Trump May be Becoming the President We Conservatives Wanted

by: Brent Smith at the Common Constitutionalist

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Not Yet – But Maybe Soon!

Despite his constant tweeting, his loud and brash exterior, is President Trump slowly becoming the President we wanted all along? He just may be.

Sure, he may never be the strict Constitutionalist that I have been pining for oh these many years. I don’t reckon another Calvin Coolidge will be rising to prominence any time soon, if ever again.

But the decisions Trump makes without having to include Congress have been impressive. His campaign platform was replete with conservative ideas. Tax cuts were his idea. He chose supreme Court justice Neil Gorsuch. Deportation of illegals was his idea, as was the construction of an actual border wall – not just lame picket fence, or a hollow promise. Unlike Congress, he actual does want to repeal ObamaCare.

Renegotiation of trade deals to be more beneficial to America is his idea. Backing out of the Paris Climate hoax was all him. Dealing more harshly with Iran and North Korea – him. Vetting of refugees, etc. The list grows larger seemingly every day. And they are all good ideas that get lost in the tone and tenor of his presentation. That, and the constant yapping of the “purse dogs” in the press.

And now he has just done something that should impress even the hardest-core federalist. read more

The United Land Mass of America

by: the Common Constitutionalist

So the greenie loon website ClimateProgress has unearthed a “scandal” regarding Western state attorneys general. It seems these scoundrels are trying to sue the feds to try to reclaim, take back the land the federal government has taken over the years, including the hallowed National Parks.

They write, “On video, Colorado Republican Atty. Gen. candidate Cynthia Coffman is seen telling reporters that she intends to lead a legal fight against the United States government to seize America’s national forests on public lands for state ownership and control.”

Notice ClimateProgress uses the pejorative “seize” instead of reacquire or reclaim. It lends an air of thuggery or illegality. Tricky, eh?

They continue: “Across the West, there is a growing group of fringe politicians advocating a transfer of America’s public lands to state ownership and control.” You’ll also notice anything and anyone who doesn’t agree 100% with their agenda is “fringe”.

“Coffman’s statements align her with Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez, who is publicly advocating for the state to seize national forests and other public lands in Colorado. If both are elected, Colorado would join Utah as the second state where the Governor and Attorney General are actively pursuing state transfer proposals.”

Evidently, many side with ClimateProgress’s position. One exception being, Judge Andrew Napolitano, who other than Mark Levin, is my go to guy on the Constitution. read more