What Not to Get the Kids for Christmas

by: the Common Constitutionalist:

As Christmas draws near, I thought I might depart, if only for a day, from the political arena where I usually reside, and present something a little less controversial.

Did I say less controversial? Well, you be the judge.

A rare toy figure of Adolf Hitler made for German children  was revealed last year by the son of a World War II soldier for the first time.

The figure of the fascist dictator was part of a collection of toys U.S Private Jerome Beaulier bought at a toy shop in Germany at the end of the war in exchange for cigarettes and chocolate bars.

He mailed them back to his five-year-old son  Jerry, who received them in 1945 and has kept them ever since.

 The four-inch tall Hitler figure is seated in  the front passenger seat of a German army jeep alongside three soldiers.

Nothing Says Merry Christmas like a Tiny Hitler!

Other toys included in the set are an anti-aircraft gun, several field guns, another truck with a huge search light attached and a First World War German biplane. read more

Obama’s New Face of the Military

by: the Common Constitutionalist


This ain’t your grandfather’s military. It’s not your father’s or even your older brother or sister’s military. Today’s military, Obama’s troops, look nothing like the military we have come to know, love and respect, and I feel for so bad for our troops.


Obama’s new military has become a politically correct social experiment. And those that don’t buy into the “changes” are purged.


Over the past five years of Obama’s reign, he has overseen the ouster, according to sources at WND, of approximately 200 generals, flag and senior officers.


Many retired officers and war heroes have characterized Obama’s actions as an all-out attack on our Armed Forces.


Senior, battle hardened officers are being replaced with those who fit a diversity model and who will tow the new enlightened military line. Retired Navy Capt. and many times decorated war hero, Joseph John summed it up. “The truly sad story is that many of the brightest graduates of the three major service academies witnessing what the social experiment on diversity is doing to the US military, are leaving the service after five years. We are being left with an officer corps that can be made to be more compliant, that is, exactly what Obama needs to affect his long-range goals for the U.S. Military.” read more

Egyptians Can Storm a Mosque – Why Can’t We?

by: the Common Constitutionalist


Maybe we can learn a little from the Egyptian army and I’m only being half facetious. Not that I agree with the wholesale slaughter of people, but the Egyptian military appears to have little tolerance for uprisings and Islamists.


Now wholesale slaughter may not be accurate. I’m not currently in Cairo and wasn’t during the last week of violence and hundreds of dead. As far as I can tell there has been no determination of massive loss of “innocent” lives. It may very well be mostly Muslim Brotherhood radicals. If that’s the case, it’s fine by me.


The most recent incident of Egyptian authorities intolerance for Islamists was at the Fateh Mosque in Rameses Square, Cairo. One report from a witness inside the mosque claimed that they were 700 people including women and children. One has to wonder if the women and children were to be used as human shields.


NBC news reported that armed men began entering the Fateh mosque last Friday night and on Saturday gunmen in the mosque “unleashed bullets at security officials below”. The gunmen were positioned on a minaret.


The Huffington Post reported that Egyptian security forces stormed the mosque after firing tear gas at hundreds of “Islamists” barricaded inside. Huff Po also reported that gunmen on a minaret fired first.


The New York Times described the scene similarly and also called the mosques occupants “Islamists”.


The Egyptian security forces did storm the mosque and did clear out the “Islamists”. They didn’t give a second thought to returning fire when fired upon from inside a mosque.


Although I feel for the innocent civilians being caught up in the violence, that’s not what this is about.


What surprised me, a little, was the liberal use of the word “Islamist” by the lefty news outlets. Although, not surprisingly, Al Jazeera made no mention of that word. They called them protesters.


In not one of the mainstream media articles I read, was there any mention of “freedom fighter” or “insurgent”. I guess those terms are reserved for those who kill Americans.


It also appears that the mainstream media has little problem with the Egyptian security forces “rules of engagement”. Nowhere did I see any condemnation or any editorial comment regarding the firing upon or storming of a mosque. Funny how that is.


So why don’t the Egyptian military or police appear to care? Simple; they want to win and do so quickly and decisively.


This prompted me to look back at America’s politically correct “rules of engagement” for some contrast.


It seems that if we fire upon a mosque even after being first fired upon, it will just lead to further jihadist recruiting and riots in the streets – that a mosque attack would just further the notion that America is at war with all of Islam.


A military spokesman said US soldiers do not enter mosques. They are to respect the sanctity and holiness of all places of worship. I wasn’t aware firing an AK-47 was integral to prayer.


During the Iraq war soldiers were forbidden from entering mosques even during a firefight without permission of senior commanders under consultation with Iraqi authorities.


A military strike that might have caused more than 30 civilian casualties had to be signed off by the Secretary of Defense. You read that right; The Secretary of Defense!


Yet even according to the Geneva Convention – a place of worship, a hospital or any structure that is used for military purposes is considered a “dual structure” and can be targeted.

So the politically correct girlie men that set American military engagement policy evidently believe the Geneva Convention doesn’t go far enough.


Andrew Exum, a former Army Ranger and counterinsurgency specialist said: “They (our leaders) are thinking – How’s that gonna play on Al Jazeera? ”


In contrast, the Egyptian military evidently couldn’t care less what Al Jazeera thinks. That’s why they will most likely win. And that’s why we haven’t won a war since the Second World War and assuming we don’t change, why we never will again.


It’s a sad fact, but a fact nonetheless.

No Fault Immigration

by: the Common Constitutionalist

We must pass “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”. If not for us, than for the children. No, not our own, but the children who are in this country through no fault of their own.

I’m speaking of the children of illegal aliens, undocumented aliens, undocumented immigrants, undocumented workers, undocumented citizens.

A report called “Shattered Families” (dun-dun-dun), from the Applied Research Center concluded that 5000 children of illegal immigrants (I added illegal) are in U.S. foster care due to the deportation of their parents.

The report contends that if current trends hold, 15,000 kids will be “ripped” away from their parents.

The LA Times wrote that law enforcement often doesn’t allow detained illegal immigrant parents (I added illegal, again) the opportunity to make arrangements for the care of their children. The Times article concluded by saying: “We live in a country defined both by its proud immigrant heritage and by its enduring commitment to families. Ultimately, immigration reform will not be successful unless it protects children, prevents families from being torn apart and shows the world America means what it says when it speaks out on the importance of respecting human rights.”

Pardon my callousness, but I have a solution. A) If you sneak into our country and get caught be prepared for the consequence (not that there are any consequences. I’m not buying that centers study). B) It’s a novel idea, but if you’re deported, take your kids with you.

There is such an outcry over this illegal immigrant family “unification”. Have they given any thought to actual American children?

What happens when a child gets “ripped” away from a single parent that goes to prison?

The DOJ estimates that 2.3% of American kids and a whopping 6.7% of black American children have at least one parent in prison. Where are all the bleeding heart advocates for these poor kids? They are left parentless through no fault of their own. Where are the lawmakers to waive parents sentences in order to reunite families?

How is breaking into a home and stealing a TV different than breaking into a country and stealing a Social Security number, not to mention thousands of taxpayer dollars every year?

If you wish to talk real heartbreak, think of the single military moms and dads that have to leave their children behind as they are deployed overseas.

Estimates are upwards of 30,000 single moms have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Often times, during deployment, they must also fight to retain custody of their children, with often no one state side to fight on their behalf.

But they chose that life. They chose to join the military. They must’ve known this could happen.

True, but the same could be said of someone who chose to commit a crime. It’s a choice. It’s also a choice to sneak across our border.

I can’t blame someone for doing so, but don’t whine if you get caught and are sent packing.

But fear not, unlike the children of the military or American criminals, you potential “New Americans” have the President, the Senate, Congressional leaders and La Raza advocating for you.

As Much Fun as Stripping Paint

Prototype robots autonomously strip paint from aircraft using lasers

Team of robots decoating a cargo plane
Team of robots decoating a cargo plane

If you think stripping paint off an end table can be a messy, time consuming job, imagine removing paint and other coatings from an aircraft like the C-130 transport plane. Tasked with developing a robotic system that would take such a chore out of the hands of maintenance personnel, Carnegie Mellon University’s National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) and Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, developed a team of robots that gets the job done – using laser beams, no less.

Close up of Laser Removal Arm

The prototype robots are being tested at the Hill Air Force Base in northern Utah as part of a program sponsored by the National Defense Center for Energy and Environment to develop ways to cut down on the labor costs, health hazards and environmental problems of repainting military planes. CTC is building six autonomous, mobile robots that work in teams to remove paint and other exterior coatings from fighter and transport planes.

Coating removal system

The large robots consist of a mobile platform on which is mounted a large, articulated arm that moves up and down on hydraulic lifts. On the end of each arm is an array of sensors that allow the arm to glide evenly over the plane’s surface and a continuous wave laser that removes the paint in selective layers. The sensors can also assess the plane’s condition as they go. The speed at which they work needs to remain even so that the laser can strip the paint without overheating the plane’s skin. Meanwhile, a custom High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) system safely collects paint debris as it is removed from the aircraft.

How many robots are required for each team depends on the aircraft. Two robots are enough for a fighter, but four robots might be needed for a cargo plane. The system controlling the robots generates plans for stripping the plane, which can be updated as the job proceeds. It also “virtually” masks areas of the plane that shouldn’t be touched, so maintenance crews don’t have to run about with masking tape and paper.

Mobile robot teams

Using robots means that plane maintenance can carry on around the clock, but it also offers other advantages. For one thing, since they operate autonomously, crews aren’t exposed to harmful chemicals or laser light. According to Jim Arthur, CTC principal process engineer and project manager, “automated laser decoating is expected to significantly reduce labor, waste volume, environmental risk, and overall cost.”

The system is currently in the testing and demonstration phase, but NREC/CTS foresee the robots being used to not only strip, but to also apply paints and coatings as well as inspecting aircraft and doing maintenance and repair work.

Attribution:  , Real Clear Science

Afghanistan; What’s the Point?

By: The Common Constitutionalist

The attack on Afghanistan began Oct. 7, 2001 dubbed operation ‘Enduring Freedom’. It was in response to the 9/11 attacks. The stated goal was the dismantling of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization and ending its use of Afghanistan as a base.

The United States also said that it would remove the Taliban regime from power and attempt to create a viable democratic state.

The George W. Bush administration stated that, as policy, it would not distinguish between terrorist organizations and nations or governments that harbored them. Of course, it did, Saudi Arabia being a prime example.

On June 22, 2011, President Obama announced that the end of 2011 would withdraw 10,000 U.S. troops. An additional 23,000 troops will leave the country by the summer of 2012. After the withdrawal of 10,000 U.S. troops, 80,000 are left participating in the war. The War in Afghanistan is the United States’ second longest running military conflict, only the Vietnam War lasted longer.

 Almost 2,000 deaths, over 15,000 wounded. For what? What is our vital interest? I have been searching for days to find what our mission actually is over there. I cannot.

What a monumental waste of manpower, money and time. Our brave forces volunteer for military service, only to be sent over to that hellhole to be shot at & blown up & for what? They don’t know what the mission is. They don’t know what they’re fighting for. They are just told to clear those buildings, clear that road, etc. That’s not a mission. That’s a task and a very dangerous one at that. Especially when more often than not they can’t even shoot back without special permission. The enemy can shoot at us, exhaust his supply of ammunition, put the weapon & simply walk away. We are not allowed to fire on him as he calmly strolls away.

Just imagine if General Patton were told the enemy were hold up in a Mosque. There would be no more Mosque. But not in today’s enlightened military.

We, in this country cannot fight a war to win any longer. We don’t have the stomach for it. We’re too civilized, I guess.

Bring the troops home now; every last one of them, and never go to war again until such time as we can develop the courage & determination to actually win.

What the heck happened to us? Everyone knows the old saying “War is Hell”. I agree. War is hell and no one hates war more than the military. But it is also sometimes necessary. It should however be quite uncommon. We shouldn’t be inserting ourselves into every conflict around the globe.

Our leaders have somehow morphed vital or national interests into Meals on Wheels, saving the whole world, or democracy building.

Any reasonable person would understand that we can’t save the whole world and democracy building is a fool’s errand in most countries.

The United States is a good, just and very charitable country. I understand the want of many to right the wrongs in the world. I certainly don’t have a quarrel with our military acting as first responders after a natural disaster somewhere on this planet, but beyond that we must first consider our own interests.

Is the war in Afghanistan being fought for our interests or the interests of others?

Consider the wars past that America has become involved. The ones we have won and those we’ve lost.

World War II was the last real war that America has won, the Cold War notwithstanding. Of course, Vietnam was the last that we lost.

In World War II we lost many battles but yet won the war. We won the war due to overwhelming force and an understanding of what had to be done regardless of the cost. We bombed cities such as Berlin inflicting horrible civilian casualties. Something we would never consider today. These attacks were not by accident. These were purposeful. They were designed to bring the enemy to their knees. The same was proven of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. All these horrific attacks were designed to bring the war to a swifter end and of course they did.

World War II was primarily controlled by the military and less by politicians. Vietnam was fought more by politicians than the military. Unlike World War II, in Vietnam, America won every battle yet still lost the war. Every time our military got close to actually winning the politicians would inject themselves into the situation and order the military to back off and cease hostilities. We could have and would have won the Vietnam War, yet we lost. How is this possible? Easy. One cannot fight a war from Washington DC. As in domestic politics the further one is removed from the front lines the more screwed up things get, which brings us right back to Afghanistan.

So I ask again, what is our mission over there? When, if ever, can we declare victory? What would victory even look like? No one can tell me these answers because there are no answers. This is not a war. It’s a never-ending conflict that can only end with us running away with our tails between our legs again.

If it were up to me, I would scorch the poppy fields, spray chemicals on the fields so that they could not be used again and leave. I would then cut all ties and end all financial assistance to any country on the terror watchlist or those with a despotic leader. Finally I would issue a proclamation, worldwide, stating that if attacked, we will find the country that harbored the attackers and bomb said country into oblivion and then leave.  No rebuilding, no assistance, no nothing. If a country chooses to harbor terrorists, they will know ahead of time the price they will pay for that choice.