Podcast – Ken Cuccinelli Goes off on Mitch McConnell – News Flash: Ted Cruz is Hated

In this episode I discuss Senate Conservative Fund President Ken Cuccinelli’s outrage over Mitch McConnell’s cowardly behavior. He describes McConnell as having no backbone, which we all know to be true.

I also discuss the harsh treatment of my man Ted Cruz by Daily Show host, the genius, Trevor Noah and how Cruz should turn Noah’s idiotic comments into a winning campaign commercial.

In a short closing segment I expound on some little known facts regarding the area around San Bernardino – the site of the radical Islamist attack. read more

Don’t Be Intimidated Into Silence

by: the Common Constitutionalist

This morning Glenn Beck said his security analyst and former CIA officer Buck Sexton at the Blaze confirmed that Homeland Security held the official release of San Bernardino radical Syed Farook’s name for several hours to give enough time for the terrorist’s family along with Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR to hold a press conference.

I published Farook’s name around 8:30 PM on the night of the shooting – although I had it backwards and spelled slightly different. At the time I called him Farooq Saeed, but that’s to be expected considering how rapidly reports were coming out at the time.

But just imagine our government doing something like this for any other religion. Imagine some radicalized Baptist shooting up a government facility and our president instructing authorities not to release the name until the Westboro Baptists had readied a prepared public statement. The press would go insane with rage, as well they should.

We must be well aware by now, our president has a certain kinship toward Muslims, radical or not. Let me reiterate. Obama is not a Muslim. As Ted Cruz said just 2 days ago: “Obama is an unmitigated socialist who won’t stand up and defend the United States of America.”

Here, here! But being a socialist still doesn’t explain why he seemingly won’t defend America, or why he has an evident tolerance of and kinship toward Islam. This can only be explained by his fervent anti-colonialism. He, like many Muslims, still and will always resent the white western Europeans’ colonization of the Middle East, Africa and the Far East. He is the living embodiment of his anti-colonialist father and others like Reverend Wright. read more

The Radicalization of Syed Farook

by: the Common Constitutionalist

This mass shooting was definitely radical Islamic terrorism. Than can be no question anymore. Whether Syed Farook was radicalized here or abroad is immaterial at this point.
It certainly should become relevant as the investigation continues, but he and his wife did kill in the name of Islam. That’s a fact. It wasn’t Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism or Buddhism.

There are no devout Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. who have been mass murderers and/or terrorists. There is no such thing as a radical Christianist or Jewist.

Even when Christians do go bad, as in the Westboro Baptists, who all would agree are the worse so-called Christians, they don’t kill people in the name of their warped version of Christianity. Islam is the only religion for which radicals kill and terrorize in its name.

And Farook, according to his father was indeed devout. He was even given preferential treatment by being allowed to leave work to pray and then return. That’s quite a feat considering he was working for the separation of church and state California public sector.

What Mosque did he go to? He had evidently been attached to the Islamic Center of Riverside Ca. My research shows no outward signs of radicalization originating from that Mosque. read more