Podcast – Donald Trump – ISIS – The Caliphate and Syrian Refugees

In this episode I discuss the history of the Caliphate and the Ottoman Empire and how it ties directly with what is happening today.

There is another reason why ISIS is using terrorist attacks that people aren’t talking about and five Syrian men were captured in Guatemala while trying to sneak into the United States which leads to what Trump said about tracking Muslims.

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The Brits … Not Always the Good Guys

by: the Common Constitutionalist

In every conflict throughout history there are usually the good guys and the bad guys. Why else would there be a conflict. The bad guys invariably try to expand their territory, for whatever the reason, and the good guys immediately or eventually step in to stop them.

The good guys either beat the bad guys or at least stop their advance, as in the first Gulf War. Saddam Hussein was the bad guy and the good guys, the George H W Bush coalition, stopped his advance into Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

However, it’s not always that way. Sometimes it’s bad against bad. Saddam’s Iraq against Iran, for example. Fascist Germany against Communist Russia – a perfect example of the enemy of my enemy is not my friend. Stalin’s Soviet Russia ended up being worse than Hitler, by a stretch.

Even rarer is a bad guy that eventually becomes a good guy. One of the most famous examples is Japan. Imagine you are a soldier or sailor fighting in the Pacific in 1943 and someone tells you that sometime in the future Japan will be one of our staunchest allies. He’d think you were nuts.

But it does happen – the bad guys can reform themselves.

Great Britain is a shining example of this – France also. In fact Glenn Beck just recently documented how the Brits may have been our friend and ally for a long time, but they were not always the good guys. read more