Where is America’s Rear Base of Islamic Barbarity?

by: the Common Constitutionalist

For many moons, we on the right have been pushing for English as not just the national language of the United States, but the official language.

A common language is the tie that binds a nation together. Without it, we are left with little more than tiny foreign enclaves within a larger nation. And this has been a problem for decades both here and in Europe, as liberals have catered to and coddled non-English speaking immigrants.

It’s human nature to wish to live with those of like culture and there’s nothing wrong with it. But when the host nation does not require or even encourage the learning of a common language and culture, the eventuality can be damaging.

Lack of a common language is damaging not only to a country’s culture, with growing numbers unwilling to assimilate, but also to its national security – which we see playing out in Belgium right now.

Belgium, home of the Molenbeek district (terror central) in Brussels is a perfect example of this dysfunction. The country has no common language. It actually has three languages – Dutch, French and German – two being official, Dutch and French. About 60% speak Dutch (Flemish), 33% speak French and about 1% German. There’s also a smattering of Spanish, Italian, Greek and of course Arabic. Gee – I wonder where the greatest concentrations of Arabic speakers are. read more

Is ISIS Also Mastering the Art of Economic Terrorism?

by: the Common Constitutionalist

It seems everywhere we look, there is new terror threat. And they not centered on just one country or even one region. Many of these terror groups have been around for a while and have been relatively independent. But recently a good many of them are becoming satellites of and pledging allegiance to ISIS, or are at least supporters of the Islamic State.

There are the minor players we know, like the old Boko Haram, which is now known as Wilayat Gharb Ifrīqīyyah, who operate in Nigeria, Chad, Niger and northern Cameroon. Then there are minor players we don’t (unless you follow this closely) like the Abu Sayyaf group, who are based in the southern Philippines and operate in the Philippine/Malaysia region. The have recently become supporters of IS and beheaded a Malaysian engineer around the same time as the Paris attacks. It won’t be long before they announce they are a Wilayat of ISIS.

So as the civilized world is concentrating on ISIS proper (for want of a better term) in Syria and Iraq, Islamic terror groups all over the world are becoming subsidiaries of the Islamic State. Add to this the mass export of fighters out of Syria and into western countries and it’s a recipe for disaster – and a well funded disaster, being that the latest estimates are that ISIS controls over $2 trillion in assets.

It’s like the Hydra line in the Captain America movie that states: “Cut off one head – two more will take its place.” read more

The War Has Begun Now That ISIS Has Sufficient Forces In Place

by: the Common Constitutionalist

We’ve learned some important things about the attacks and the attackers of the Paris massacre. We’ve learned that ISIS evidently either coordinated the attacks or granted operational authority to what I’ve coined Wilayat Paris. And it appears the coordination efforts came through Belgium, where at least two of the radical Islamists have been discovered to be from the same neighborhood.

Some have asked why they have waited until now to strike? Terrorists have been threatening for years that they plan to attack us and Europe. Virtually since it’s forming the new ISIS caliphate has been threatening attacks. So what’s taken so long?

Well Europe, and to a lesser extent America, has many majority Muslim regions. They’ve been coming for years and settling in major cities across Europe. Anyone who understands “Civilization Jihad” knows this is how radical Islam has always intended to conquer the West.

We don’t actually think the flood of refugees is to escape the “war torn” regions of Iraq and Syria, do we? To be sure, some have – but when the majority of these “refugees” are young males of “fighting age,” should we not be questioning why? Some estimates are higher than 70% of the “refugees” are young men. Of course, why would people question it if they see these mass migrations through the filter of the main stream liberal press, who only show and report on women and children.

These Muslim refugees are certainly not all escaping the fight. They are in fact an ISIS Trojan Horse. They pray on the sympathy and empathy of the West – knowing full well where the soft targets are – the easy marks. The Palestinian terrorists have been doing it to Israel for decades – faking casualties and funerals and blaming the “carnage” on ruthless Israeli attacks. And we in West predictable fall for the theatre every time. Recall the reaction of the entire West when one dead child washed up on a beach in Turkey. I felt terrible also, but who’s to say it wasn’t all staged. I’ll bet it was. And boy did it ever work – for after that the West allowed the “refugee” floodgates to really open. Recall that it was after this event that American politicians began the push to bring thousands of them here. We feel so bad – let them all in – and they did, not giving a thought to the suicidal course they were charting. read more

Political Correctness Killed Parisians – And The Left Is Repeating Their Mistake

by: the Common Constitutionalist

So Britain is going to rely on the pitifully ineffective rabble at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), who is evidently screening Syrian Muslim refugees arriving in England this week. England’s Home Secretary has assured Brits that all is well since they are taking in “refugees” direct from camps and the UNHCR does impeccable screening of the “refugees.” In other words, “everything that can be done is being done.”

No, not everything. There is always another option and that is to suspend or outright cancel any movement of “refugees” into the UK. But evidently this is not one of the options they are considering.

And why? Because like liberals in the U.S., liberals in Europe #CareMoreThanWeDo, and will be as brainless as they must to prove it, even to the point of having their own citizens murdered.

But fear not Brits, for officials have your back as they “tighten border controls after it emerged two of the Paris gunmen arrived in Greece posing as refugees from Syria.” Wow – didn’t see that one coming, except that we all predicted just that quite some time ago. It is stunning how stupid the left is that they either couldn’t predict this or simply refuse to conclude the obvious out of fealty to political correctness.

As I said yesterday in my podcast,  this is who these idiot officials are, and ours are no different. They are reactionary. We on the right predict that so-and-so will happen. It happens – the left is surprised and reacts with some temporary or faux fix. This is exactly the case here. We predicted – we guaranteed – at least I did – that allowing your country to be overrun with Muslims who have zero interest in assimilation will end in disaster. read more