British Elite Special Forces to Allow Women

by: Brent Smith at the Common Constitutionalist

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The British Special Air Service, or SAS, is the effective forerunner for American Special Forces. They rival American operators in skill and toughness.

The elite SAS was founded in 1941, for the North Africa campaign against the Nazis. This was six months prior to the Americans entering the war. Two years later, in 1943, began what we know today as the Navy SEALs. When they began, the SEALs were known as the Naval Combat Demolition Unit, or NCDU, and worked exclusive in the water.

For almost three quarters of a century, the British SAS, SEALs, SWCC, Army Rangers, Delta, Green Berets, Marine Corps Special Operations Command, or MARSOC, and Air Force Special Operations Squadrons, or AFSOC, have been male only.

Then President “Feminizer” Obama was elected and things began to change – for the worse. The era of politically correct military social experimentation was on. And what a perfect group of test subjects – ones who can’t quit or merely walk out. Soldiers, sailors, airman and Marines were trapped and forced to put up with new military P.C. directives. read more

Sticks, Stones and Name-Calling

by: the Common Constitutionalist


Sticks and stones can indeed break my bones, but names can scar me for life, or get me a 15 yard penalty. Is that how the new version of the old saying goes?


I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be called a name then be hit with a stick or have a stone thrown at me.


But then again, unlike Steve Martin in “The Jerk”, I was not born a poor black child. I’m all white with a little redneck thrown in.


So as a white guy “they”, the word police, tell me I am not allowed to utter certain words. Words like nigger, chink, fag, etc.

Oh no. He wrote that word! Yes; as offensive as it is, that’s the word.


Question is: Why would anyone use these vile terms at all? I’m offended by them. I can see why others would be. But I also have no right in this country not to be offended. Yet many minority groups believe they do. And liberals in our society feed off and promote it. They thrive on our division. read more