Andrew Young is More Reasonable than John Lewis

I’ve never been a fan of Andrew Young. I always knew him as Mayor of Atlanta, as he presided over the city when I lived there. But he was also a Jimmy Carter hack and executive director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, although it wasn’t nearly as radical back then as it is now.

In other words, Andrew Young is no conservative. Yet he has some rather reasonable responses to queries from Neil Cavuto on Fox Business Channel regarding the Trump inauguration.

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Former Black Panther Destroys John Lewis

Former member of the radical`60’s era Black Panthers, Mason Weaver, went on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show last night to discuss civil rights icon John Lewis and Lewis’s feud with Donald Trump.

In a rather stunning exposé, Weaver completely dismantles Lewis’s argument that Trump is somehow illegitimate. Rather, Weaver insists that it is Lewis and the other phony social justice warriors who are illegitimate and are the ones to blame for all the problems of the black community.

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Progressive Policies Have Helped African Americans in Chicago & Detroit

from Progressives Today:

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation held their annual convention in Washington DC this week.
PJTV’s Michelle Fields confronted Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) on the dismal record of the Black Caucus.

Lewis says progressive policies are helping African Americans in cities like Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles. But, then he backpedals when confronted with the facts. read more