Justice Finally Served for SEAL Chief Gallagher

Well it’s about damn time! To me, this smelled like a set-up for the get go and that Chief Gallagher was being railroaded. You don’t get to spend as many years on the teams as did Gallagher by being an impetuous dumb-ass. For nine long months the Chief was locked away, treated as if he was already found guilty. But justice finally prevailed.

from the Washington Examiner:

Jury finds Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher not guilty of war crimes

The jury assigned to the case of accused Special Warfare Chief Edward Gallagher has found the decorated Navy SEAL not guilty of murder and attempted murder after a whirlwind trial that included bombshell revelations and twists.
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Recalling the Preventable Tragedy of Extortion 17

by: the Common Constitutionalist

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The catastrophe at the compound in Benghazi, Libya has been well documented – books, movies, etc. Needless to say, there aren’t too many Americans who aren’t familiar with attack that killed four Americans, and the subsequent cover-up. To this day, no one has been held to account. Not Obama, Hillary, Susan Rice, etc.

Yet recently we were reminded of another entirely preventable event which took the lives of 38 fighters, 30 of which were American and 17 were U.S. Navy SEALs. The 17 included one officer and 9 senior enlisted – 7 Chiefs, 1 Senior and 1 Master Chief Petty Officer. Trust me when I say these gentlemen have been missed – not only to their loved ones, but operationally as well.

Sara Carter at Circa.com recounts the attack on Extortion 17, the August, 2011 downing of a Chinook helicopter gunship, and the greatest single day loss of Special Operations lives in American history. Mark Levin also highlighted this on his radio show the other evening.

Sara interviewed Retired Air Force Capt. Joni Marquez, who had a bird’s eye view of the whole tragic event – an event, which according to Marquez, was infinitely preventable if not for the ridiculous Rules of Engagement (ROEs) that have plagued our military from Vietnam to the present. However, under Obama, our warfighters had been particularly hamstrung.

Marquez told Carter that she was part of the aircrew of an Air Force AC-130 gunship in Afghanistan, when they received an order “to fly close-in air support above Afghanistan’s dangerous Tangi Valley, in Wardak Province, assisting troops with the Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment who were being fired on by eight heavily armed Taliban insurgents.” read more

Podcast – A Win For the Anti-Gun Left – The Feminisation of Special Warfare

In segment One of the podcast, I discuss the closing of the last gun shop in San Francisco. The have finally had it with the persecution of their shop by the Marxists in charge of the city.

In segment Two, I discuss yet another branch of our military’s special warfare to cave to pressure of the Obama administrations social experimentation. This time it’s the Navy SEALs – and you won’t believe what has been discovered about those two “heroic” female Rangers. read more

NFL Prospect Would Rather Be a SEAL

from Newsmax:

Boston College Eagles wide receiver Alex Amidon has decided to pass up a chance of a lucrative NFL career to focus on his dreams of becoming a U.S. Navy SEAL.

His shock announcement was made during a school football recruitment dinner in Boston Wednesday night, according to BC Interruption, a sports blog.

“Through making this decision, Amidon is truly showing that he is a man for others, and cares so deeply about this community and country,” the blog said. read more

Code Name: Johnny Walker

Jim DeFelice co-wrote the memoir of an Iraqi Muslim who worked with the Navy SEALs to find insurgents.  The book, Code Name: Johnny Walker, offers a unique perspective, showing how some Muslims will not remain silent against terrorism.  Johnny became the SEALs’ most trusted terp (interpreter), willing to sacrifice everything in an effort to improve his country and keep his SEAL brothers safe.  The book provides insight into what it was like to be an Iraqi working with Americans and how costly it was to him and his family.  American Thinker had the privilege of interviewing DeFelice and Johnny about the War in Iraq. read more

Should Women be SEALs?

by: LCDR Rorke Denver, U.S. Navy SEAL


Women have been in plenty of gunfights. For more than a decade now, they’ve been banging it out on the battlefield. I know there are women out there with the strength, agility, stamina and utter mental toughness to get through BUD/S, the SEALs’ legendary basic-training program with its grueling Hell Week and 75-percent wash-out rate for the men who try.

SEAL budweiserIf you doubt me, check out the female leaderboard at next month’s CrossFit Games—or that young woman who’s been quietly knocking out weighted pull-ups at your neighborhood gym. Being physically fit is women’s work too.

This comes up, of course, now that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has announced an official end to the ban on women in combat. The various parts of the U.S. military, including elite tactical units like the Navy SEALs, have been asked to weigh in on this long-expected change. After 14 years as a SEAL officer, the past four running all phases of basic and advanced SEAL training, I have to say, “I’m not sold yet.”


I like to say the SEALs are the greatest man club on earth.


The reason has almost nothing to do with the old concern that “a woman wouldn’t be able to pull an injured teammate off a battlefield.” I’m a big guy, 230 pounds without my body armor. In full commando gear, I’m 280 or 290. If I get shot, it’s the rare SEAL who can throw me over his shoulder like a bag of coal. If it takes two or three of them, that’s who will drag me out to safety. This is not an individual sport we’re playing here, even though SEALs are the battlefield Olympians. We live and die as a team.SEAL BUDs training

There’s a much bigger reason to be skeptical about female SEALs than any concern that women won’t carry their load. It goes to the very heart of what makes SEALs, SEALs. From Somali pirates to Usama bin Laden, on countless raids and assaults in Iraq and Afghanistan, a huge part of our effectiveness comes from this organization we’ve been building. Brotherhood isn’t just a slogan to us. We are bonded together in a culture that is—let’s not sugar-coat this—fundamentally male.

I like to say the SEALs are the greatest man club on earth. The loyalty and drive that flow from that are key to almost everything we’ve achieved. It’s just a fact. Our unit cohesion is forged from testosterone, and look at what that’s produced: The most lethal, aggressive and effective assault teams on the modern battlefield, fighting their hearts out for America.

This isn’t always pretty, but it is something to behold: A bunch of charged-up, gregarious guys suiting up for battle, preparing mentally and physically for the violent mission ahead. Will all this come together in a coed locker room?

I and most of the SEALs I know deeply respect the women in our lives. As responsible men, we don’t want to behave like savages around our wives, mothers and female friends. So how are we supposed to act around our female teammates? Who I am at home is not who I am with my SEAL team. We can transition between the two. But gentlemen don’t make good killers, and killing is what we do.

Maybe there are alternatives worth considering. Women are already integrated into our units as intel pros, interpreters and mission planners. That could be expanded. Or maybe we should experiment with all-female platoons. Let’s send them onto the battlefield and see how they perform.

It really does come dowrorke-denver-damn-fewn to mission success. These highly effective teams didn’t get that way by accident. Their whole DNA shouldn’t be thoughtlessly rearranged.

We’re a military organization. In the end, if our leaders say, “Do it,” we’ll do it the very best we can. But I hope the change won’t be jammed down our throats before we honestly face the implications—on our training, our culture and our extraordinary record of success.

As I write in my new book, “Damn Few: Making the Modern SEAL Warrior”: “Pound for pound, man for man, our success is hard to argue with. We keep proving ourselves over and over again. We are the most resourceful problem solvers on the modern battlefield, ideal warriors for the kinds of wars America is fighting now.”

Pound for pound, man for man—a warrior band of brothers.

LCDR Rorke Denver ran every phase of training, basic and advanced, for the U.S. Navy SEALs. He starred in the 2012 film Act of Valor. His new book, DAMN FEW: Making the Modern SEAL Warrior, (with co-author Ellis Henican) is being published Feb. 19 by Hyperion.


A Legend Slain

It’s just not fair!

from: FoxNews

Chris Kyle, a former U.S. Navy SEAL credited with the largest number of  confirmed kills, was one of two people fatally shot at a North Texas shooting  range Saturday, Texas Highway Patrol confirmed to Fox News.

Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant told the Star-Telegram that Kyle, 38, was shot by a suspected gunman, identified as 25-year-old  Eddie Ray Routh, around 3:30 p.m.

kyleRouth allegedly opened fire on the two men before fleeing in a pickup truck  belonging to one of the victims, according to the report.

Routh was apprehended and taken into custody in Lancaster, southeast of  Dallas, where he was arraigned on two counts of capital murder.

35-year-old Chad Littlefield was also killed in the shooting.

Kyle set the record for confirmed sniper kills at 150 and received multiple  valor awards, including five Bronze Stars with Valor and two Silver Stars,  according to US military records.

Kyle wrote the best-selling book, “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the  Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History,” detailing his 150-plus kills of  insurgents from 1999 to 2009.

I published an article regarding this hero a while back. Here it is.

Protect the Right…Hooyah!

 Breitbart.com reports that retired Navy SEAL Ben Brink told Fox News that he is reaching out to former special operations personnel to help monitor polls, especially in areas where voter intimidation has been reported.

“The nation saw the video of members of the Black Panthers in Philadelphia intimidating people trying to vote in 2008. We are going to try and make certain that nothing like that happens this year,” he said on the Larry Mendte show, according to a report at Phillymag.com.

“Don’t let the bravado fool you,” Mendte wrote. “The mission, according to the Captain, is to observe and report, not to engage. ‘We are going to watch for intimidation, videotape it, if possible, and report it to the proper authorities’.”

“Brink claims to have over a hundred former Army Rangers, Navy Seal, Delta Force, Green Berets and others who have volunteered for duty. The idea of Navy Seals and Black Panthers getting into it at a Philly polling site gives a whole new incentive for casting a ballot,” the report added.

“Our guys aren’t easily intimidated,” Brink added.

Earlier Tuesday, we reported that the New Black Panther Party showed up at the same Philadelphia polling place where two baton-wielding activists were located in 2008.

Other reports say the New Black Panther Party is making its presence known in Ohio as well.

Conservatives on Twitter enjoyed hearing that America’s heroes are once again stepping up to protect freedom.

“Special Forces in Ohio, Navy Seals in Philly to keep Black Panthers from harming & Intimidating Voters. What’s THAT tell you America?” tweeted “Terri.”

“BREAKING! SEALS have arrived at polling places in Phillie where Black Panthers are intimidating voters! God bless our Navy SEALs,” exclaimed “dq24.”

According to Phillymag, the special operations veterans will be going to cities like Cleveland, Miami and Las Vegas, and Brink assured Mendte that voters have nothing to fear from the highly-trained operatives.

“Voters showing up to the polls probably won’t even notice they are there. These men are trained to be ghosts,” he said.


A new, blockbuster TV film, “Seal Team Six, The Raid on Osama Bin Laden” is set to air just days before the election. It is said to be slightly re-edited.

The additional material will definitely not include footage of President Obama speaking at a $35,000 per person fundraiser this summer at the Connecticut home of the movie’s producer, Harvey Weinstein.

From the New York Times:

nullThanks to the magic of editing, President Obama will have a starring role in a television drama about one of his biggest accomplishments — the killing of Osama bin Laden — that will be shown just two nights before the presidential election.

But the star turn is virtually certain to bolster claims that the approximately 90-minute film amounts to a political stunt. Set for a prime-time debut on Nov. 4 on the National Geographic Channel, and a release the next day on Netflix, the film — “SEAL Team Six: The Raid on Osama bin Laden” — is being backed by Harvey Weinstein, a longtime Democratic contributor and one of the Obama campaign’s most vigorous backers. Mr. Weinstein bought the rights to the film for about $2.5 million at the Cannes festival in May.


But promotional materials and a copy of the movie provided to The New York Times this week also show that the film has been recut, using news and documentary footage to strengthen Mr. Obama’s role and provide a window into decision-making in the White House.

In a joint interview on Tuesday Mr. Weinstein; the film’s director, John Stockwell; and others said the changes to the film were not politically motivated but were meant to give the film a stronger sense of realism.

I’m guessing that by now the film has been digitally altered in post production to remove any visible bayonets.

There was a scene in the movie depicting Mitt Romney opposing the Bin Laden raid, and it was reportedly cut at the insistence of the National Geographic Channel’s CEO. They wouldn’t want a film touting Obama’s role in the death of the world’s most wanted terrorist that was produced by a huge supporter of the president and set to air two days before the general election to appear to be politically motivated, would they?

Also, rumor has it that we can look forward to a cameo from Joe Biden, who will portray a fictional “comic relief” character named Slappy McPlug, a lovable but dim-witted White House teleprompter maintenance technician.

Attribution: Unknown