WND Exclusive – Trump Slaps Down Brennan, the Left Goes Apoplectic

The left is in meltdown over President Trump exercising his constitutional authority to revoke ex-CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance.

CNN reported that former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper was incensed by Trump’s action. Naturally, it was CNN who reported it. After all, Clapper is one of their employees, as are a number of other Obama ex-intelligence hacks.

In a July interview, Clapper said he thought he and his fellow leftists were being targeted by Trump. “The bigger issue to me is the jeopardy to First Amendment rights,” Clapper said. “That, to me, is the much bigger issue here where we’re being suppressed or oppressed because of our outspoken political views or criticism of the current president.” read more

Security Clearances Didn’t Mean a Thing in the Obama Era

by: Brent Smith at the Common Constitutionalist

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The other night on his radio show Mark Levin made a great point about security clearances.

For the past few days and well into the future, the left has and will continue to wail over John Brennan being stripped of his security clearance.

All the hacks, including many Obama era intelligence buffoons, who by sheer coincidence now work for CNN, the Collusion News Network, have tried to convince whomever they can just how essential it is for former intelligence officials to retain their clearances in order to be able to advise their successors. The left is treating the privilege of being granted access to top secret material as some sort of right in perpetuity.

Let’s not discuss that it is the right and ultimate responsibility of the President to approve, vacate or revoke clearances.

Let’s instead concentrate, as Mark suggests, on just what the former intelligence geniuses did when they were part of our government, with full security clearances and unfettered access of all the worldwide intelligence at their disposal. read more

Embassies… Close Them All

by: the Common Constitutionalist


The closing of multiple embassies in so many countries is a sad commentary on the security of the United States.


Questions and comments abound as others and I examine the situation over the last few days.


The United States has 294 embassies around the globe. There are at least 27 in the Middle East and North Africa. Do we really need 294 embassies? After all, they are established to develop and maintain mutually beneficial relations between two countries.


They are placed in various countries to promote American interests in that particular region. At least that’s the diplomatic line of crap.


So again, do we really need 294 of them? No, of course not. My guess is that at least some if not most are just fronts for the CIA and like Benghazi, are bases for gun-running or other nefarious activities.


Seems to me they are mostly a waste of taxpayer dollars. Countries, other than ours, will almost always act in their own self-interest, whether or not we have an embassy to try to influence them.


These embassies in the Middle East are a mystery, if one is to trust the government to only maintain the embassy for it’s stated purpose. What good have they ever done?


As I stated, an embassy is supposed to be set up to further diplomatic ties and positive relations between countries. Other than Israel, we have no legitimate relationship with any of them, other than presenting an easier target. They don’t have to fly all they way over here to kill Americans.


We could close every embassy worldwide and it would have zero effect on U.S. foreign policy, mainly because we have no foreign policy, or domestic.


Now, regarding the newest terror threat to so many embassies: It seems awfully coincidental and impeccably timed that amid calls to drastically curtail NSA spying, we receive intelligence of a major threat.


Although, after donning my conspiracy tin foil hat, it occurred to me that this “dire” situation could be a win-win for “The One”.


If after all the terrorist “chatter” (more than pre-9/11, you know) leading up to the these closings nothing happens, Obama will be made to look like the prudent, thoughtful and decisive leader we all knew him to be. He prevented a potential catastrophe when al-Qaeda then saw no point in the attack.


If there is an attack he, along with his sycophantic media, will point the ever-growing need for even more spying and intelligence gathering by the NSA.


Back to reality. Let’s think about this. Which is worse – that they know of a massive threat from an organization that Obama claimed had been decimated or that all these resources have been squandered on NSA facilities and infrastructure and they still don’t really know squat. Check that. They know who Aunt Ethel called last week (but they didn’t listen).


The closing of so many embassies leads one to think they know very little. They claim the attack could occur over here, no wait, over there, maybe over there. I would liken it to NOAA tracking a hurricane and first claiming the storm will hit Florida, no wait, Mississippi or maybe North Carolina, or maybe Texas. Oh the heck with it. Let’s just evacuate the whole south.


Maybe if they spent more time and resources on actual intelligence instead of Muslim outreach and spying on Aunt Ethel they might be able to narrow their scope a bit and develop some real actionable intelligence.


Extraordinary Genius

A new study suggests that Albert Einstein’s extraordinary genius may have been related to a uniquely shaped brain.

Researchers compared Einstein’s brain to 85 ‘normal’ human brains to determine, what, if any, unusual features it possessed.

‘Although the overall size and asymmetrical shape of Einstein’s brain were normal, the prefrontal, somatosensory, primary motor, parietal,  temporal and occipital cortices were extraordinary,’ said Dean Falk, the Hale G. Smith Professor of Anthropology at Florida State,  told Science  Daily.

EinsteinResearchers now believe the unique shape of  Einstein’s brain may have helped boost his cognitive abilities

‘These may have  provided the neurological underpinnings for some of his visuospatial and mathematical abilities, for  instance.’

Using 14 recently discovered pictures of the  genius’ brain, Falks and her colleagues were able to describe Einstein’s entire cerebral cortex.

Their study, ‘The Cerebral Cortex of Albert  Einstein: A Description and Preliminary Analysis of Unpublished Photographs,’  were published Nov. 16 in Brain, a journal on neurology.

FalkDean Falk and her colleagues were able to present for the first time a clear description of Einstein’s cortex
Einstein  Researchers used photos taken of Einstein’s  brain upon his death in 1955 to advance their findings

With permission from his family, Einstein’s  brain was removed and photographed upon his death in 1955.

It was even sectioned into 240 blocks to make histological slides.

The paper will also outline a ‘roadmap’ to Einstein’s brain made in 1955 by Dr. Thomas Harvey.

                                          Left and right views of Einstein’s brain

Most of those photos, blocks, and slides have been lost from the public eye, and the photographs used by Falk’s team are held by the National Museum of Health and Medicine.

Attribution: Mail Online