Oh Look – American Meat Processors owned by China!

Very soon, Amertica will likely begin suffering severe meat shortages as more and more meat processing plants close down.Coronavirus Might Lead to a Meat Shortage Next - Eater

And by sheer coincidence, America’s number one enemy China, just happens to own some of those very processing plants.

Is this a purposeful attempt at trying to further damage the United States economy, or just just part of an unfortunate set of events?

Judge for yourself.

from Western Journalism:

China-Owned Smithfield Foods Closing Plants,

Threatening US Meat Supply

America’s meat supply might be in jeopardy as workers at slaughterhouses and meat processing plants are diagnosed with COVID-19, leading to closures across the country.

The effects of such closures are complex and could have far-reaching consequences across the food supply chain, putting America’s livestock farmers in jeopardy of going under as wholesale prices take a dive. read more