Podcast – Vegetable Oil is Killing Us – Leftist CEOs React to Trump Travel Ban

Once again another food myth has apparently been busted. This time it’s vegetable oil. According to new research, vegetable oils can cause all sorts of ailments, including dementia, Alzheimer’s, cancer and others. Yes, new research suggests we would better off going back to using the old tried and butter. And evidently Palm oil is the worst of the worst. Just like many other foods and beverages “science” said were bad for us, this myth of replacing bad fats with healthy vegetable oils is crapola.

I discuss the reaction of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to Trumps, at least temporarily defunct travel ban. He, like other leftist business leaders are taking a political stand against Trump, and at least in some cases, it is backfiring. read more

Blowing up Another Food Myth

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Food allergies have been on the rise in recent years. Some reports show that as much as 10% of children in developed nations are affected. And peanut allergies seem to be the most prevalent.

Searching the Internet, one can find dozens of near death allergic reactions to peanuts – and a lot of these experiences center around airlines and the ubiquitous bag of complementary salty treats.

In August 2013, a woman and her son refused to board a United Airlines flight from Denver to Newark due to her nine-year-olds severe peanut allergy. It seems the agent at the gate told the mom that “the crew would not make an onboard announcement about Joshua’s allergy.”

The mother, Lianne Mandelbaum “had seen other passengers eating peanuts while waiting to board, and she concluded that the flight would be dangerous for Joshua.”

A few months later she launched a website, asking “that airlines ‘institute a bill of rights’ for food allergic passengers. Those rights would require airlines to create buffer zones, of at least three rows in front and three rows in back, of the row where an allergic passenger is seated. Airlines would not serve products containing nuts within the buffer zone. Also, flight crews would ask passengers in the zone to refrain from eating any products with nuts.”

Well that’s all fine and good, but then I found this. Just last week, on a Ryanair flight, “a group of passengers were converging menacingly on a Zimbabwean man they accused of trying to kill” a four-year-old girl. read more

More Liberal Nanny Food Myths Busted

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Politics aside, this past has past year has been pretty productive for those of us trying to live a common sense lifestyle, particularly on the food front.

There was the new research on salt intake. Actually, as it turns out, the new research study has been the only real research study and it showed virtually no link between salt intake and hypertension, which has been the conventional wisdom for as long as I can remember.

I did a Podcast  in March on the subject of salt, where the scientific and medical communities have bought into the myth that salt is bad and must be severely limited.

All this mass hysteria over salt was based on one study done in the 1970s, where the researchers fed massive amounts of salt to mice over an extended period of time and surprise, they developed health problems.

They never followed up with any reasonable human studies – other bogus ones, used only to advance the low/no salt myth, but no reasonable human studies. The myth of salt has been based on a single shoddy research study.

The new research found that not only is a reasonable, commonsense amount of salt not bad, but may very well aid in weight loss. And too little salt, as is currently recommended, can have catastrophic negative health effects.

Then came the new research on saturated fats, where they discovered once again, the claims of health issues like heart disease and stroke is completely unfounded. Once again, the new research found virtually no ill effects when consuming reasonable amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol. In fact they could find little to no link to show cholesterol caused either stroke or heart disease.

But for decades we have been preached to about the dangers of salt and cholesterol laden foods. All unfounded – all bogus. read more

Podcast – Food Myths – Eric Holder the Thug and Rating Bobby Jindal

Today I discuss the myths of salt, fat and new data on cholesterol, Eric Holder threatens and entire city and possible presidential candidate Bobby Jindal. He looks pretty good! read more