New State Law Will Establish a Permanent Muslim Advisory Council

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Many ethnic groups in America have representation in local, state and the federal government, but thanks to Justice Hugo Black, religion isn’t afforded the same benefit.

One can be a member of the Congressional Black Caucus and be a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, etc. For example, the Congressional Black Caucus is said to address the concerns of all black Americans, regardless of religion. (They don’t really, but this is just to make a point).

Yet due to the mythical separation of church and state, religious organizations are not allowed a seat at the government table – until now.

Once again, like a broken record, there is one “religion” that is extended privileges historically afforded to only secular groups. And of course this is Islam, or what the left has come to call it – the Muslim community – as if Muslim is now an ethnicity.

Thanks to the tireless work by the radicals of the Muslim Brotherhood, “Illinois could become the first state with a law on the books that gives Muslims a formal voice in government.” The state law would mandate that a 21 member Council “advise the governor and General Assembly on issues affecting Muslim Americans and immigrants.” read more

Don’t Play the Lottery in a Blue State

by: the Common Constitutionalist

I don’t play the lottery. Over the years my children have asked why I don’t. Well, I tell them, first is not a good bet. You’ll more than likely be struck by lightning than win the lottery. I’ve also told them that it would be just my luck that the one time I do win, 10,000 others will have played the same numbers and we’ll each receive $12.50, or something like that.

It does seem as though most people who play the lottery have no business doing so. They are more than likely the least able to afford it. We’ve all experienced it, and it happened to me just the other day. I stopped at a Shell station to pick up something and ended up behind a gentleman who appeared… let’s just say… to not be very well-off.

I waited as the clerk pulled out row after row of scratch tickets. He ended up purchasing $50 worth of tickets. Now, I understand looks can be deceiving – you can’t judge a book by its cover and all, but this guy had old clothes, holes in his sneakers, etc.

It’s none of my business how much he spends on lottery tickets. It’s a free country (kind of) – unless he spends his welfare cash on them. Then it is my business.

Anyway – say he got lucky and won. He wins thousands of dollars. He excitedly contacts the state, or however it works. He can hardly contain himself – visions of all that cash. But the state informs him that they can’t pay. See, the state is broke. So deep in the hole they can no longer see daylight. read more