Podcast – Bowe Bergdahl Update – What’s a Pansexual? – Rick Santorum Talks War & Government Summer Lunch Trucks

On today’s episode I discuss the new revelations regarding the deserter Bowe Bergdahl and the Taliban Five – Yet another ridiculous gender/orientation classification – Rick Santorum is running for president again and says we’re fighting a politically correct war & watch out kids; Michelle Obama’s school lunch program you all hated is hitting the road in the form of summer lunch trucks and they’re looking for you!   read more

Iran and ISIS May Soon Have Competition

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Remember during Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech he proclaimed “Iran and ISIS are competing for the crown of militant Islam. One calls itself the Islamic Republic. The other calls itself the Islamic State. Both want to impose a militant Islamic empire first on the region and then on the entire world. They just disagree among themselves who will be the ruler of that empire.”

Well, it seems they both may soon see a new kid on the Islamic block.

In the fall of 2014 it was thought that the al-Qaeda affiliated gang, the Syrian Jabhat al-Nusra Front might be joining forces with the powerful and growing Islamic State – ISIS.

Now it seems they may have other plans and other backing, not to mention some help from us Americans.

The UK Daily Mail  reports al-Nusra leaders “announced they are considering cutting their links with Al Qaeda in order to form a new entity backed by Gulf states.”

Gulf States? You mean a terrorist group will have the backing of at least one Middle Eastern nation? read more

Closing Gitmo – Where’s the Harm in That?

by: the Common Constitutionalist

In December, the daily caller reported that the State Department put a $5 million bounty out on Ibrahim al-Rubaysh who was suspected to be an Al Qaeda leader. Suspected, my aunt Fanny. You don’t offer up $5 million for a “suspected” leader.

GitmoThing is, he was released from Club Gitmo (hat tip Rush Limbaugh) back in 2006 by the Bush administration. However, since Obama has been our Monarch in Chief, he has, true to his promise, accelerated the releases in an effort to close Gitmo.

In 2014 alone, Obama has released Islamic dirtbags to Afghanistan, Uruguay, Georgia, Algeria, Kuwait, Slovakia and Saudi Arabia.

As an aside, did you know Saudi Arabia is building a giant wall and trench system along the entire border with Iraq? And why you ask? Well, it’s because they are scared to death of ISIS and unlike stupid Americans, they know walls can be built to keep people out. Just a fun fact.

So anyway, I’m not sure about some of those countries, but others it seems will just let the terrorists free to wreak havoc on us or our allies later. But what does Obama care – as long as he can clean out Gitmo. read more

Obama Campaign Promise Being Fulfilled

by: the Common Constitutionalist

In 2008, on the campaign trail, Barack Obama vowed to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay Cuba. I have no doubt that this has stuck in his craw since then.

I contend that one way or the other King Barack is going to empty out that place and close it down. So much for Rush Limbaugh’s thriving Club Gitmo product line.

This move is part of the wind down and pull out of Afghanistan, a war Obama desperately wants to rid himself of, sooner than later, despite him saying years ago, that we should leave Iraq and concentrate on the good and worthy conflict in Afghanistan.

That’s one thing I do agree with – end the Afghan war and bring everyone home immediately. The United States no longer has any business over there or anywhere else, for that matter. We are incapable of the will that is necessary to win a war – so why get our troops killed and wounded due to modern America’s typically weak efforts. But I digress. read more

The Qatari Invasion… Nothing to See Here


by: the Common Constitutionalist 

Most rational and reasonable Westerners know that the Muslim Brotherhood is a threat to our way of life and our freedoms.


But to really understand the power and influence the Brotherhood has, we must peek behind the curtain at the real driving force. That force is the nation of Qatar.


With its vast oil and gas wealth the Islamist Qatari government is spreading its money and influence throughout the world. It’s making huge investments in European companies. It has bankrolled construction of Mega-Mosques in Ireland, France, Italy and Spain.


The Islamist Qatari government is indeed interested in Europe but has also been investing heavily in the United States. read more

Al Jazeera Expansion

Witness the evolution, or devolution of America:

Middle East Broadcaster Al Jazeera Launches Major US Expansion

Al Jazeera, the cable news network owned by the government of Qatar, has big  plans for its American operation despite being criticized by the U.S. government
for airing videos from Osama bin Laden.

The U.S. cable news channel, Al  Jazeera America, will be editorially separate from the Doha-based broadcast
center that is also home to Al Jazeera English.

Bob Wheelock, the former  ABC executive in charge of setting it up, believes times have changed and so has
Al Jazeera’s image.

“Imagine six or seven years ago, trying to find real  estate for Al Jazeera in Washington. I’m sure it wasn’t easy,” he told USA Today. Now, he said, “We’re going to have signage, you
know, just like CBS, ABC, CNN, NBC, just like everybody else. We’re  psyched.” Continue Reading