One Look at Venezuela Has Convinced Me to Keep Prepping

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Being a Prepper in the land of plenty sometimes seems like utter foolishness yet my kids and I do it anyway.

Now granted – we are not over-the-top, end of civilization Preppers who are preparing for a Zombie apocalypse. I just decided a few years ago to begin storing some things for emergencies. Every week I purchase one or two extra items and put them away.

It’s rather startling what you can amass by just doing that. At times it also comes in rather handy when you forget something at the grocery store. Simply pull it from your own stock and your good – but don’t forget to replace it. My family personally prides itself on never running out of anything, so when we have to pull something out of storage, the penalty is it must be replaced with at least two items.

So why do we do it? It’s because you never know. We aren’t prone to natural disasters in New England but we’ve had to utilize our supplies on more than one occasion due to snow storms and power outages.

And despite the rosy picture painted by our current administration, we should all be concerned with the poor shape of our economy. It won’t take too much to push it over the edge. If by some miracle we are able to contain $20 trillion in debt and almost a quarter of a quadrillion in unfunded liability, then fine – we’ll use it ourselves or give it away.

I’ve thought of giving up prepping, but when I see what is happening in places like the socialist/communist paradise of Venezuela, coupled with millions of our own citizens claiming that socialism would be good for America, I come to my senses. read more

Those Who Panic – Those Who Don’t

by: the Common Constitutionalist

If you live in New England (as I do) or frankly anywhere in the Northeast, today is our last day on earth. You see, a snowstorm is going to wipe us all out. It’s Snowmageddon! At least that has been the build up on any and every broadcast and cable outlet.nor'easter

Mayors and Governors have taken to the airwaves to warn of the impending doom. In Rhode Island, Governor Gina Raimondo urged residents to prepare their families, homes and elderly neighbors ahead of the storm.

Meanwhile Boston Mayor Marty Welsh canceled school in the city on Tuesday and Wednesday. In Boston, crews stockpiled plows with salt and sand for clearing snowy and icy roads. Officials warned that heavy and wet snow could trigger power outages. Of course, every forecaster has predicted very cold temperatures and extremely high winds, so salt and sand will do absolutely no good against light, fluffy, blowing/drifting snow. Therefore there efforts may just waste time, manpower and money on preparation that will not help.

Walsh said “Take this very seriously. Don’t wait to the last-minute because the storm is giving us a 24-hour head start to get ready for it.” Over the weekend and into Monday, grocery stores were packed and many shoppers found empty shelves, as people prepared for the worst from the expected snow accumulation. read more