Backpedaling May Debut in Rio at 2016 Summer Games

by: the Common Constitutionalist

With the 2016 Summer Olympics rapidly approaching, cyclists the world wide are busily training. Cycling enthusiast websites and blogs have informed their followers to mark their calendars for August 6 – 20, for the Rio 2016 Olympic Road Race and Time Trial courses have officially been rio_new-710x200confirmed by the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee and the International Cycling Union (UCI). The American odds on favorites to medal are 22 year Taylor Phinney and 24 year old Tejay Van Garderen.

Besides the road race, there are other cycling events. There’s Track Cycling, Mountain Biking and BMX, where adults and semi-adults ride those kids’ bikes, flying through the air, performing insane maneuvers. 19 Connor Fields is the American BMX favorite.

As you can see, most Olympic events are designed for younger competitors. Older Olympic hopefuls find it difficult if not impossible to compete.

However, there is an event that is gaining popularity, if not worldwide, certainly here in the United States. It’s the sport of backpedaling.

The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) has been lobbying the International Olympic Committee (IOC) hard to add backpedaling to the list of new events, including golf and rugby sevens, starting in 2016 at the Rio Games. read more

Gay Bakery May Have to Close

by: the Common Constitutionalist

The year is 2015. It’s late August in Indianapolis Indiana. There’s a buzz in the air about the Colts who are undefeated thus far in preseason.

Not Fred and Ethel

Not Fred and Ethel

Judging by the mainstream press, this is not the only exciting thing emerging from the state. The press is still reporting on the nationwide sigh of relief, as just a few weeks ago Governor Mike Pence came to his senses, and facing extreme pressure, used a state executive action to rescind the

narrow minded and bigoted Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).

On that day a reporter visited a lovely homosexual couple, Fred and Ethel (his name was Eddie – he changed it to Ethel. The reporter didn’t ask why), owners of a local bakery in Indianapolis who were thrilled by the news. Evidently, ever since they heard the news they have been giving away rainbow frosted cupcakes to patrons in celebration.

During the interview, Ethel, the one with the beard, said that despite being homosexual, they were also Christian and said they believe God loves them as much as heterosexuals (which, by the way, he does).

Fred added that despite their Christian beliefs, they didn’t care for Indiana’s RFRA and were glad Gov. Pence came to his senses. They heard from many sources in the media that the Indiana law was just one more obstacle to equality. read more