Should We Require All Politicians to Take DNA Tests

from NewsBusters:

Talk about a piece that twisted itself into quite the pretzel. In a piece Monday night for Slate’s Future Tense partnership with New America and Arizona State, James Erwin passed the blame onto the President for the ancestry fiasco concerning Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA), suggesting it could lead to a new McCarthyism with politicians being “bullied” into taking such tests.

Erwin’s headline (“Elizabeth Warren Has Set a Dangerous Precedent”) and subhead (“Will other politicians be bullied into releasing their genetic information, too?”) set the tone for the nutty assertion that merely passed the buck off of Warren and her past claims about being Native American (when she’s likely only between 1/64th and 1/1,024th).
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Religious Freedom Will be Breaking Out Everywhere in 2017!

from Conservative Review:

Search Engine Tolerance

The secular-left website Slate recently warned on Twitter that “‘Religious Freedom’ legislation will be everywhere in 2017.” “Religious freedom” is in scare quotes, a warning that deplorables will use that thing called religion as their weapon of choice in the coming assault on the LGBTQ community.

The same website is celebrating a petition urging the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to reverse its acceptance of an invitation to sing at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. read more

Cochran Won Because McDaniel Wouldn’t “Play Ball”

by: the Common Constitutionalist

So I guess conservative Chris McDaniel should just take his ball and go home. There was no foul play. Thad Cochran won fair and square.

Loser McDaniel complaining about how he lost the election is just sour grapes or according to Jamelle Bouie at, “McDaniel is saying, ‘I would have won if it weren’t for those meddling liberals’”. He described McDaniel as a “Scooby Doo villain”.

Bouie quotes McDaniel: “There is something a bit strange, there is something a bit unusual, about a Republican primary that’s decided by liberal Democrats”, that, “35,000 Democrats crossed over”.

Well Jamelle, what I find a bit odd is all these liberal Democrats, of which you are undoubtedly one, coming to the defense of some old, white, southern Republican politician. To me, that’s more of an anomaly than black Democrats voting for Cochran.

But Bouie isn’t the only one running to Cochran’s aid. He also quotes Mississippi’s other senator: “As Sen. Roger Wicker, the junior senator from the state said to reporters on Wednesday, ‘Broadening the base of the party? Asking more Mississippians to participate in the ballot that’s going to determine the next Senator? No, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that’”.

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Map Proves Global Warming


The above NOAA Climate Map was published at yesterday. The short article was entitled, “Last Month Was the Fourth Warmest March Since 1880. Happy Earth Day!”

If you just glance at the map, your eyes are drawn to the red, which represent warming. But if you examine it, assuming it’s even accurate and not a “computer simulation”, you’ll see that the overwhelming majority of the globe is either light pink or blue, which means that temperatures are within 1 degree of being normal or colder.

And interestingly, at the bottom right of the map is a tiny caveat, which states that the “Gray areas represent missing data”. Missing data? I guess that’s okay. I guess the gray areas, both poles are not supposed to matter or have any effect on “Global Temperatures”!  Why factor in the two places on earth where it’s fricking freezing all year long.

So with the whole Western Hemisphere either normal or way below, the data from both poles simply missing and most of the Eastern Hemisphere within a degree either way – Slate has determined that this is Global Warming.

Last I checked – Global anything means the entire globe.