The Invasion of the West Has Begun

by: the Common Constitutionalist

It is often said that we never want to get into a ground war with China. They simply have too many people and their rulers care little about them. If pressed, the Chinese could literally overwhelm any foe with sheer numbers.

Regardless of enemy firepower, the Chinese would send wave after wave of soldiers, multiple millions of them – eventually overrunning any opposition.

Heck, that’s how the Russians defeated the Nazis at the battle of Stalingrad. They suffered over 1.1 million casualties during that one battle, but they won.

This time it’s not an organized military invasion, but make no mistake, it is an invasion. The difference is that one side doesn’t seem to realize it’s being invaded, and that side is the West – Europe and America.

European nations are inviting the invaders in, and thanks to the Obama administration, we will soon be following suit. They and we appear to be woefully, or willfully ignorant to what is happening. read more