Trump Was Right and We Were Wrong

by: the Common Constitutionalist

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I wish to congratulate President-Elect Donald J Trump. He ran a remarkable campaign. One that neither we on the right, nor the establishment republicans, nor the dems thought was possible.

What no one counted on was the unwavering support for Trump. It did seem that no matter what he did, his ever-expanding flock never wavered. This is something neither we on the right, and certainly the left, ever counted on, or ever really understood. But someone did.

And that someone is Salena Zito at the – who has also written for the Weekly Standard and is board member of the Center for Media and Public Policy at the Heritage Foundation.

What everyone appeared to have missed, Ms. Zito figured out back in September, which, in my opinion, why he prevailed.

In Zito’s article entitled, “Taking Trump Seriously, Not Literally,” she writes of an appearance and speech by Trump at a Shale Insight Conference. She pointed observed that,“The 70-year-old Republican nominee took his time walking from the green room toward the stage. He stopped to chat with the waiters, service workers, police officers, and other convention staffers facilitating the event. There were no selfies, no glad-handing for votes, no trailing television cameras. Out of view of the press, Trump warmly greets everyone he sees, asks how they are, and, when he can, asks for their names and what they do.” read more

So It’s Going to be Trump in the End

by: the Common Constitutionalist

From day one I didn’t think Hillary Clinton was going to be the one to represent the Communist, I mean Democrat Party in this upcoming election. I wrote on several occasions that she wouldn’t make it to the finish line – pointing to the fact that virtually everyone – even the dems dislike her. She is also dull and inspires no confidence from her party. Couple that with the animus Barack and Michelle Obama have for her and her husband Bubba. I’m sure it’s likewise for the Clintons. After all, the party threw her overboard for the virtual unknown Obama in 2008.

I thought they would treat her as the republicans, until now, have treated their candidates. Give it to the next man up, unless they find someone better. But I was wrong. Yes it’s technically not over yet, but she has all but wrapped it up. Yet it’s been a tough slog for Clinton, which shows what a pathetically weak candidate she is, losing countless states to an old socialist fossil like Sanders.

I figured by now, Obama would have tired of her and instructed Loretta Lynch to indict her, get her out of the way and promote Biden or someone. I’m frankly surprised at his hands-off approach, keeping his distance. Maybe it’s due to him realizing what a weak bench they have. read more