Obama’s Crazy Policies – Its All Heredity

by: the Common Constitutionalist

There has been much debate as to why Obama is insisting upon allowing Muslims to flood our country, while he seems bent on excluding Christians. At the same time is the continued bewilderment as to why Obama has cozied up to Iran – a country who has openly pledged to destroy us. Actually, now that I further consider it, there isn’t much debate, because no one knows why the president does what he does.

None of this has ever made any sense to the average citizen. It needs to be explained. I believe it is a combination of two reasons and they come directly from his heritage, going back to his Grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama, who was born in Kenya around 1895. I say around 1895 because no one really knows.

In 1920 Onyango Obama’s Kenya was colonized and became British Kenya or the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya. Many Kenyans, Obama included, were not thrilled by the colonization or living under British rule.

He began to become a politically active anti-colonialist for the Kenyan Independence movement. In 1949 he was captured and jailed by the Brits, and for 6 months or so, was apparently beaten regularly. He developed a deep seeded hatred for the Brits, as well as any colonialist power. This hatred was passed to his son Barack Obama Sr. and then to his son, our president. This anti-colonial hatred is still with our president today. Recall one of his first acts as president was to remove the bust of Winston Churchill from the White House and return it to England. Many wondered why he would do such a thing. read more

Maybe He Can Unite the Sunni and Shiite…Maybe Not

by: the Common Constitutionalist

“Experts” recently dismissed the idea that ISIS, the ruthless Iraqi/serious terror group will actually be able to form what they claim as their goal – a Caliphate.

The leader and would-be King, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (call him Bag-Daddy) is calling on all Muslims to come to the “Islamic state”.

On an audiotape released yesterday (I don’t know if it’s cassette or 8-track (children – ask your parents) he was heard exclaiming, “Muslims, rush to your state. Yes, it is your state”.

On the tape is also a proclamation that Bag-Daddy is the Caliph, the official “Head of the new Islamic state”. Maybe he used an executive order to do that.

Pictures have been released of his troops riding triumphantly through streets in American Humvees, sporting American M4 rifles.

This past Sunday was the start of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month. Of this he said: “In this virtuous month or in any other month, there is no deed better than jihad in the path of Allah, so take advantage of this opportunity and walk the path of your righteous predecessors. So to arms, to arms, soldiers of the Islamic, fight, fight.”

One truly disturbing photograph released by ISIS was a massive rocket, possibly a captured Soviet built SCUD missile. This should concern the Israelis, although “experts” say it’s “almost certainly” inoperable and unlikely to pose a threat. read more