Your Government has been Lying to You Man!

by: the Common Constitutionalist

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We often hear the refrain of, “Your government is lying to you,” in spy movies and from conspiracy nuts.

Picture the seen – two people in an intense situation. They don’t know if they will make it out of the predicament they find themselves in. One appears to be in denial. The other grabs him by the collar of his jacket and shakes him, saying, “Don’t you get it? All this time your government has been lying to you man!”

Yet somehow in real life we “don’t get it,” and those who are attempting to uncover the lies are labeled as conspiracy theorists – or worse.

Of course some out there are and should be labeled as such. One certainly comes to mind – a certain Alex Jones, who seems to develop a new conspiracy hypothesis every week. But hey – even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Others like Tom Fitton’s Judicial Watch and Mark Levin’s Landmark Legal Foundation are completely legit and should be trusted almost implicitly. When they say something is amiss – 99 times of 100, something is indeed amiss.

And once again Mr. Fitton’s organization has discovered that our government “has been lying to you man!” read more

Hands Up – Don’t Sue!

by: the Common Constitutionalist

This is how the left works when they don’t get what they want. First they uncover, or magically discover, a failing at the individual, local or state level. Then after publically announcing the failure, they suggest that the failure should be changed. They advertise compliance with their “suggestions” as being voluntary. But compliance is only voluntary if the party or parties follow through to the government’s content. If those being “suggested” to comply or change their behavior are slow in doing so, the federal authority will shift from suggestion-mode to poke and prod-mode.

But what happens if the local or state authority decides instead to give the feds the one-finger solute instead of entertaining change?

If this were a constitutionally adherent federal government, they would say that maybe we don’t like it but it is the individual state or community’s right to govern themselves with minimum interference at the federal level.

But of course that’s a silly and antiquated notion. We all know that states and localities can’t govern themselves. They don’t have thousands of Harvard educated governmental experts to guide them. They don’t really know what they want. No, only the federal government experts know what’s good for them and it’s not the fault of our federal government if local yokels can’t understand this. In other words – the feds gotta do what the feds gotta do to save us from ourselves. read more

Will the Real Loretta Lynch Please Stand Up?

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Of Obama’s pick for Attorney General, National Journal wrote: “GOP Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah praised Lynch’s nomination.”

“I’m going to be a strong supporter of her nomination,” he said. “And I believe she’s not only qualified but exceptionally well qualified, and a very good person.”

LynchEstablishment stalwart Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said he was “inclined” to support Obama’s pick. That’s a definite yes.

This is typical of the republican establishment – don’t ask any probing questions and don’t look into her background. That way you can’t be held responsible when she turns out to be a radical, and of course, no one can claim you’re a racist.

Loretta Lynch is a graduate of the prestigious Harvard Law School. She belonged to the Harvard Black Law Students Association (HBLSA) from 1981-1984 when she was a student. It was a radical organization then and nothing has changed today.

For example: Dec. 7, 2014 – HBLSA, Harvard Black Law Students Association : Over 1000 members of the HLS community, led by the Harvard Black Law Students Association, demand that President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder hold police officers and departments accountable for their actions. “The justice system has refused to vindicate the rights of [black and brown] victims [at the hands of law enforcement]. It has forgotten that they, too, are worthy of life. We will not forget.” read more