but a concerted effort not to. These “immigrants” and “refugees” have no interest in becoming Americans, conforming to our society, and many are repulsed by the thought. America is just a better place to live than the crap hole from whence they came.

The same can be said of liberals.

The latest Islamist terrorist, Akayed Ullah, is from Bangladesh. The country of Bangladesh is about the size of the State of Michigan, yet has well over 160 million people. That’s half the population of the entire United States living in Michigan. Who the heck wouldn’t want to leave?

But they’re not thankful to be here. It’s obvious that they are not when many insist on trying to Islamize America. Many immigrants and refugees refuse to live by American law and instead demand that we all change and adopt Sharia.

There are several iterations of old sayings that go: You can take the boy of the country, but you take the country out of the boy. There’s one about girls and trailer parks, and Hoods and hoodlums. None are very kind, but all have at least a grain of truth to them. read more

Terrorist Photos are Racist

Always-unfiltered Rep. Jim McDermott penned a letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller Wednesday claiming a Joint Terrorism Task Force ‘Faces of Global Terrorism’ ad is racist.

McDermott, a Democrat from Washington state, voiced his “deep concern” about the ad, which shows mug shots of international terrorists, and asked the FBI chief to “reconsider publicizing” it.

According to McDermott, the “ad featuring sixteen photos of wanted terrorists is not only offensive to Muslims and ethnic minorities, but it encourages racial and religious profiling.”

McDermott continued, “Representing terrorists, however, from only one ethnic or religious group, promotes stereotypes and ignores other forms of extremism. The FBI’s ‘Most Wanted Terrorists List‘ includes individuals of other races and associated with other religions and causes, but their faces are missing from this campaign.”

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US Teen Accused of Seeking to Join Al-Qaida

An 18-year-old Chicago-area man accused of planning to join an al Qaida-linked group fighting in Syria has been arrested by the FBI, the agency said on Saturday.

Abdella Ahmad Tounisi of Aurora, Illinois, was taken into custody late on Friday as he prepared to board a plane at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport bound for Turkey, the FBI said in a statement.

It added that Tounisi was a friend of Adel Daoud, an American accused of trying to stage a bombing outside a downtown Chicago bar last year. The agency said Tounisi had not been involved in that plot.

Tounisi appeared before a U.S. magistrate on Saturday on one count of attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. He was ordered held until his next court appearance on Tuesday, the FBI said.

A criminal complaint accused Tounisi of making online contact in March with a person he thought was a recruiter for Jabhat al-Nusra, the militant Islamist Syrian group that the U.S. government calls a foreign terrorist organization operating as a wing of al- Qaida in Iraq.

The supposed recruiter was an FBI employee working undercover, the agency said.

Tounisi said in emails to the FBI employee that he planned to get to Syria via Turkey and was willing to die in the Syrian struggle, the complaint said.

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The Innocent Saudi Student

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Saudi student injured in Boston blasts doing well, says father


Friday 19 April 2013

Last Update 20 April 2013 3:35 am

JEDDAH: The father of the 20-year-old Saudi student who was injured in the deadly Boston blasts has said his son was indeed questioned about the explosions but only as a routine procedure.
Ali Alharbi, speaking to Saudi media on Wednesday, said his son Abdurrahman was just one of more than hundreds people of various nationalities who were questioned by investigators looking into the blasts that killed three people and injured more than 170 others.
Abdurrahman was watching the Boston Marathon on April 16 when two bombs placed in trash bins exploded. He sustained injuries in the body.

Another Saudi, identified as Noura Al-Ajaji, was said to have sustained a slight injury and was declared out of danger.

On Wednesday, Alharbi tweeted on Abdurrahman’s Twitter account and said his son was now out of danger and is receiving excellent care at the hospital where he is confined.
He also posted pictures for Abdurrahman, including one showing the student with the Saudi consul general in New York, Azzam Al Gain, during the official’s visit at the hospital room.

Abdurrahman had been a hot topic among US media, with one article published by The New Yorker, titled The Saudi Marathon Man, questioning whether he was the victim of racial profiling.
Reports have it that while Abdurrahman was in hospital being treated for his wounds, a “phalanx” of officers and agents and K9 unit searched his apartment.

“What made them suspect him? He was running — so was everyone. The police reportedly thought he smelled like explosives; his wounds might have suggested why. He said something about thinking there would be a second bomb — as there was, and often is, to target responders.
“If that was the reason he gave for running, it was a sensible one. He asked if anyone was dead—a question people were screaming. And he was from Saudi Arabia, which is around where the logic stops. Was it just the way he looked, or did he, in the chaos, maybe call for God with a name that someone found strange?” said the article authored by Amy Davidson. End of ARAB News Article


The article states that hundreds of people were questioned. That may be true, but the authorities snatched only Abdurrahman Ali Al Harbi. And only he was determined to be such a threat that a section 212, 3b was issued on him.

So what is a section 212, 3b designation?

The event file section 212, 3b designation was written into the Patriot Act. It is the highest terrorist watch list designation and is reserved for terrorists only, not just suspects or people of interest. It is so serious that the authorities, per the Patriot Act, must bring the suspect’s name and evidence for the designation before a government security panel for issuance of the 212, 3b.

They must’ve found something on this young innocent. Remember, this all happened after his home was searched for upwards of nine hours.

So we are supposed to believe that Homeland Security went to all this trouble to place a 212, 3b on him and that the event was simply revoked.

As far as anyone or I can find – no one has ever been issued a 212, 3b designation on them and had that designation removed – unless they’re dead.

Oh, and by the way; when the authorities went to issue the 212, 3b they found something odd. There was already another event file open on him. It may not have been a 212, 3b, but because of the process they have to go through, event files are not opened on innocent people. (unless they’re Christian or conservative. Just a little humor).

So Al Harbi obtained a student visa to specifically attend school in Ohio but never attended. He made it to Boston and stayed. This is significant for two reasons. First, that he was allowed in this country or allowed to stay when he was already a person of interest.

Second, and even scarier is that he is not the only one. 75,000 visas are issued to students from Muslim countries per year. Of those 75,000, 15,000 never show up at the school they are assigned. That’s 20%!

Remember, it took only 19 to take down the twin towers and damaged the Pentagon.

And we still don’t know where this young man is. Boston, Saudi Arabia, where?

Web sleuths scour through thousands of Boston Marathon blast pictures

 Identify FIVE people they think the FBI should be talking to

from: the UK Daily Mail


Web users have turned into detectives in the  wake of the Boston Marathon tragedy, looking through hundreds of photos to find  the person or group behind Monday’s carnage.

As authorities conduct an exhaustive  investigation of the moments leading up to the double bombing near the finish  line, Reddit and 4chan users are doing one of their own – pointing out people at  the site of the first bombing whom they think the FBI should be talking  to.

There is, however, no official evidence to  support that the individuals pictured had anything to do with the devastating  twin bombing, which claimed three lives and injured 183 others. The claims are merely speculation, and not considered  viable evidence in the Boston and federal investigation.

Meanwhile, CNN reported that a suspect has  been identified by police after two pieces of video evidence at the scene of the  second blast were handed in to authorities.

Another look: The redditors and 4chan users claim that the bags in this photo are sporting unusual bulges, and appear to be sagging under the weight of what's inside
The redditors and 4chan users claim that  the bags in this photo are sporting unusual bulges, and appear to be sagging  under the weight of what’s inside
Questions: The users also claim that the man in the white hat does not appear to have his backpack on in another photo
The users also claim that the man in the  white hat does not appear to have his backpack on in another photo
Photo: One person's composite image compares the shape of a bulge in a bag to the shape of a pressure cooker
 One person’s composite image compares the shape  of a bulge in a bag to the shape of a pressure cooker

However, it is hard to see how the men  identified by the Reddit users fit the description of the suspect leaked to  other media outlets.

CNN’s John King said sources told him it was  a ‘dark-skinned man’ and CBS reported that it was a white man who was wearing a  black jacket, a gray hooded sweatshirt and a white or off-white baseball cap  backwards. He is said to be six feet or 6-feet-2-inches tall with a medium  build.

Investigators have not named any suspects in  the bombing, but have revealed that two pressure cooker bombs were stuffed  inside black vinyl backpacks or duffel bags when they went off.

Using that information and numerous photos –  mainly from the site of the first blast – users have pointed out several people  either wearing black backpacks or otherwise individuals who could be thought to  be acting strangely before the explosions.

The people are circled and their movements  are documented by comparing several photographs in a subreddit called  ‘FINDBOSTONBOMBERS.’

The person who started the subreddit, who  goes by the moniker Oops777, has been identified as a 23-year-old professional  poker player who lives in Boston, according to reports.

The FBI’s Boston office did not return a call  from MailOnline for comment.

A man with a white baseball cap . As  one  redditor notes, ‘The first picture shows a clear bulge from the bag, very  consistent with the type of pressure cooker believed to have been  used.’

Could this be the bombing suspect?
Could this be the bombing suspect?
Is this the suspect? People on Reddit have claimed that  while everyone around him seems to instinctively cower, this man appears to  sprint away in the opposite direction to everyone else caught in the  blast
Another look: Two men donning similar black coats, khaki pants and backpacks were also pictured, but they could also be undercover police officers
Two men donning similar black coats, khaki  pants and backpacks were also pictured, but they could also be undercover police  officers
Bird's eye view: It's possible that this man is an undercover police officer, but redditors claim that he may be involved
It’s possible that this man is an  undercover police officer, but redditors claim that he may be involved

The redditors and 4chan users claim that the  bags are sporting unusual bulges, and appear to be sagging under the weight of  what’s inside.

The users are also quick to claim that the  man in the white hat does not appear to be wearing the backpack in another  photo.

Two men donning similar black coats,  khaki  pants and backpacks were also pictured, but they could also be  undercover  police officers.

In another series of photos, one  internet  user marks a face the crowd two hours prior to the bombing, and then his  reaction afterward, noting that the man, wearing a white  hooded sweatshirt,  does not appear interested in the race and can be  seen walking away calmly  after the first blast.

While some posts may be perceived as  accusatory, other users are quick to  warn that just because the person is  pictured with a black bag, it  doesn’t mean they had anything to do with the  bombing.

Spotted: One user marks a face the crowd two hours prior to the bombing, and then his reaction afterward, noting that the man, wearing a white hooded sweatshirt, does not appear interested in the race
 One user marks a face the crowd two hours prior  to the bombing, and then his reaction afterward, noting that the man, wearing a  white hooded sweatshirt, does not appear interested in the race

In another photo posted on both 4chan and  Reddit, a man wearing a blue coat is pictured near the scene of the second  explosion holding a backpack –  with distinctive black and grey  straps.

Next to it is a photo of a mangled backpack  from the crime scene, with straps that bear a striking resemblance.

Another man, wearing a green hat and wearing  a black backpack, was also highlighted on Reddit as a person who could be  involved.

The Boston Marathon was a public event, and  hundreds of black backpacks were worn among the thousands of  attendees.

Hunt for clues: Another man, wearing a green hat and wearing a black backpack, was also highlighted on Reddit as a person who could be involved
 Another man, wearing a green hat and  wearing a black backpack, was also highlighted on Reddit as a person who could  be involved

But at the very least, it gives people a glimpse of the excruciating job the FBI have in scouring through  thousands of  images in a situation where anyone can look like a suspect.

Yesterday, a preliminary probe by Boston  officials revealed that they were made of two 1.6-gallon pressure cookers – one  containing shards of metal and ball bearings and the other packed with nails –  and both stuffed into black backpacks or duffel bags, according to a source  close to the probe.

The method used to make the bomb is  reminiscent of the failed attempt to bomb Times Square by Faisal Shahzad in 2010  – and other terror strikes in India, Afghanistan, Nepal and  Pakistan.

The FBI and anti-terror officials have urged  the public to turn in any photos or video footage they may have of the marathon  that may have captured a suspect or suspects before the blasts.

Descriptions: Picking out people from the crowd, the web sleuths comment on their behavior before the bombs went off
 Picking out people from the crowd, the web  sleuths comment on their behavior before the bombs went off


Ben Levine, who works in public relations in  an office on Boylston Street and was directly above where the first bomb  exploded, responded to that call.

In a piece he wrote for Deadspin, Mr Levine said that he was standing at his second floor office window  and  snapping pictures of the runners and crowds below when ‘a bomb went  off in my  face.’

Investigators have circulated  information  about the bombs, which involved kitchen pressure cookers  packed with  explosives, nails and other lethal shrapnel – but the FBI  says no on has  claimed responsibility.

‘Someone knows who did this,’ Richard  DesLauriers, FBI agent in charge in  Boston, said at a news conference where he  detailed the type of clues a  bomber might have left.

‘Importantly, the person who did this is  someone’s friend, neighbor, co-worker or relative.’

Accusations: In a photo posted on both 4chan and Reddit, a man wearing a blue coat is pictured with a backpack - with distinctive black and grey straps - dangling on his arm. A bag with similar straps is pictured at the scene of one of the bombings
In a photo posted on both 4chan and Reddit,  a man wearing a blue coat is pictured with a backpack – with distinctive black  and grey straps – dangling on his arm. A bag with similar straps is pictured at  the scene of one of the bombings
Claims: As the FBI scours through thousands of photos of the moments before the Boston Marathon, various Reddit and 4chan users are pointing out who they believe to be possible suspects
 As the FBI scours through thousands of photos of  the moments before the Boston Marathon, various Reddit and 4chan users are  pointing out who they believe to be possible suspects


Speculation: In this photo, the Redditors claim that a man can be seen dropping a suspicious object near the scene of the second explosion
 In this photo, the Redditors claim that a  man can be seen dropping a suspicious object near the scene of the second  explosion

New crime scene photographs of the remnants  of the first bomb which detonated during Monday’s Boston marathon shows that a  six-liter pressure cooker was used in at least one of the deadly charges – as  experts described the devices as military-style ‘anti-personnel’  devices.

The images – released by the Joint  Terrorist  Task Force – show the wreckage of a stainless steel pressure  cooker with an  Underwriters Laboratory safety mark and an imprint that  reads gas or electric,  with experts describing the devices as  military-style ‘anti-personnel’  devices.

Furthermore, it is being claimed the  deadly  devices used were designed to act like ‘homemade claymores’ –  powerful,  directional anti-personnel devices.

The lid of a pressure cooker was found on a  nearby rooftop and  investigators were able to pinpoint which type of cooker was  used.

Probe: Investigators comb through the post finish line area of the Boston Marathon at Boylston Street, two days after two bombs exploded just before the finish line
Investigators comb through the post finish line  area of the Boston Marathon at Boylston Street, two days after two bombs  exploded just before the finish line

One brand of pressure cooker with ‘6L’ on the  bottom is made by the Spanish company Fagor, which sells about 50,000 of the  six-liter pots in the United States every year, The New York Times  reported.

This gives investigators a real chance to  narrow down their list of suspects – which they said yesterday was ‘wide open’ – and find out who is responsible for the worst attacks on U.S. soil since  9/11.

They will use every clue, from the cooker’s  manufacturer and retailers to the types of nails used in the shrapnel, to try  and find out from where the bomb parts were purchased and by whom.

Roy Parker, a retired Bureau of Alcohol,  Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives agent who ­developed the agency’s  explosives training program, said examiners are looking at scraps of the bomb  components, bags and all other forensic evidence.

He said: ‘You’re looking for a needle in a  haystack, but the needle is there. If you look long enough, you’ll get stuck  with it. This is not an unsolvable crime.’


Benghazi…The Cover Up

by: the Common Constitutionalist

The President is lying and covering up, possibly to the point of treason, as is the Vice President, the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and maybe more.

Less than one week after the September 11 attack in Benghazi, I reported (with research provided by Glenn Beck and The Blaze) that ambassador Stephens was probably CIA and was gunrunning; providing arms from our government to the rebels in Libya who were either Al Qaeda or an affiliate group. He was also providing weapons to Syria, brokered through Turkey.

As you read this account, I remind you to recall the lies put out by this White House regarding the YouTube video.

New evidence has emerged, via memos and e-mails, which prove the validity of the attacks on the CIA safe house. Don’t believe reports that this was a consulate or even an embassy safe house. Rest assured, this was a CIA safe house.

At 12:54 PM the White House situation room received an e-mail that someone was watching the CIA safe house in Benghazi.

So what was the ambassador doing at that safe house on September 11, in Benghazi, terrorist central, knowing the house was being watched and also knowing he was a possible target?

Well, he was having dinner with the General Counsel of Turkey. I’ll remind you that Turkey was the go-between for weapons transfers from Stevens to Syria. Reports are that some 400 tons of weapons have been moved into Syria.

Coincidentally, President Obama is a friend of the Prime Minister of Turkey. As a matter of fact, when Obama was elected in 2008, he called his friend, the Prime Minister, before calling any other world leader. A little odd, don’t you think?

As an aside, the Turkish prime minister advocates both Shariah law and an Islamic Caliphate. Quite an interesting bedfellow for a president of the United States.

So at the same time the White House receives the e-mail that the safe house is being watched the ambassador and Turkish General Counsel are having dinner.

One hour later, the Turkish General Counsel leaves completely unharmed and unmolested, through the front gate.

Why was the General Counsel there? What did they discuss? Were the terrorists working with Turkey to take out Stevens and on whose orders?

Was the Turkish official sent in to effectively hold Stevens their while preparations were finalized for the attack? It seems to me that the General Counsel or the Turkish government must’ve been involved or he would not have been allowed to leave unscathed. Those watching the house must have known who he was.

About an hour after the Turkish official left, the attack began.

And what about the drone? Someone authorized a drone be sent over the area. Although we don’t know when it was authorized, we now know there was live video feed, real-time, of the attack. The video feed from the drone was sent to the White House situation room, the CIA at Langley, the State Department and DOD.

The Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, had a meeting with Obama and Biden around 5 PM, almost a full hour after the safe house attack at 4:05 PM and three hours after the original warning. The meeting took place in the Oval Office, not the situation room. By all accounts the president never made an appearance in the situation room. But what’s the big deal? It was only 4 Americans being killed by terrorists. It’s not like we were taking down Osama bin Laden or anything.

What did the president do? Did he stick around to coordinate rescue and counterattack efforts? Apparently not. Reports are that he went up to the residence and went to bed.

By the way, there was no counterattack authorized. The US military was standing by at several locations with troops, special ops personnel, ships, helicopters and assorted other aircraft. No order was ever given for any of the above to be utilized in either rescue or counterattack. Why? No one knows, yet. No one may ever know.

At 6:07 PM another e-mail comes into the White House situation room that Ansar al-Sharia claimed responsibility for the attack.

If this investigation is permitted to continue we will surely find that the Al Qaeda affiliate, Ansar al-Sharia, is the same group ambassador/CIA agent Stevens had provided weapons to. A cruel irony; being murdered by the same weapons that you provided to your murderers.

This is why Glenn Beck says the White House and everyone else who is culpable for this atrocity is covering it up.

Obviously ambassador Stevens could not have acted on his own.

By the way, the gunrunning still continues, with a verified story from Russia, that Syrian rebels now possess United States Stinger missiles.

Like their counterparts in Egypt and Libya, the Syrian “rebels” are neither rebels nor freedom fighters. They are, in fact, connected to or are wholly owned subsidiaries of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Even the New York Times has confirmed that the U.S. is using the Muslim Brotherhood to arm the Syrian “rebel” faction.

Claire Lopez, a former CIA officer, told Beck she believes that the Obama administration is helping the Muslim Brotherhood come to power in Egypt, Libya and Syria. She said that next maybe Jordan and/or Saudi Arabia.

Where does that leave America’s greatest ally, Israel?

If the full story of this event is allowed to see the light of day, those responsible for the inaction and cover up , including possibly the president, will and should be indicted and imprisoned.

Benghazi was no Coincidence

Once again, You’ve been Lied to

by: the Common Constitutionalist

(As reports surface, the following article has been updated several times since I started writing it days ago.)

So, here’s what we’ve been told by the major media.

The night of Sept. 11, 2012, protesters are rioting outside and opened fire on the consulate building in Benghazi, Libya. At the same time from all 3 sides and within minutes the perimeter of the consulate was breeched.

Witnesses say that the, at least 30 guards, put up no resistance to the breech and fled.

A short time later the consulate was engulfed in flames.

The consulate staff raced to a supposedly secret safe house about a mile away.

The security staff then regrouped and tried to regain control of the consulate. They failed and were forced to fall back.

About an hour later, back up arrives to attempt to take back the main building. Meanwhile the ‘safe house’ is set ablaze. The attackers were evidently armed with automatic weapons, RPG’s and laser guided mortars capable of pinpoint accuracy. The 2 former Navy SEALs (one being Sean Smith) of ambassador Stevens security detail were killed in the firefight.

Around 1:15 am Stevens body was taken to a hospital. He was D.O.A.

So that’s what we all heard through the media. It was totally spontaneous. Nothing was planned in advance and all due a Youtube video.

Now for some oddities; things that don’t add up.

Ambassador Chris Stevens had been back in the country only a short while and the details of his visit to Benghazi, where he and his staff died, were meant to be confidential. His security staff decided the Benghazi trip was safe.

Why did he and his security people go into Benghazi, a well known hotspot, in an unmarked, unarmored car? Diplomats overseas always travel in armored cars or SUV’s. He also had no advance team.

Patrick Kennedy, Under-Secretary at the State Department, said he was convinced the assault was planned due to its extensive nature and the proliferation of weapons, yet the White House, the American ambassador to the U.N. et al, stated that the attack was absolutely the result of the video that no one saw. The video was released in June. Why, all of the sudden, was such a fuss made of it, months later?

Update: It has been confirmed publically, this was a planned terrorist attack.

The former Navy SEALs (both were originally said to be Marines) worked for the State Department and were Ambassador Steven’s security. They both were killed along side Stevens. One of them, Sean Smith, sent out a rather odd message. He posted that he had seen suspicious people.

Update: The CIA /SEALs may not have been his security.

His message read, “Assuming we don’t die tonight. We saw one of our ‘police’ that guard the compound taking pictures.” By “our police”, he meant local Libyan police that he apparently thought they could trust. The message was not the oddity; it was where it was posted. He didn’t the try to hail the embassy in Tripoli or any military or State Department. The post was to an online gaming website. Smith was known as “Vile Rat” on the site. This is the type of front that might be used by a CIA operative to reach out for help to other operatives.

Update: Two former SEALS, Tyrone Woods, 41, and Glen Doherty, 42, were not employed by the State Department diplomatic security office and instead were what is known as personal service contractors who had other duties related to security.

So why is the administration so hell bent on having everyone believe the attacks were due to the video when the new president of Libya is saying the exact opposite?

There was, according to witnesses, little defense put up by the 30 or more local guards meant to protect the staff. Ali Fetori, a 59-year-old accountant who lives near by, said: “The security people just all ran away and then the people in charge were the young men with guns and bombs.”

The building then came under fire from heavy weapons. “I don’t know how they found the place to carry out the attack. It was planned, the accuracy with which the mortars hit us was too good for any ordinary revolutionaries,” said Captain Obeidi. “It began to rain down on us, about six mortars fell directly on the path to the villa.” Villa? It has been portrayed as an established consulate. Wrongo! It was a rented house with bars on the windows.

Stevens lived in Tripoli. The embassy was in Tripoli. So why did he go to Benghazi. Benghazi was a bad place. That’s where all the radicals are. Where was he before? In Tripoli? It was reported he had just come back from a trip to Germany, Austria and Sweden.

Stevens was the US government’s representative to the opposition National Transitional Council (the rebels) during the 2011 uprising against the government of Muammar Gaddafi and had previously been the second-ranking US diplomat in Libya.

Prior to this event, one of Steven’s security men ( a former Navy SEAL) was interviewed and he said he was, “ On an intelligence mission to round up dangerous weapons in the war-torn nation”. There’s a problem with that statement. Diplomatic security doesn’t do that. They are charged with security and protection only. So who does do that? Former Navy SEALs who are now CIA.

So what weapons could the CIA be that concerned with, to feel the need to “round them up”?

If you recall, last year the Obama administration said it would help the rebel forces. When asked by Brian Williams, Obama said, “he had not ruled out the supply of weapons to the rebels but he had also not ruled it in.” I guess he did rule it in.

Benghazi was ground zero for the rebel forces opposing Gadhafi. It was confirmed a good deal of the rebels were actually al-Qaeda. Did we, in fact, arm al Qaeda? Looks like the Obama administration may have done just that.

There were reports circulating that we were now on the same side as al Qaeda. They (al Qaeda) wanted the ouster of Gadhafi also. The leader of the Libyan rebels admitted there were many al Qaeda fighting with them. The Rebel leader also admitted that he fought against the U.S. in Afghanistan. We actually captured him in 2002, but then released him. The enemy of our supposed enemy is not our friend.

Now there have been glowing reports of ambassador Stevens. He had a heart of gold and loved, according the New York Times, the regular Libyan people. He was portrayed as just a regular guy. How many regular guys sneak into warring countries under cover of darkness in cargo ships or ride around in unarmed cars at night with CIA operatives?

Is that the training regimen for all our diplomats? No? Then who was this guy? CIA, possibly? Could he be that regions CIA weapons dealer? Could he have been the man that brokered the deal to supply arms to the rebels? Items like the missiles that took down Gadhafi’s air force.

So now the Middle East is on fire so close to the presidential election. Where did all the weapons we supplied go? Who has all the weapons? What if the electorate discovers our government-supplied terrorists with weapons? Boy that wouldn’t look good.

Could it be that the CIA found a cache of weapons, or an informant that claimed knowledge of there whereabouts in Benghazi, or near by? Could it be that whomever has the weapons we so desperately needed to recover insisted on seeing the agent that brokered the original deal; agent Stevens?

So Stevens flys back to Libya on short notice, gets into an unmarked unarmored car at night, so as to not draw undue attention and he goes to the meeting. Maybe he was followed. Maybe something else goes awry. Is that how they end up at the safe house? This is the time Sean Smith sends his message to the gaming website. Is this really the time to do some online gaming? Of course not. The message to other CIA ops, get us the hell out of here!

They were likely followed to the “safe house”. The attack was designed to do exactly what it did. Kill the CIA agents.

What about the riots; the protests? They were called in by the terrorists to smoke out the agents.

Imagine if it were to come out that Obama supplied the weapons to the terrorists that killed our own people. It wouldn’t sit well, I think.

Of course this is just a theory, but it’s a lot more plausible than spontaneous riots, coincidentally on 9/11, taking out our ambassador and just three others.

How odd, that with all that mayhem only 4 people died, and all American. Huh.

Don’t go looking for the mainstream press to poke around in this hot zone. We might only learn the truth if this were the Bush administration.

Thank you to Glenn Beck for providing the bulk of this information. Attribution also goes to the Independent UK and the Blaze.

The World According to The Donald

by: Joe Kovacs at WND

[Editors notes (EN) inserted by the Common Constitutionalist]

Donald Trump is again predicting President Obama will start a war with Iran solely to help his chances of getting re-elected this November.

The billionaire developer made his forecast both on the Internet and television Tuesday, initially tweeting: “Just as I predicted, Barack Obama is preparing a possible attack on Iran right before November.” 

(EN: Not much of a prediction. I predict the world will possibly end this year, or possibly not.)

He then spoke via phone to Greta Van Susteren of Fox News, confirming: “Yes, I believe that we will end up in a war with Iran because I think Obama views that as politically good for him. … I have said for a year and a half that in the end, somewhere before the election we will end up in a form of war with Iran, and I think he’s doing it for political reasons.

(EN: I’ve never been a fan of The Donald. I believe he just likes the spotlight. That being said, I wouldn’t put it past this administration to do anything to secure this election. And up until the Bush’s, all modern wars, for good or bad, have been while democrats were in the Whitehouse. Woodrow Wilson, WWI; Franklin Roosevelt, WWII; Harry Truman, Korean War; John Kennedy / LBJ, Vietnam.)

Appearing somewhat incredulous at his sentiment, Van Susteren said, “You’re saying that the president is really thinking about doing the unthinkable for political advantage for himself, taking us to war. I think most people would say that’s beyond, that’s beyond fair.”

Trump responded, “I don’t think it’s beyond. That’s my opinion, and let’s see what happens. I hope that doesn’t happen.” (EN: Nothing is beyond, when you’re a radical.)

“What should happen is Iran has to be – despite their bravado – they have to be scared stiff right now because, I mean, they’ve just looked at what’s happened to other countries because we are the most powerful, and what we’ve done to others, whether we should have been there or shouldn’t have been there, is unbelievable. So what should happen is the right person should negotiate a phenomenal deal. Everything. We should get 100 percent of everything. I have predicted that I think it’s not going to go that way. We don’t negotiate. We don’t know how to negotiate.”

(EN: This is where The Donald falls off the rails. The old saying, “You don’t negotiate with terrorists”, is true. Especially Islamic terrorists. Why? Because you can’t. There is nothing you can offer that will be acceptable to them. Maybe we can negotiate that they kill us last.)

Trump personally labeled Obama as a “lousy negotiator,” and insisted progress could be made if the right person were chosen to hold talks with the Islamic republic.

(EN: Agreed. It is hard to negotiate, when you’re too busy apologizing.)

“We have all the cards,” said Trump. “Iran is crazy if they don’t sit down and negotiate because the same thing’s gonna happen to them as happened to Iraq and so many other places. And it’ll be long and nasty, but ultimately it’s the end of Iran as you know it today.”

(EN: Really Donald? What cards do we have? What happened to Iraq? Iran is loving what we did to Iraq. We did all the heavy lifting to create the vacuum for Iran to fill. After all, Iraq is central to Iran’s plan for the great Caliphate.)

Trump cited new polls that show Obama struggling in battleground states, increasing the chance of a military conflict with Iran:

“I see the polls that just came out [Tuesday] morning, where he’s actually losing, really for the first time, and he’s losing in swing states most importantly, and he’s losing fairly substantially. Now maybe that’s accurate and maybe it’s not. And polls are often times wrong.”

More Benefits of the Arab Spring

The Arab Spring has spawned a new generation of British-born terrorists after al-Qaeda lured dozens of would-be bombers abroad to train for possible attacks on the UK, the head of MI5 warned.

Jonathan Evans said the terror network has taken advantage of the unstable region, in the wake of last year’s revolutions, to spread its influence and create new bases for attacks.

British would-be jihadis are known to be receiving training in the likes of Libya and Egypt, mirroring what has already happened in the Yemen and Somalia.

And they could return to attack the UK in what is a “new and worrying development”, he said.

Mr Evans, the Director General of MI5, warned of the emerging threats in a rare speech, his first in almost two years.

In his talk, he:

“Revealed that the intelligence services and police are preparing for a potential threat from extremists and even lone wolf terrorists should the Eurozone collapse.”

 “Warned State-sponsored and criminal cyber attacks risked “real world damage” including one British company which has suffered estimated losses of £800m ($1.2 billion) after being hacked.”

“Suggested a potential return to State-sponsored terrorism by Iran.”

“Said it would be “extraordinary and self-defeating” if the Government’s proposed new email and phone snooping powers did not go ahead.”

“Popular revolts across Arab nations were last year welcomed around the world and resulted in, among others, the end of Hosni Mubarak’s reign in Egypt and Muammar Gaddafi regime in Libya.”

 Nick Clegg, the deputy prime minister, described events at the time as “incredibly exciting”.

But in the inaugural Lord Mayor’s Annual Defense and Security Lecture in London on the 24th, Mr Evans warned a new terror threat has emerged from an “Arab world in radical transition”.

He said while the events offered long term hope there was a “more immediate problem” as al-Qaeda has returned to its native home.

“Today parts of the Arab world have once more become a permissive environment for al-Qaeda.

“This is the completion of a cycle – al-Qaeda first moved to Afghanistan in the 1990s due to pressure in their Arab countries of origin. They moved on to Pakistan after the fall of the Taliban.”

“And now some are heading home to the Arab world again. And a small number of British would be jihadis are also making their way to Arab countries to seek training and opportunities for militant activity, as they do in Somalia and Yemen.

“Some will return to the UK and pose a threat here. This is a new and worrying development and could get worse as events unfold.”

Attribution: Tom Whitehead, UK Telegraph

Cease Fire – Terrorist Style

The Iron Dome rocket defense system intercepted five Grad rockets fired from the Gaza Strip toward Ashkelon Saturday night. The renewed rocket fire came on the heels of a declared cease fire by Hamas and an IDF (Israeli Defense Force) response asserting that “fire will be met by fire and quiet by quiet”.

No damage or injuries were reported from the intercepted Grad rockets.

On Saturday, over 20 rockets were fired into Israel, amounting to nearly 150 since the beginning of hostilities on Monday. A number of rockets targeted Sderot, injuring a factory worker. One projectile also smashed into an empty school, causing extensive damage.

The Israel Air Force retaliated with a number of airstrikes late Friday night after terrorist groups in Gaza, although not Hamas,  fired rockets into Israel despite reports that an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire had gone into effect in the morning. IDF sources said that most of the rocket fire over the weekend was carried out by the Popular Resistance Committees and other small terror factions.

In response to the rocket attacks on Friday, early Saturday morning the IAF (Israeli Air Force) bombed three Hamas bases in the Gaza Strip, wounding around 20 people. In response, Hamas fired rockets and mortar shells mostly into Sderot. The factory worker was injured in one of the attacks while seeking cover. He sustained moderate shrapnel wounds to his neck and stomach and was rushed to the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon.

A factory manager said that the site had been hit twice before, but that on this occasion, expensive equipment worth millions sustained a direct hit. Two other civilians were treated for shock in the attack.

Also Saturday, the IAF carried out an airstrike against Palestinians spotted preparing to launch rockets into Israel. Two Palestinians were killed, raising the death tally to 14.

“We will continue operating to prevent the rocket fire but in general, quiet will be met by quiet and fire by fire,” a senior IDF officer said Saturday night.

The officer said that Israel had received signals from the Egyptians that Hamas was interested in ending the current round of violence. He attributed Hamas’s interest in stopping the fighting to the IDF’s aggressive response Friday night and Saturday to the rocket fire which included bombings of several of the group’s military bases.

“Hamas was surprised by the bombing of one of its bases since until now the IDF has limited its attacks to smaller outposts,” the officer said. “This made Hamas understand that it is in its interest to obtain quiet.”

The officer said that while Hamas was not behind most of the rocket fire over the weekend, Israel expected it to rein in the other terror factions in Gaza and to stop their rocket attacks.

“If the attacks continue though the IDF will not hesitate to act against the terrorist launching the rockets,” the officer said.

Attribution: Jerusalem Post