Video Podcast – Thank You for Flying ICE Air

Just how are illegal immigrants deported anyway? It turns out there a few ways. One is to hoof-it back across the border from whence they came. Another is a chartered bus that our benevolent federal government provides, and a third is by aircraft.

They call it ICE-Air, owing to the fact that the aircraft is provided by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. They charter many flights a year to ferry illegals back to their homeland where they belong – because they certainly don’t belong here in America.

Today I discuss ICE-Air, how it works and maybe an idea or two on improving the system of deportation. read more

More Questions than Answers in Las Vegas

by: the Common Constitutionalist

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What is going on in Las Vegas? The timeline of incidents leading up to the shooting keep changing – and where is the hero hotel security guard, Jesus Campos?

The next logical question would then be – are the two connected somehow?

Earlier this week, Las Vegas police issued a timeline of events which stated that security guard Campos was shot a full six minutes before the shooter Paddock began firing on the crowd below.

The now famous Las Vegas Sheriff, Joe Lombardo, also corrected the record of those injured. He said Friday, “that the number of injuries related to the Oct. 1 massacre had increased, rising to 546. Of that number, he said, 45 were still hospitalized, some in critical condition,” writes the Chicago Tribune.

Lombardo also confirmed that police do believe Paddock shot at large aviation fuel storage tanks. Igniting the tanks, which didn’t and probably couldn’t have happened, may have had a two-fold effect – furthering the carnage and more easily providing for an escape. read more