New Roof-Top Tent

We had a total of eight roof-top tents split between the trucks, SUVs and trailers
We had a total of eight roof-top tents split between the trucks, SUVs and trailers

Long popular in other countries, roof-top tents (RTTs) are having their moment in the US. The Santa Cruz-based innovators at Tepui are doing their best to turn that moment into a movement. The company is heavily invested in expanding the RTT market out from hardcore overlanders to the masses of general outdoor lovers and festival campers. read more

Qube Tents for Social Camping

Qubes add a new dimension to camping
Qubes add a new dimension to camping (Credit: M2C Innovation)

The social campers over at M2C Innovation are back doing what they do: building modular tents that link up into full-blown campsite communities. The last time we checked in, they were focused on domes, but now they’ve moved on to Qubes. The new Qube tents are quick-setup blocks that offer enough height to stand up inside. Like Pods, these modular tents connect together with tunnels and create larger tent communities. They’re also more affordable than M2C’s original tents and are proving quite popular on crowdfunding. read more

Hanging Tent – No More Bugs!

The TreePod Camper will hit the market in April
The TreePod Camper will hit the market in April

A trend we’ve noticed while touring various trade shows around the US and Europe over the past few years is the hanging hammock pod. Part hammock-chair and part fabric treehouse, these pods are available from a number of different brands, bringing a bit of suspended relaxation to the trees. TreePod is one such brand and, much like the Cacoon, its hanging shelters have served as fun, simple children’s treehouses. It’s now launching a version for adults, a suspended camping tent that suspends two campers above the ground for a different perspective and experience. read more