Television is Becoming FUBAR

by: Brent Smith at the Common Constitutionalist

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Since everyone and their f-ing cousin is talking and writing about Trump’s f-ing State of the Union speech, I figure what the “F.” I’ll write about something else.

For those unfamiliar with the term FUBAR – it’s a military acronym which stands for “F-ed up beyond all recognition.”

Speaking of the f-word – the above statement seems to be typical of what we hear in standard parlance these days. The f-word, which was once, and not too long ago, completely abhorrent, is today so common as to now be deemed acceptable on cable channels such as Syfy and the USA Network, as well as AMC and FX.

The Daily Wire reports that, “Basic cable is not subject to the guidelines of the Federal Communications Commission, so the channels’ self-regulation is based on standard mores, and what advertisers are perceived to tolerate.” Advertisers will of course air whatever the public will tolerate. And the public appears to do more than just tolerate it. This coarsening of language on TV is a mere reflection of how many Americans speak. read more

The Further Coarsening of America

by: the Common Constitutionalist

I was scanning the internet the other day and came across an article on Daily MailOnline regarding swearing and how “researchers” have determined it is good for us.

There was an actual study commissioned in England and presented to the British Psychological Society.

I thought, “Okay – this should be good”, and proceeded to read.

Evidently, the researchers surmised that, “Swearing is a harmless emotional release which could make you feel stronger, though only in moderation.”

It was then that I recalled hearing Rush Limbaugh reporting on something similar, quite a while ago. Sure enough, I found such an article from May, 2012 entitled, “Hell Yes: The Seven Best Reasons for Swearing”. By Dr. Neel Burton, M.D. read more