Podcast – More Protests of Phony Abuse – A Profile of Real Abuse and Injustice

Spectators at a recent Miami Heat professional basketball game were treated to yet another Black Lives Matter type protest. This time it was from the singer of the National Anthem herself. She took to one knee and raised her fist in a black-power salute, all while singing the Anthem. She then revealed a BLM T-shirt under her jacket.

Juxtapose the whinings from pampered citizens over phony abuse in America with real abuse and honor killings in Pakistan, where the accused murderer gets to pardon himself and his accomplices. read more

Women Being Murdered for Seeking Divorce

from: the Clarion Project

A new kind of honor violence against women has emerged in Turkey: the murdering of women seeking divorce from their husbands.

Last month on an Istanbul street, Hulya Cadirci, a 28-year old mother in the middle of divorce proceedings, was stabbed to death by her 40-year old husband in front of their child. Hulya’s murder is the latest in the 287 cases that have been documented by a Turkish human rights and advocacy group “We Will Stop Women Murders.”

Many of these cases were women seeking divorces; most were murdered in honor crimes by husbands or family members.

The numbers are already up from last year’s, when the group documented 238 such cases, including that of Muhterem Gocmen, a 30-year old mother of two seeking a divorce from here abusive husband Serdar.

In broad daylight, Serdar walked into the hair salon where Muhterem was working and stabbed her to death. Two days previously, Serdar had beaten up Muhterem in a café. The day before the murder, despite a restraining order, Serdar had threatened his wife. Police were called, yet Serdar was let free by them. It only took Serdar five seconds with a kitchen knife to murder Muhterem the next day. read more