No Guns In the Forest

Could this be the next play of the Feds to limit our ability to bear arms? No guns on frederal land?


PLACERVILLE (CBS13) — The fight that has the El Dorado County sheriff planning to revoke a federal agency’s enforcement power in his county is apparently over residents’ rights to carry guns.

Cory Ward is an avid outdoorsman who frequents the El Dorado National forest. But he’s concerned this paradise could turn into a police state.

“I have felt intimidated,” he said.

He’s got a long list of complaints against federal officers who patrol the forest.

“They want to know what you’re doing here, where you’re going, do you have any firearms on board.”

It appears this exploding confrontation between Sheriff John D’Agostini and the U.S. Forest service may come down to guns, and the right to carry them, and whether U.S. citizens are allowed to bring them onto federal land.

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UK Crime Rate

England’s Crime Rate Nearly Four Times Higher than United States. Hey Piers Morgan, Care to Explain That?


I’ll give Piers Morgan credit for one thing: He’s not afraid to interview  people who have strong disagreements with him. He’s giving them a platform for  views that rarely see the light of day on liberal networks.

He had Alex Jones of InfoWars on a few nights ago. While Jones was a little  over the top, he didn’t roll over for Morgan. Too many conservatives want to be  friends with the media as if their agreeable style will somehow endear them to  the liberal media establishment. It will never, never, never happen.

Morgan also had Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America on. Don’t mess with  Larry Pratt. He comes to interviews prepared, and he’s a lot more measured and  calm than Jones. In his December 19, 2012 interview, Pratt had said that “evil’s  in our hearts. Not in the guns.” That’s probably the first time the  secularist Morgan ever heard that before. Of course, it’s true. Good people, or  at least people who work hard to say no to evil thoughts and desires, do not  murder people. When some usually good person “snaps,” the snapping is the evil  in them (James 1:13–15; Mark 7:14–15).

Pratt went on to say to Morgan in the interview:

“The problem occurs, sir, in those areas  precisely where we have said ‘no guns.’ The problem doesn’t occur where the guns  are allowed freely to be carried to be used by people. There we have very low  murder rates.”

Pratt returned to Morgan’s show on January 9th of this year. The  sparks flew over crime statistics.

The vast majority of people in England do not own guns. Guns are heavily  restricted. Morgan sees this as one of the reasons crime is low in England. At  least that’s what he’s been trying to pass off to his low-information viewers .  . . until Larry Pratt showed up for round two.

Pratt maintained that the official police homicide numbers are cooked. “The  data that you are using for the murder rate in England is a sham,” Pratt  countered. “There’s a monumental miss-reporting of what constitutes murder. If  three people are murdered, it’s likely to be counted as one event.” In fact, an article  on crime statistics in England makes the same point: “there are the official  police figures (which historically under-record the true level of crime).”

Morgan couldn’t handle the truth. He accused Pratt of “deliberately lying,  deliberately twisting” the data. Where did Pratt get his information? Instead of  there being 39 murders in 2011 that Morgan claimed, Pratt stated there were 970. “That’s exactly what your own constabulary is saying,” insisted Pratt.

Then just yesterday, I came across an article that was published in The  Telegraph on July 2, 2009:

“Analysis of figures from the European Commission  showed a 77 per cent increase in murders, robberies, assaults and sexual  offences in the UK since [the] Labour [Party] came to power.

The total number of violent offences recorded  compared to population is higher than any other country in Europe, as well as  America, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

“The UK had a greater number of murders in 2007  than any other EU country — 927 — and at a relative rate higher than most  western European neighbours, including France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

It gets worse. “Overall, 5.4 million crimes were recorded in the UK in 2007 — more than 10 a minute — second only to Sweden. . . . It means there are over  2,000 crimes recorded per 100,000 population in the UK, making it the most  violent place in Europe.”

Great Britain’s crime rate is nearly four times that of the United States. “By comparison, America has an estimated rate of 466 violent crimes per 100,000  population.”