Joke of the Day

During its heyday the Wells Fargo Company employed a number of specialized stagecoaches such as one with a church for Sunday operation.

One of the more popular models featured a darkroom on board, so passengers who took pictures could have them processed en route and the prints delivered at their destination.

One day a stagecoach equipped with a darkroom was headed for Wichita when, passing through a small town, it was intercepted by the local marshal, who said, “Halt in the name of the law!” read more

Joke of the Day

In a small town in Kentucky, Big Bubba decides it’s time for his son, 15 year old Billy Bob, to learn about the birds and the bees. He takes him to the local bordello, which is fronted by a beauty parlor.

Bubba introduces Billy Bob to the madam and explains that it’s time for his introduction to the facts of life.

The madam says, “Bubba, you’ve been such a good customer over the years, I’m going to see to your son personally.” read more

Joke of the Day

Many years ago a friend of mine called Joe worked in the coal mines. He would go to work early in the morning, go down the mine to the coal face and do his eight hour stint, then come back to the surface to get ready to come home.

He followed this daily routine faithfully for years on end, down the mine in the morning and up at the end of his shift. Down then up, down then up. read more