Cusack, Sanders and their Common Dream

by: Brent Smith

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I found a new website the other day. Okay, more like I stumbled over it. It’s called Common Dreams.

I can’t remember how I found it, but it is quite revealing of the minds of the ultra-progressive left. And when I say left, I mean like and Media Matters left. This site makes CNN look middle-of-the-road. Okay – not quite, but pretty close.

Okay, now I remember how I found it. I was looking for some information about a speech that actor John Cusack gave at a Bernie Sanders rally over the weekend in New Hampshire.

A Common Dreams staff writer wrote a glowing account of the gathering and Cusack’s speech. The article is entitled, “Bernie Sanders Has Been Getting It Right for 40 Years. Now, Says His Movement: ‘We Are Going to Win’ – “We’ve never ever in our lifetimes had a true champion of social, economic, and climate justice this close to the White House.”

It was riveting. And by riveting, I mean utterly laughable, knowing what we know of Bernie’s background and true beliefs. read more

Cusack’s Next Blockbuster

by: the Common Constitutionalist

So, that paragon of acting excellence, John Cusack, is developing a movie, titled “Rush”, about famous conservative radio talk icon, Rush Limbaugh.

Actor Cusack, who’s blockbuster films include movies like “Sixteen Candles”, in 1984 (only had to go back 28 years for that one) and the more recent action thriller “2012” which he starred in with his buddy, fellow leftist, Woody Harrelson. I too, was impressed with his acting credentials.

Cusack is so liberal, he has actually criticized president Obama of not be liberal enough. Now that’s out there where the busses don’t run.

Production for this gem is set to commence some time next year.

Hollywood director Betty Thomas, who’s set to work on the film, said the
production company is putting the finishing touches on a script that will star the
actor. I see Cusack is lining up the “A-listers” for this project.

Director Thomas has big budget film experience. She’s demonstrated his directing prowess in critically acclaimed movies such as “Private Parts”, starring Howard Stern and everyone’s favorite, “The Brady Bunch Movie”. I guess someone had to direct them. Maybe they drew straws and she lost.

I have no doubt that this film will be heralded by the press and movie critics alike. The organizers at the Cannes Film festival have, no doubt, already engraved an award for Cusack and the New York Times film critics have penned their glowing review of the movie, breathless awaiting its release.

Would anyone be shocked if this film wins some sort of Oscar. It will surely be nominated, if it hasn’t been already.

This film is likely to be a smashing box office success and will surely rake in hundreds of dollars.

If it is the overwhelming success I predict it to be, I wonder if Cusack might do a whole series of films? A few possibilities would be, a third “Kill Bill” movie, “Kill Bill…O’Reilly”, “Sean Hannity…of the Dead”. How about a remake of “Anne of a Thousand Days”, but instead of Richard Burton and Genevieve Bujold, it would star Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter. It would be set in rural California. Ann recruits Beck to go on a rampage, in which they attempt to blow up as many wind and solar farms as is possible in the thousand days. I’d pay money to see that.

But seriously, I’m sure this will be a fair and even-handed portrayal of Limbaugh. The left has always treated conservatives with that type of reverence.

Attribution: MSN