WND Exclusive – Will Michelle be the Belle of the Democratic Field?

from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

A few days ago, Rush Limbaugh, on his radio program, was discussing a theory that Michelle Obama may be thinking about throwing her hat into the presidential ring. He discussed how it might happen and why.

Personally, I don’t think there’s any way this will happen. I’ll give a quick thought on this later in the column.

But I’d rather speak of the few current front-runners – Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. All have issues that should disqualify them from even consideration by the leftist base. Yet it continues to be a fascination how the democrats are so easily able to suspend their own identity politics and support two old white guys and the descendant of a slave owner. read more

If It’s Hillary or Bust – Dems Will Choose Bust

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Can you feel it? Can you feel the disturbance in the force – the dark side? Yes, the Democrat party is beginning to descend into panic mode. Oh sure, like in the antiperspirant ads, they’re not going to allow us to see them sweat, but the Democrat kingmakers have to be closing in on desperation.

They are running out of time, and as has been said, they have no bench – no one to go to if Hillary falters. From the beginning, it was apparently Hillary Clinton or bust.

Now those on both sides have concluded that Hillary will probably not make it to the finish line. And to this I say, welcome aboard. Not to toot my own horn, but regular readers know I have been predicting the inevitable downfall of Clinton from almost day one.

It’s taken some time and a lot of scandal, and she still may whether this, but I’ll stand by my original assessment and say, she will not be the Democrat candidate.

See, Hillary now has two problems. Originally, it was that she is almost universally disliked. Unlike her husband, who everyone knows is a bag of dirt, but still inexplicably likable, she is the polar opposite of Bill. No one likes Hillary. Sure, she has her loyal supporters and backers, but that doesn’t mean they like her. read more

Podcast – EPA’s War On Trucking – Good News For Potheads – The Queen Goes to Venice

This episodes discussion regards the EPA and their new fuel standards for the trucking industry. No one is safe from the slimy tentacles of the enviro-nazis. Also, it’s good news for pot smokers – or is it. Cannabis won’t harm your health provided you follow the guidelines. And the Queen of the United States takes a trip to Venice. Wait until you hear how much you paid and what the Italians had to go through.  read more

Podcast – Bowe Bergdahl Update – What’s a Pansexual? – Rick Santorum Talks War & Government Summer Lunch Trucks

On today’s episode I discuss the new revelations regarding the deserter Bowe Bergdahl and the Taliban Five – Yet another ridiculous gender/orientation classification – Rick Santorum is running for president again and says we’re fighting a politically correct war & watch out kids; Michelle Obama’s school lunch program you all hated is hitting the road in the form of summer lunch trucks and they’re looking for you!   read more

Bribing Kids To Eat Lunch

LAKEWOOD, Colo – School officials in Jefferson County, Colorado felt like they had to do something to save the school’s lunch program after a significant drop in participation last year because of new federal regulations championed by First Lady Michelle Obama.

So, they’re bribing kids to buy lunch.

Devinny Elementary School first grader Anna Ketzer was one of three students who won a brand new bicycle, 9News.comreports.

“I was very excited to hear that,” she told the news station, adding that she gets her food from the cafeteria because “I don’t have to make my lunch.” read more

Michelle Obama Unwittingly Promotes Convenience Stores

by: the Common Constitutionalist:

My kids and I were watching some silly program on cartoon network the other night. Let me rephrase that accurately. They were watching as I suffered through – but hey – I’m a dad, and that’s what we do.

During the program, the inevitable commercials began to air. As the first one came up, my son exclaimed, “Oh look, McDonald’s sells apples of milk – and that’s it.” To that his brother said, “Yeah, they don’t sell hamburgers anymore. Stupid government.”

Gee, that was like looking in a mirror. Wonder where they learned that?

Well this began a discussion of the school lunch/snack programs. It seems new government guidelines were instituted and the kids are none too happy. One of my sons said he doesn’t know a single kid that isn’t angry over the “healthy food” changes. He said, “Dad, it’s ridiculous. They used to have pop tarts in the cafeteria.” He likes pop tarts. “This year – nothing. They took them out.”

I asked him what him and his friends do now. He said that when they have some free time during the day, they walk a couple blocks to the convenience store. “Guess what”, he said. “They sell pop tarts”. read more

ISIS Mocks Michelle Obama

Supporters of the Islamic extremist group ransacking Iraq were seen mocking the White House’s hashtag diplomacy with #bringbackourhumvee tweets early this morning.

Middle East and North America photo manager for the Agence France-Presse Patrick Baz said in a tweet that he had seen the #bringbackourhumvee meme on websites and twitter accounts supporting terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The hashtag is a play on the #bringbackourgirls campaign to rescue the 276 Nigerian girls being held captive in Nigeria by Islamic militant group Boko Haram.

Scroll down for video

Supporters of the radical Islamic group overtaking Iraq are trolling the White House with #bringbackourhumvee tweets

read more

All Hail Chris Christie

by: the Common Constitutionalist


Yes, prepare the kingdom for the coronation of the new monarch of the moderates.


Chris Christie won big in New Jersey and now has his sights firmly set on the White House.


He won in a liberal state with the backing of the Republican Party and Chamber of Commerce, none of which he needed to defeat a weak Democrat with virtually no party support.


It’s almost as if the Democrats wanted Christie to win.


At the same time the Republicans spent very little to help the conservative Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia. And the Chamber of Commerce; how much did they spend on the Cuccinelli campaign? Zip!


So why on earth would the Libs want Christie to win? Heck, Obama even called to congratulate Christie, you know, cause they are such good buddies. Frankly, I’m half surprised Obama didn’t join Christie on the campaign trail. read more

The Tale of Michelle and the Blue Eagle

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Now that Barack has won reelection, I predict it will be full speed ahead for the food police and its leader Michelle Obama.

Not that she has ever worried about potential political ramifications, but free from themichelle yoke of her husband’s reelection, the gloves will certainly come off.

The regulations regarding food and beverages imposed by the likes of New York City Mayor Michael Doomberg are just the first volley of what will surely become national regulation.

Remember, there are no new ideas, just updated, refashioned collectivist schemes.

Could we see the reemergence of the “Blue Eagle” and the NRA? No, not that NRA. I’m speaking of the National Recovery Administration (NRA) put forth by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.

In his June 16, 1933 “Statement on the National Industrial Recovery Act”, or NIRA, president Roosevelt described the spirit of the NRA: “On this idea, the first part of the NIRA proposes to our industry a great spontaneous cooperation to put millions of men NRAback into regular jobs this summer.” He added, “but if all employees in each trade now band themselves faithfully in these modern guilds-without exception-and agree to act together and at once, none will be hurt and millions of workers, so long deprived of the right to earn their bread in the sweat of their labor, can raise their heads again. The challenge of this law is whether we can sink self interest and present a solid front against a common peril.”

What a lovely statement that is, filled with wonderful collectivist ideas and fascist ideology.

The NRA was symbolized by the Blue Eagle, the brainchild of a retired Army General, Hugh S Johnson, which was displayed in many store windows and on store packaging.

The Blue Eagle and NRA membership was said to be “Voluntary”, while those businesses that didn’t “volunteer”, as it were, often paid the price enduring boycotts and many did not survive.

Although the NRA was finally ruled unconstitutional in 1935, it was looked upon dreamily by progressives and, of course, intellectuals.

Historian, Clarence B Carson wrote:

At this moment in time from the early days of the New Deal, it is difficult to recapture, even in imagination, the heady enthusiasm among a goodly number of intellectuals for a government planned economy. So far as can now be told, they believed that a brightBlue Eagle new day was dawning, that national planning would result in an organically integrated economy in which everyone would joyfully work for the common good, and that American society would be freed at last from those antagonisms arising, as general Hugh Johnson put it, from “the murderous doctrine of Savage and wolfish individualism, looking to dog eat dog and devil take the hindmost”.

The NIRA and NRA were, in fact, right out of the fascist playbook and would have fit smartly in both fascist Italy and Hitler’s Germany.

Any businessman who refused to display the blue Eagle was, not surprisingly, considered to be a suspect American, one who had to be dealt with. To deal with such dissidents, pro-New Deal groups organized well-publicized economic boycotts designed to pressure these unpatriotic dissidents into getting with the program.

The NIRA declared that US industries should combine into cartels, where they would set codes for prices, wages and working conditions with which all the companies in that industry were required to comply.

They unfortunately found out, it was not so easy to control compliance.

In his book, “The Roosevelt Myth”, author John T Flynn wrote:

“The NRA was discovering it could not enforce its rules. Black markets grew up. Only the most violent police methods could procure enforcement. In Sidney Hillman’s garment industry, the code authority employed enforcement police. They roamed through the garment district like storm troopers. They could enter a man’s factory, NRA blue eagle.tifsend him out, line up his employees, subject them to minute interrogation, and take over his books on the instant. Night work was forbidden. Flying squadrons of these private coat-and-suit police went to the district at night, battering down doors with axes looking for men who were committing the crime of sewing together a pair of pants at night. But without these harsh methods many code authorities said there could be no compliance because the public was not back of it.”

So, is this what we’re in for? It worked, or more aptly put, was imposed once before.

Today’s progressives and socialists are nothing if not patient. They have learned not to try what FDR did; take a big chunk all at once.

They will poke, prod; nudging where they can, mandate with Executive Order, where they dare.

But rest assured, those currently in power would like nothing more than to resurrect a program such as this.

With banners such as “no trans fats” and required calorie counts displayed on storefronts and packaging, lawsuits being brought against fast food restaurants for making our socialismchildren fat, I wonder where it will end.

Programs such as the Blue Eagle would surely be an easier sell today, with a majority of at least younger adults buying into socialism. In the 1930s, most had a greater appreciation of capitalism.

This appears to be the natural progression of things. Just look at smoking. They’ve all but banned that nationally and I believe food is where they are headed next.

Watch for the Blue Eagle coming to a storefront near you.

Attribution: Jacob G. Hornberger