One Woman Fights Against Radical Islam

from the American Thinker:

Pamela Geller, Heroine

The horrible act in New York on Tuesday reminds us once again we are in a war.   A war with radical Islam.  A war that our prior President and most of his party has tried to lose through their juvenile, silly version of Neville Chamberlain politics.

They prevented anyone in their administration from using the term “radical Islam,” hoping that would make radical Muslims less angry.  Sure, that’ll work.  They asked our media to follow.  And for the most part, they did.  Bleating all the way.

They dismantled surveillance on the centers of Jihadism.  They gutted many of the concrete methods we had to deal with this threat.

They chided those who wanted to fight this ideology as Islamophobes, and racists. read more

Podcast – Radical Islamists Attack Paris – How Will Europe Respond

In this episode I discuss the coordinated attack on Paris by what I describe as Wilayat Paris. What do we know so far? What happens next? How will France and the rest of Europe respond? Is this indeed an Act of War, as French President Hollande states? Will the attacks continue or will France crack down on Muslim terrorism? Listen and find out. read more