Leftists Go Nuts at the Thought of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary

by: the Common Constitutionalist

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The intolerance of the “tolerant” left has never been more evident than during the many cabinet hearings this year. The democrat vitriol has been on full display in virtual every hearing, but possibly none more contentious than that of nominee for Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos. Although it may be a toss-up between her and Jeff Sessions – a 1 and 1-A type of thing.

Let me go on record, saying emphatically, that there should be no education Secretary, because there should be no federal Department of Education.

But since there is, and it doesn’t appear President Trump has any design to dump it, we must have someone to run it, so Trump has chosen the multibillionaire DeVos, as the left prefers to describe her.

Radical leftists have lost their minds over DeVos. The College Fix reported  on a Facebook post by UC Berkeley Professor Robert Reich, former labor secretary under Bill Clinton and senior whack-job of MoveOn.org saying: “DeVos knows nothing about public education, cares nothing for public education, has never even been publicly-educated, and appears to have learned nothing in her briefings for the hearing. If she’s confirmed, anyone can be confirmed for anything.”

Well, knowing nothing more than this, she has my endorsement. But Reich isn’t too far off, regarding his comment that the Senate will confirm anyone for anything. read more

Good Economy, Bad Economy – Which One Is It?

by: the Common Constitutionalist:

Over the weekend I received an e-mail alert from MoveOn.org. Yes, quite some time ago I signed up to receive “alerts” from them. I think it’s instructive to see what the enemy is up to – what they are thinking and what they feel is important. Plus, they are fun to read.

And yes, they are the enemy. Any person, group or Army that attempts to destroy our freedoms and dismantle the Constitution is the enemy – whether the means to that end is by bullets, court order, or “Executive Action”, the and will be the same, but I digress.

The alert was written by the Mussolini midget, Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s Labor Secretary and a socialist. What does Reich want? What every leftist wants. Money and power – and lots of both. read more