Video Podcast – Sweden Shows the way back from Covid-19

by: Brent Smith

Sweden has been held up by freedom lovers in America as the poster child for a common sense approach to the Covid-19 panicdemic.

And son of gun – we were right – and they are right.

The nation of Sweden didn’t run away and hide from the coronavirus. They didn’t lock down – they didn’t force small businesses into permanent closure, or all don masks like a bunch of scared lemmings.

They knew that putting off the inevitable will do nothing but kick the can down the road. And now, according to their country’s experts, they’ve reached herd immunity.

By using common sense instead of scare tactics, their people and their economy are in a far better place than if they had listened to the scaremongers. read more

WND Exclusive – Our wussy immune systems – maybe skip the hand sanitizer

from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

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In the movie “The War of the Worlds” – the good one, I mean, the original – aliens, as is apparently their constant desire, attacked planet Earth on a global scale.

So, what’s so special about Earth? I guess it’s just better than all the other inhabited planets, because, you know, we keep getting attacked.

Anyway, these aliens, with their superior technology, were making quick work of our destruction.

Then all of a sudden, when on the verge of our annihilation, the alien ships inexplicably just began falling from the sky. read more

WND Exclusive – Non-government experts advise ‘herd immunity’

From Brent for World Net Daily:

The problem that we have in this country right now regarding the current virus outbreak is that the response is being controlled by politicians.

And by politicians, I don’t just mean our elected political class. I also mean our unelected political class. We’ve effectively put two people in charge of this entire event. Those two being Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx.

What they say goes, and all other “experts” in the field of virology seem to be discounted or ignored. Commentator Mark Levin recently said that Fauci is being treated like some sort of demi-god. And he’s right.

But Fauci hasn’t really been right about much regarding this pandemic. read more

Left to Leftist Governors – Some States Will Never Reopen

from Conservative Review:

Horowitz: Liberal governors publish plan to reopen society … never

The plan to reopen our lives and economy posted earlier this week by a group of liberal governors creates enough unrealistic benchmarks that society will never reopen, which is clearly their plan. Taken in totality, it ignores all the recent evidence debunking the premise of the lockdown, creates a massive, unconstitutional surveillance state, hires enormous numbers of government workers to do useless testing and tracing long after the virus already spread, and permanently makes us vassals to the state.

On Tuesday, the National Governors Association, led by “Lockdown” Larry Hogan of Maryland and Andrew Cuomo of New York, released a 38-page, 10-point “Roadmap to Recovery,” but it’s more of a roadmap to permanent lockdown and a police state. read more

More Proof Herd Immunity is the Way to Go

from The Hill:

Sweden could reach ‘herd immunity’ in weeks, top doctor says

Sweden has faced some criticism for not imposing a lockdown amid the coronavirus outbreak.