WND Exclusive – I’ve been Awakened to Domestic Abuse

Normally, I write about politics. Politics is important. No doubt about it. It’s what drives the country, for better or worse. I’ll go with the latter.

And it’s what we write and read about on a daily basis. Some earn a good living doing it. But it’s not the be all, end all – or shouldn’t be. Family and friends are what should be most important and should trump everything – but God. When it comes down to it, it should be the care and love of our fellow man (and woman), not our political party.

But what happens when you discover that a friend or loved one has suffered abuse at the hands of a spouse or someone else he or she trusted?

My first instinct as a sheepdog is to see to it that the offender doesn’t see the light of the following day, but then I come to my senses. read more

Please Help if You Can

Update: Let’s go folks! We need your help.

Last night I started a GoFundMe campaign for a dear friend of mine. With no exaggeration, my friend has already been through a life of woe for someone twice her age. Her adult life to date has played out like a bad soap opera. On top of everything she’s been through, she is on the verge of losing her home. A home that she vowed never to lose in the memory of her father who helped her purchase it.  read more