Another Gem of Wisdom from Ocasio-Cortez

For the longest time I thought Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), or maybe Hank Johnson (D-GA) were the dumbest people in Congress. I starting to rethink that position the more Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez opens her mouth, and she’s not even in Congress yet. Here’s another gem.

from the Blaze:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez threatens to run for president, severely misquotes the Constitution

Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) threatened to run for president last week, severely misquoting the United States Constitution in the process.

What happened? read more

Many Fictional Presidents Better Than Our Choices

from the Blaze:

These 14 presidents from works of fiction are each still more realistic a choice than the 2016 election cycle holds for us. Let’s take a look at these fictional commanders-in-chief.

For each of our “candidates,” I’ve given you a defining quote and a short summary of why they made us truly believe they could be presidents.

14. President Howard T. Ackerman in “Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3,” played by J.K. Simmons. 

President Howard T. Ackerman in "Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3," played by J.K. Simmons. (YouTube)

President Howard T. Ackerman in “Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3,” played by J.K. Simmons. (YouTube)

Party: Republican Parody (probably). read more

Nothing Ever Changes – By Design (Part One)

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Do you ever wonder why nothing ever changes in Washington? It seems no matter who is President– Republican – Democrat – whomever – nothing changes.

Yet every four years we spent untold millions of dollars and thousands of hours promoting one candidate or another. But at the end of the day, no matter who is elected, things either get just a bit worse or a lot worse.

Same goes for Congress and the Senate. We expend so much time, effort and money electing these idiots and nothing gets better. Why is that?

Well, as usual, Mark Levin pointed to it just the other day on his radio program. It’s the bureaucracy and the judges. These faceless, nameless bureaucrats are immune from elections. Whether it’s a conservative or liberal president, it’s of no consequence to these bureaucrats.

It matters not to them who controls the House and Senate. They just continue on, pumping out more and more rules and regulations to choke us all and further their own influence.

It’s the same with federal judges. Mark cited the case of same-sex marriage. In every state, where the citizens were allowed to vote on it, they overwhelmingly affirmed marriage to be between one man and one woman. read more

The Oldest Photograph of a U.S. President

 Remarkable 1843 image of John Quincy Adams

A photograph of John Quincy Adams that he  described as ‘hideous’ is now venerated in history as one of the oldest  surviving photos of a U.S. president.

The photograph, taken during an uneventful  trip to New York in August of 1843, turned up in an antique store in the 1970s  and was bought for 50 cents.

It is now housed in the National Portrait  Gallery under the care of the Smithsonian.

This picture of John Quincy Adams was bought for 50 cents in an antique shop. It was taken in 1843
This picture of John Quincy Adams was bought for 50 cents in an antique shop. It was taken in 1843

Adams was the sixth president of the United  States, serving for four years between 1823 and 1829.

In a diary entry dated Aug. 1, 1843, Adams  described posing for the photograph during a visit to Utica Female Academy in  New York.

After he delivered a short speech, ‘The shaking of some hundred hands then followed and on my way returning to Mr. Johnson’s, I stopped and four daguerreotype likenesses of my head were taken, two of them jointly with the head of Mr. Bacon – all hideous.’

The daguerrotype was the machine that was used to take the photographs of Adams.

Another photograph was taken of Adams at home in Quincy, Massachusetts, around the same time. Less is known about this photograph, except that it was taken by Philip Haas
Another photograph was taken of Adams at home in Quincy,  Massachusetts, around the same time. Less is known about this photograph, except  that it was taken by Philip Haas


He was 76 at the time that the photograph was taken.

In addition to snapping some photos while in New York, Adams also called on an 11-year-old child dwarf  nicknamed General Tom Thumb, he wrote.

Another photograph was taken of Adams at home  in Quincy, Massachusetts, around the same time. Less is known about this  photograph, except that it was taken by Philip Haas.


Excerpts of John Quincy  Adams’ diary dated August 1, 1843:
At ten o clock the reception  [at Utica Female Academy] took place on a  stage erected in front of the Bleeker House, where Mr. Bacon addressed and  welcomed me in the name of the citizens of Utica. I answered him in a speech of  about half an hour, sufficiently cheered for my hopes or wishes, but of  mortifying inanity to myself.

The shaking of some hundred hands then  followed and on my way returning to Mr. Johnson’s, I stopped and four  daguerreotype likenesses of my head were taken, two of them jointly with the  head of Mr. Bacon — all hideous.

Then a visit to the dwarf C.F. Stratton,  called General Tom Thumb, eleven years old, twenty-five inches high, weighing  fifteen pounds, dressed in military uniform mimicking  Napoleon.
At Little Falls I was  addressed and welcomed by Arphaxad Loomis, an ex-member of the Twenty Sixth  Congress, whom I did not recognize till after I had answered.

…About an hour before we reached  Schenectady, the wind raised by the rapid motion of the car lodged on the ball  of my left eye, beneath the under lid, a small sharp-angled pebble, of the  entrance of which I was not conscious when it happened, but which fretted the  eye to torture, produced considerable inflammation, and made it impossible for  me to look in the face of those whom I was to address. A sumptuous dinner had  been prepared for us at Schenectady.

I was in anguish unutterable. I retired to a  private chamber and washed the eye in cold water without relief. Dr. Duane, who  had observed my suffering, followed me to the chamber, examined the eye,  discovered the offensive pebble, wiped it out with the corner of a towel, and I  was well.

Attribution: Daily Mail

An American Dictator (Part Deux)

 by: the Common Constitutionalist


As I stated in Part One, Barack Obama is not our first progressive president to fancy himself a supreme ruler.

It remains to be seen if Obama will supplant all predecessors as America’s worst president. He has the potential but I believe Woodrow Wilson is still king of American fascist presidents.

During World War I Woodrow Wilson created the “Committee on Public Information (CPI)”. The wicked progressive and Wilson advisor Edward Bernays described the CPI as the “engineering of consent” and “the conscious manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses”. Wilson, in the CPI, had created America’s first official government propaganda department, designed solely to control the population and manipulate their behavior.

One example of manipulation the CPI produced was a World War I liberty Bond poster that read: “I am Public Opinion. All men fear me! If you have money to buy and do not buy, I will make this No Man’s Land for you!” Now that’s not at all creepy, is it?

The CPI trained a group of almost 100,000 men to give four-minute propaganda speeches to any audience that would listen. They extolled the greatness of government and portrayed Woodrow Wilson as a larger-than-life leader. They also produced and released many government propaganda films.

Wilson enacted his own sedition act, which forbade American citizens from criticizing their government during a time of war. The American people could not, “utter, print, write or publish any disloyal, profane, scurrilous or abusive language” regarding the government or the military.

The postmaster general was even given the authority to revoke all mailing privileges of those who disobeyed Wilson’s directive. Many publications were given warnings and the government shut down almost 75 for disloyal printings.

In the Wilson police state, citizens were not even safe in their own homes if they spoke ill of the president. Federal attorneys and US marshals publicly claimed that citizens had nothing to fear as long as they “Obeyed the law and kept their mouths shut”.

Wilson’s Justice Department created the “American Protective League (APL)”. Its purpose was to spy on the people and turn in any “seditious persons”. In 1918, in a single month, the New York City APL rounded up almost 50,000 citizens. The Gestapo had nothing on them.

In an address to Congress, Wilson exclaimed, “The gravest threats against our national peace and safety have been uttered within our borders. There are citizens of the United States, I blush to admit….who have poured the poison of disloyalty into the very arteries of our national life; have sought to bring the authority and good name of our Government into woodrow-wilson-2contempt…”. Notice Wilson spoke of the “good name” of the government, not the United States. As it always is with progressives and Statists, the government is set before all.

It is estimated that almost 175,000 citizens were arrested for seditious behavior or failure to demonstrate Wilson’s version of patriotism.

This was very similar to conquered nations during World War II, where Hitler was paraded into a sacked city and its citizens were forced to wave Nazi flags and cheer the Fuehrer, or else.

President Wilson charged another progressive, Bernard Baruch with running the “War Industries Board (WIB)”. The board was formed to assure that all American industry be in service to the State.

It is said the WIB served as a precursor to the fascist policies of both Mussolini and Hitler.

Grosvenor Clarkson, a member of the WIB, characterized it as, “An industrial dictatorship without parallel; A dictatorship by force of necessity and common consent which, step-by-step, at least encompassed the nation and united it into a coordinated and mobile unit”.

These are not the only unconstitutional transgressions of the Woodrow Wilson administration, but at least now you have an idea of just how oppressive his administration was.

My point is only to demonstrate to all that claim the Obama administration is the worst and most unconstitutional in history, don’t know their history.

I am also not saying, that given the chance, King Barack would be the most oppressive; just that as of now, he’s not even close.

Together, as we learn more of our own history, it may be easier to see the signs of oppression before we are forced to live them. And finally, disregard, as I have, those nayayers that insist these types of things could “Never happen in America”, for we know they already have.

An American Dictator (Part One)

by: the Common Constitutionalist


I was recently speaking to a friend and fellow conservative. The conversation invariably turned to a discussion of “The One”. My friend was complaining of what a fascist dictator Obama is becoming. I had to laugh knowing that Obama has always been a fascist and it’s just becoming more obvious now. He spoke as if this were the first time in American history we have a president that fancies himself a dictator or King.

I gave my friend a quick synopsis of King Andrew Jackson. You may link to it here.  It was as if he hadn’t heard this, as if it were news to him, and he, I regard as someone who is a fairly well-rounded and knowledgeable conservative. He did understand, and I agree, that fascism is a product of the left, not the right as most are taught. The left, the progressives, like fascists are enamored with, and in fact worship the power and expansion of the state and absolute control of it.

There have actually been several “want to be” fascist leaders in America before the present. As bad as they all were, in my opinion, there has been none worse than president Thomas Woodrow Wilson, our 28th.

Historian Walter McDougall wrote that Wilson, “loved, craved and in a sense, glorified power”.

Wilson said, “I cannot imagine power as something negative and not positive. No doubt a lot of nonsense has been talked about the inalienable rights of the individual, and a great deal that was mere sentiment and pleasing speculation has been put forward as woodrow_wilsonfundamental principle.” He went on to say, “government does whatever experience permits or that the times demand” and, “the president is at liberty both in law and conscience, to be as big a man as he can. His capacity will set a limit.”

Progressives, statists like Wilson are always arguing that the “Times”, not the Constitution, dictate government policy. He believed that the country’s leaders are not servants of its citizens but masters. He alleged that a, “true leader uses the masses of people like tools. Men are as clay in the hands of the consummate leader.” Humility was not one of Wilson’s attributes.

Another trait of all dictatorial advocates is that is that they abhor dissent. They won’t accept and frankly don’t understand any disagreement of their brilliance. For example, upon entering World War I Wilson exclaimed of antiwar protesters, “Woe be to the man or group of men that seeks to stand in our way.” Just imagine the rancor of the left leaning press if George Bush had the stones to stand up and say something like that.

Wilson, as all progressives, claimed to have a reverence for America’s founders and the original documents until, of course, their beliefs clash with said founders. Then it is always the same excuse not to adhere to the founders’ original intent. The “Times” again, they say, dictate all actions.

Wilson exclaimed, “While we are followers of Jefferson….You know that it was Jefferson who said that the best government is one that does as little governing as possible….But that time has passed. America is not now and cannot in the future be a place for unrestricted individual enterprise.” I guess the average American just can’t handle freedom.

Now have you ever noticed that most wars break out when a progressive is in charge? Just an observation and I’m sure strictly coincidental.

But Woodrow Wilson actually bragged about fighting a war with no national interest at stake as is the law. “There is not a single selfish element, so far as I can see, in the cause we are fighting for.” So according to Wilson we had no national interest, no strategic benefit, no clear and present danger to our involvement in World War I. Is that what he’s saying?

Wilson said of World War I, “As head of a nation participating in the war, the President of the United States would have a seat at the peace table, but… If he remained the representative of a neutral country, he could at best only call through a crack in the door.”

So was Wilson saying he got America into World War I so he could have a seat at the peace table? Over 116,000 died in even more wounded so he could promote his warped view of worldwide collectivism and one world government through his “League of Nations?” He did proudly admit that we had no national interest in the war. I would not like to think this of any man but the more I look, it appears that he did just that.

Wilson’s grand legacy will continue in Part Two.

Constitutional Law Professor: Get Rid of the Constitution!

Barack Obama and Louis Michael Seidman have a few things in common:   they are both “progressive” leftists; they were both Constitutional Law professors; and they both want to get rid of the US Constitution. The difference is, the President probably wouldn’t just come out and admit it, but his actions indicate that he wants nothing more than to just scrap the entire document and declare himself dictator.

Seidman on the other hand wrote an op-ed in the New York Times with  the headline, “Let’s  Give Up on the Constitution.” His article makes the ridiculous claim that  the reason our country and government are in such disarray is not because our  elected leaders completely ignore the Constitution, but precisely because  they’ve been abiding by it for so long.  Continue Reading

Vetting the Prez

The following video is for those people who think that Obama was sufficiently vetted before the 2008 election. Two media wizards of smart admitting on October 30, 2008 that they don’t know the man they both undoubtedly voted for and they didn’t do their jobs. That’s one week before the election!! None of the major media sources were the slightest bit interested in who he was or is. They still don’t care & nor does a lot of the public. He was black, therefore transformational. That’s all they cared about. Oh, and he was the senate’s most liberal democrat in the short time he was there. Let’s all vote for that guy. So he was raised and mentored by communists, hung out with marxists and radicals. Let me rephrase that; he sought out marxists & radicals with which to hang out . He was a druggy. What’s worse is, to this day, he has not had a “come to Jesus” moment. Where you realize what you thought was wrong, what you did was wrong, communists and radicals weren’t the people to be hanging out with or taking advice from. Doing all those drugs wasn’t very bright. Not one apology, no remorse. And all his records remain sealed. That’s vetted enough for me. How ’bout you?