Man of the People


By: the Common Constitutionalist

Wow! Did you here the news? President Obama has announced he is taking a 5% pay cut. Shortly after his declaration, both billionaire Secretary of State John Kerry and Eric Holder joined him with their own voluntary cut in pay.

The president did so to show that he feels the pain of the little guy, the workers, the proletariat. Oh wait; it’s not the workers? No, it’s to show solidarity with furloughed federal (public sector) employees, although, when you dig a little, showing solidarity with temporarily furloughed public-sector employees is not very courageous.

You see, there is a big difference between a public-sector furlough any private sector layoff. This is a dirty little, unspoken and unreported fact.

When a private sector employee is laid off, that’s usually it. He is out of work and on his own. He has to look for other employment, or if his hours are cut he must find a way to supplement those lost wages. Okay, everyone knows that. So what?

Well, when the public sector worker is furloughed, is strictly temporary. When the budget gets ironed out they will be rehired. In most cases a furlough is not a layoff. It may come down to working a four-day week instead of five.

All right, that  can still put a crimp in anyone’s household budget. I agree, but here’s the kicker. When the federal budget is rectified the furloughed employee not only gains that fifth day back but also receives all the back pay for those lost fifth days retroactively.

Have you seen or heard that reported anywhere? No? It’s just another reason people want to work for the feds.

So what else has the King done to cut back to show solidarity?

Let’s see; after the family got back from Hawaii, Michelle and the kids were off to Aspen for some pre-sequester skiing. While the girls were away, the man of the people jetted off to Florida for a golf outing with Tiger Woods and Butch Harmon. Lucky for us it was just a weekend so it only cost us workers about $1 million.

Since we all know the Secret Service works free of charge it’s okay to double their workload and hours so that the family can take separate vacations.

After returning from Aspen it’s off to spring break in the Bahamas for the two princesses with their 15 to 25 Secret Service agents, while the president returns to work. My mistake; he jets off out West, hitting the campaign trail and schmoozing with Hollywood liberals on the left coast.

So that 5% pay cut means absolutely nothing to the informed citizen. It’s actually a bit of an insult, but the announcement of solidarity is not for us but for the ET/TMZ/MSNBC/NBC/ABC/CBS/PBS/CNN watching low information crowd. They will think it’s wonderfully generous.

Pelosi: Pay Cut Would Diminish The Dignity Of Her Job

Speaking in the context of the sequester cuts that would have a measly effect  on Congressional pay, Nancy Pelosi said that even though a pay cut wouldn’t  effect her as much as it would others, she is still opposed  to the idea:

”I don’t think we should do it; I think we  should respect the work we do. I think it’s necessary for us to have the dignity  of the job that we have rewarded.”

Politicians talk an awful lot about shared sacrifice and “fair share.” But they don’t want to be the ones sharing any sacrifice or giving up their fair  share.

Pelosi’s opposed to doing the same thing to herself that she is in favor of  doing to every American citizen. She thinks a congressional pay cut would make  her office less “dignified.” I suppose she would argue that a citizen pay cut in  the form of higher taxes would accentuate the dignity of those jobs. She  would talk about how wonderful our jobs were and how great it was that we were  all willing to sacrifice our income for the betterment of society later. Continue Reading