Podcast – U.S. & Iran – Murderer Craig Hicks and A Boy Gets the Job

Today I discuss The U.S. Iranian negotiations, The murdering lefty wacko Craig Hicks and the feel good story of a boy who lands a job thanks to a kind soul at Target read more

Podcast – ISIS – Jordan – Bill Maher and Zombie Foreclosures

Today I discuss Bill Maher’s treatment of terror and Brian Williams. I also touch on the Kingdom of Jordan, and their no nonsense stance on terror and of course, how Zombies get mortgages. Not Really – but they are called Zombie titles and foreclosures. read more

Podcast – Marijuana in Colorado, Mike Lee and the Super Bowl

Today I discuss purchasing marijuana in Colorado using government EBT (food stamp) cards, the great constitutional conservative, Senator Mike Lee, and of course, the Super Bowl.

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Podast – Davos World Forum and Netanyahu Speaks to Congress

Today I discuss the Davos World Economic Forum and a couple of their select speakers. It’s not the yawner it sounds like. I also discuss the flap between Netanyahu and Obama – the real reason Obama doesn’t want him here – or anywhere. read more

Podcast – Gunman Thwarted and The Great Wall of Saudi Arabia

Today I discuss a feel good story of a brave liquor store clerk who didn’t submit to armed thugs as they attempted to rob him and the much heralded Great Wall of Saudi Arabia, that will stretch 600 miles of border between the Saudi kingdom and Iraq.

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Podcast – Scott Walker – Think Progress – The Cuban Embassy

Today I discuss the possible presidential candidacy of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker vs his state legislature’s desire to pass right-to-work – Four things Think Progress touts as Obama victories, despite predictions to the contrary – and did you know we already have an Embassy in Cuba? read more