Dream Act Lite

by: the Common Constitutionalist

So the other day, while I was a work, a young man broke into my house.

He was still there, eating a sandwich and watching MSNBC when I got home.

Needless to say, I was rather surprised to find this interloper sprawled out on my couch.

Since he looked as if he belonged, I made him a deal. He could stay in my home if he either went to college or joined the military. Stunning I know, but I am nothing if not generous.

Well, that didn’t really happen, but that is exactly what a couple of moderate Republican senators are proposing with the introduction of their own version of the “Dream Act”, granting young illegals, legal status.

Senators Jon Kyl of Arizona and Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas claim they “have to get the ball rolling”.

Really. Why is that? Why again do we have to curry favor with those who broke into our country?

The two also claimed, “We have to have a discussion that is sensible, that is calm”.

Again, really? With whom will we have this calm and sensible discussion; the Democrats, La Raza?

The proposal is said not to be as far reaching as the democrat bill.  Well that’s fabulous. Once again, democrat-lite is supposed to be palatable.

They would reward those earning a college degree or completing military service, a fast track to a permanent visa, but claim that wouldn’t put them on the citizenship fast track. I believe them, don’t you? After all, they are politicians.

As an aside, how does one get into college without a social security number? I recall having to have one. Certainly one may not enter the military without one. That I also know. If that is the case, where do they obtain them and who’s not checking to see they are either bogus or stolen? Just asking.

However, with this administration running things, I doubt either of those cases would be a problem.

And what of the thousand upon thousands of immigrants who decide to do the right thing and come through the front door? These are the real victims. Naturally they will be swept aside in order for the politicians to pander to the law-breakers. Sounds fair.

Why not fast track the legal immigrants and deport the criminals? Somehow, and I’m not sure how, that would be seen as heartless.

Both senators went on to claim their intention is not to have the illegals access welfare or other government handouts. May I see a show of hands for those who buy that statement? None? I thought not.

I’m sure that is not their intention, but when it happens, and you know it will…oh well.

The two moderates say they have been working on the bill with everyone’s favorite conservative and maverick, John McCain, as well as the new poster boy of Hispanic bridge building, Marco Rubio.

Although Rubio is working on his own illegal give away bill, he is supportive of the Kyl/Hutchison legislation.

So what is the point of this republican bill? What are they trying to prove by trotting out this farce?

Do they really believe the increasingly monolithic voting block of Latinos will jump off the democrat gravy train and board the GOP express? Could they really be that naïve?

The polls from the last election told them, clearly no. Latinos didn’t vote democrat for anything but the giveaways. It’s not the republican family or religious values, nor is it the supposed Hispanic work ethic.

Hispanics, like most other minority groups in this country are becoming victims; victims of an ever-increasing entitlement society.

Back before LBJ’s failed experiment, his “Great Society”, minorities, particularly blacks had a great work ethic, but thanks to generations of liberal democrat and progressive republican policy, that pride has been bled out of them, and it’s a damn shame.  They now no nothing but entitlement.

Sadly this country’s Hispanic population is fast traveling down the same road and now the Republicans are helping push the cart.

Attribution:  Stephen Dinan, Washington Times