Another Example of Media Bias

from NewsBusters:

Mayor Joy Cooper of Hallandale Beach, Florida, was forced to resign by Sunshine State Governor Rick Scott on Friday after her Thursday arrest on three felony charges: campaign finance violations, official misconduct and money laundering. At least four Florida news outlets have run reports failing to tag Cooper, who is accused of accepted illegal campaign finance checks from Russians, as a Democrat. read more

Maryland Police Knew of Florida Gun

A Florida man was traveling South with his family on the way home from a wedding in New Jersey when the Maryland Transportation Authority Police (MTAP) began tailing his Ford Expedition. After about 10 minutes, the police pulled him over and told him they knew he owned a gun. They demanded he produce it for them on the spot — even though the firearm was locked away in a safe 1,000 miles away.

John Filippidis of Hudson, Fla., told The Tampa Tribune he wasn’t speeding or doing anything illegal when the cops took an interest in his car. In fact, he’d intentionally left his Kel-Tec .38 pistol locked up at home precisely because he understood the potential legal headaches that can arise when traveling through multiple State jurisdictions with a firearm. read more

Give the Gift of Lead This Christmas


The gift of a gun may be high on many Floridians’ holiday shopping lists.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement says it is on target to conduct nearly 1 million background checks this year on private firearm purchases. The projection comes as the department is reporting a record number of reviews conducted over the Thanksgiving weekend that typically kicks off the year-end holiday shopping season.

We have definitely seen an increase in the number of background checks over the past several years,” FDLE spokeswoman Samantha Andrews said Monday.

“You can see November and December are relatively larger” for sales. read more

Bubbly Surprise

Drivers in Florida had to swerve to avoid an  enormous bubbly surprise by the side of the road on Monday  morning.

And now police in Boca Raton are  investigating who committed the age-old prank of pouring entire bottles full of  dish soap into the fountain at the entrance to the Loggers’ Run  neighborhood.

Witnesses described how the joke-gone-wrong  caused the fountains on the waterfall to create a huge foamy mess that grew out  of control as it spread across the road.

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Growing: This is the huge soapy bubble that bellowed out of a fountain in Boca Raton, Florida on Monday

This is the huge soapy bubble that bellowed out  of a fountain in Boca Raton, Florida on Monday


‘I thought maybe it was like fake ice or  something,’ said witness Joyce Seays. ‘But when I got closer, I saw that it was  kind of moving and I was like, ‘nope, it’s soap suds.’

On her way to work when she came across the  huge mess, Seays said that the prankster didn’t even bother to clear away the  evidence when they committed their joke.

Hazard: The bubble cloud spread onto the road and spilled its foamy mess in front of drivers

The bubble cloud spread onto the road and  spilled its foamy mess in front of drivers


Dodging: This car driver shows how the bubble cloud spread across the road in Boca Raton

This car driver shows how the bubble cloud  spread across the road in Boca Raton


She said that several empty bottles of dish soap could be seen scattered near to the waterfall attached to the  fountain.

Seays also spoke about the potential for an  accident caused by the bubbles.

Unusual: At first drivers were perplexed as to what the giant soapy bubble cloud was

At first drivers were perplexed as to what the  giant soapy bubble cloud was


‘If it would have gone in front of me,  covering my windshield, I would have panicked,’ said Seays.

The bubbles did not just create a road hazard  for several drivers. The prank could also prove expensive to clean up from the  waterfall.


Attribution: Mail Online

Walts Vision

Stunning photographs capture the creation of Walt’s cartoon Kingdom in  Florida


It’s the sort of fantasy world that  children’s dreams are made of.

But as these wonderful pictures show just how  Disney world was built, the dream is definitely a reality.

These archive photographs show the incredible  amount of work that went into building Walt Disney’s sprawling Florida  playground.

Today’s Kingdom counts four major Disney  theme parks, two water parks, six golf courses and a shopping and dining  complex.

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The Magic Kingdom is pictured slowly starting to take shape
The Magic Kingdom is pictured slowly starting to take  shape – with the famous castle and its turrets clearly seen as the avenues are  built around it


Some 9,000 workers were involved in the two-year construction effort. They produced an entertainment paradise around lakes, forests and meadows
Some 9,000 workers were involved in the two-year  construction effort. They produced an entertainment paradise around lakes,  forests and meadows


Walt Disney wanted a much larger area than Disneyland's 450 acres to develop a total resort
Walt Disney wanted a much larger area than Disneyland’s  450 acres to develop a total resort – and in 1964 the team purchased nearly  28,000 acres from more than 100 property owners


In 1967 a flurry of work began, including the development of a 45-mile network of water-control channels
In 1967 a flurry of work began, including the  development of a 45-mile network of water-control channels

And it all began with the Disney founder’s  dream in the early 1960s to provide a kingdom for those is east of the United  States to come and be entertained.

By 1963 the Disney planning team had chosen  Florida because of its clement weather conditions, which meant that the park  could open all-year-round and the state had already been ranked first in tourism  among all states.

Orlando was chosen because of available land  and its prime location at the crossroads of major traffic arteries and dynamic  growth.

Walt Disney wanted a much larger area  than  Disneyland’s 450 acres to develop a total resort – and in 1964 the  team  purchased nearly 28,000 acres from more than 100 property owners –  costing  nearly $5.5 million. Another 2,000 acres have been added since,  according to  the brand.

In 1965 Walt publicly announced his ambition  to build the unique  entertainment and vacation centre and eventually a way of  life found  nowhere else in the world – this was embodied in his EPCOT centre –  Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

Workers created fantasy lands and even built an internal infrastructure
Choo choo! Workers created fantasy lands and even built  an internal infrastructure that meant visitors could travel round the extensive  entertainment complex


Walt Disney envisioned a sprawling entertainment complex
 Walt Disney envisioned a sprawling  entertainment complex, and a community that would change the way people  lived


Orlando and its clement weather was picked so that visitors could visit the magical place throughout the year
Orlando and its clement weather was picked for the  destination so that visitors could visit the magical place throughout the  year


More than 700million visitors have visited the four theme parks and huge Disney complex
More than 700 million visitors have visited the four  theme parks and huge Disney complex – and for many children, it’s a dream come  true once they visit

Up until his death in December 1966, Walt  developed his ideas, directed planning outlined his philosophies for the new  complex.

In 1967 a flurry of work began, including the  development of a 45-mile network of water-control channels.

Construction for the ambitious project began  in April 1969 after an opening date was set for October 1,  1971.

Some 9,000 workers were involved in the  two-year construction effort producing an entertainment paradise around lakes,  forests and meadows.

During the final 18 months before opening,  one million guests visited the Walt Disney World Preview Center where models,  drawings and motion pictures explained details of the vast development. Total  cost of the project by opening was $400 million.

Clearly the hard work was worth it, as today  the four Disney theme parks have welcomed more than 700 million  guests.

The Magic Kingdom as it is today
The Magic Kingdom as it is today: Years of hard toil and  a huge vision produced the well-known theme park, which is known the world  over

Attribution: Anna Edwards, Daily Mail

Florida Map Fixing

Democrats Get Caught ‘Fixing’ Redistricting Maps in Florida

The proverbial political cat is out of the bag for the Democratic Party, as emails obtained by our friends over at the Washington Free Beacon expose egregious gerrymandering of Florida’s congressional districts between  Congresswoman Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic National Committee, Democratic consultants, and the Florida Democratic Party during the 2012 redistricting process.

The Shark Tank broke the story that Congressman Allen West was going to be “screwed” during redistricting, because of a deal the Republican controlled Florida Legislature had struck with Democrats. While Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin pounced on the redistricting “fix” that was taking place against Allen West, the GOP establishment moved quickly to cover its own hind, as several high-ranking legislators directly pointed the finger at two legislators as being the responsible parties of the  controversy, former Senate President Mike Haridopolos and current Senate President Don Gaetz.(Rush Limbaugh discussed Shark Tank story of Allen West)

The legislators in question told the Shark Tank  that  Haridopolos personally asked to let the state Senate redistrict West’s congressional district. Again, desperate politicians looking to save their careers will say anything to stay out of hot water, perhaps even lie about Haridopolos’ direct involvement.

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Super-sized Mosquitoes

Mega-mosquitoes which are the size of  quarters are expected to take over areas of Florida ‘in large numbers’ this summer, scientists have warned.

The special breed of the nuisance bug, which can be 20 times bigger than common menacing Asian tiger mosquitoes, are described as ‘notoriously aggressive’.

They were handed the perfect breeding ground  by last year’s tropical storms, according to scientists at the University of  Florida, so are coming to a town near you.


Super-sized: Scientist says mega mosquitoes also known as gallnippers, left, could be common in central Florida this summer. They can be 20 times bigger than typical Asian tiger mosquitoes
Scientist says mega mosquitoes also known as gallinippers, left, could be common in central Florida this summer. They can be 20 times bigger than typical Asian tiger mosquitoes

‘Because of the events last year, and the eggs laid, we can expect large numbers of these mosquitoes again,’ Entomologist Phil Kaufman, an associate professor with the University of Florida’s Institute  of Food and Agricultural Sciences, told the Gainsville  Sun.

‘It is quite capable of biting through my shirt.

‘We suggest people wear long-sleeve pants and shirts. Just doing that may not be enough for this type of mosquito; you’re  going to have use one of the insect repellants to dissuade them from landing.’

‘The bite really hurts, I can attest to that,’ he told science site

Psorophora ciliata, or Gallinipper mosquitoes as they are commonly known, have half inch long bodies and the same black-white color pattern of the more common Asian Tiger Mosquito with a wingspan of 6-7  millimeters.

Mega-mosquito bites hurt much more than usual mosquito bites according to the experts, who say the insects can even bite through clothing
This big: Gallnippers tend to be the size of a quarter and could be seen in large numbers in Central Florida this Summer, according to scientists
Gallinippers tend to be the size of a quarter and could be seen in large numbers in Central Florida this Summer, according to  scientists

Because of their size they are often able to withstand common repellants.

The hurricanes of last year brought large numbers of the insects to the Central and South Florida area which laid dormant eggs in the soil near ponds and streams.

Now scientists are predicting heavy rainfall will come again and cause the eggs to hatch – releasing the super-sized bugs in large numbers.


Size: 2 – 10mm but males are much smaller than females

Bite: Only the bigger  females feed on blood. Bites are itchy and can be serious in people who suffer a  reaction but can also be fairly minor.  They can carry serious diseases  such as Dengue Fever

Appearance:  Black and white shiny striped bodies

Location:  In 866 counties in 26 states. Mostly in the Southeast but also Texas.


Size: Body alone is half an inch long with a wingspan of 6-7 millimeters

Bite: ‘Persistent biting behavior’ and their bite is much more painful. They can also bite through light material but like other mosquitoes only the females bite

Appearance:  Also black and white striped

Location: The east of the U.S. but they are predicted to be highly prevalent in central Florida this summer.


One plus point to the bugs, which are native  to the eastern half of North America, is they don’t carry diseases dangerous to humans like some of their smaller counterparts.

Like  Asian tiger mosquitoes they are less common in urban areas and tend to be found  near floodwater where they hatch.

‘Down near Paynes Prairie, you are more likely to have more numbers than Main Street Gainesville,’ Professor Kaufman  added.

It is only females that bite with male Gallinippers feeding on flower nectar.

They also feed on other mosquito larvae and even tadpoles and are most active at dusk and dawn.

‘When you read the historical accounts of the first European settlers in the Southeast and they talked about gigantic  mosquitoes, this was one they were talking about,’ Professor Kaufman  added

Attribution: Katie Davies, Mail Online

Florida Lawmakers Ammo Control

Audrey Gibson Wants Everyone Buying Ammo to Undergo Anger Management Course First

Folks, the Democrats are going to extremes to rape us of our constitutional rights.  Obama has been diligently working on it since he first took office 4 years ago.  However, his efforts have ramped up since his re-election and his loyal minions are following his example.

In the latest of asinine bills being introduced into legislatures across the nation is the one just introduced by Florida State Senator Audrey Gibson from Jacksonville.  Her bill, introduced last Saturday, would require anyone in the state of Florida who wants to purchase any type of ammunition, to undergo an anger management course.  In addition, ammunition purchasers would also have to take a refresher anger management course every 10 years.  Her bill calls for a 3 day waiting period for anyone wanting to purchase a firearm.

The provision of her bill on ammunition reads:

“It is unlawful to: A) Sell ammunition to another person who does not present certification that he or she has successfully completed an anger-management program consisting of at least 2 hours of online or face-to-face instruction in anger-management techniques.  The certification must be renewed every 10 years.”

A first offense would be considered a second-degree misdemeanor, which in Florida could result in up to 60 days in jail, a 6 month probation and fine up to $500.  A second offense within a year of conviction of the first offense would be a first-degree misdemeanor.  If convicted, a first-degree misdemeanor conviction could result in up to 1 year in jail, 12 months of probation and up to $1,000 fine. Continue Reading

Slice of Paradise

Are you searching for a bit of quiet time after a busy holiday season?

If so, an uninhabited island in Florida’s  Intracoastal Waterway could be yours on Ebay for just $460,000.

Emilio Cirelli, the current owner of the  private land in the Halifax River, just off the coast of the city of Port Orange  has put the deeds on Ebay with no strings attached.

Tranquil: This little bit of Florida could be yours for just $460,000Tranquil: This little bit of Florida could be yours for just $460,000
Location, location, location: The island is situated in a river, close to the beach
Location, location, location: The island is situated in a river, close to the beach
Potential: The interior of the island is ready to be built on
The interior of the island is ready to be built on

As reported in the Orlando  Sentinel,  Cirelli acquired the land in Volusia County after a previous owner defaulted on  property taxes.

Now Cirelli says he can’t afford to build on  the land so has put the three-acre uninhabited property on the auction website. But at the time of writing there hasn’t been too much interest.

The advantages of the plot are obvious. A  prime waterside plot, with no neighbors, the island was created as the Halifax River has been dredged.

Cirelli claims the land is ready for development and the Ebay listing is full of promising details. But be quick, there are only a few hours of the auction left.

Picturesque: Watch the boats go by from your own private island
 Watch the boats go by from your own private  island
The land is close to Port Orange and some famous Florida beaches
The land is close to Port Orange and some famous Florida  beaches

The private island is 2 miles south of Dunlawton Bridge and the land is only accessible from the river.

As the Ebay page states: ‘Islands are unique  properties as 97% are government owned, not in private ownership, and typically priced over $1,000,000.’

No back taxes are due and a down payment of  just $25,000 is required. Cash, money order or certified funds will be accepted. Only Paypal is not  welcome.

Cirelli also claims that the island is close to some of the nicest beaches on the eastern seaboard.

Though there are some downsides to the secluded private island. Everything has to be taken to the property by barge and there are no power facilities.

The new owner would need to seek permission from local government to build anything there, and the highest point is only five feet above sea level.

Most island properties sell for over $1,000,000 but this one is less than half that price
Most island properties sell for over $1,000,000 but this  one is less than half that price
There are uninterrupted views of the Intercoastal Waterway
There are uninterrupted views of the Intercoastal  Waterway

Attribution: Daily Mail

Shoot the Nullifier!

FL Senate President Laughs At Constitutionalist

by:  and the Common Constitutionalist

Republican Florida State Senate President Don Gaetz showed the true face of tyrannical RINOs in the Republican Party when he openly laughed and mocked the Constitutional principles espoused by KrisAnne Hall, an attorney and former prosecutor, who supports the Tenth Amendment and the right of the States to nullify unconstitutional laws implemented by the federal government. However, it appears that Mr. Gaetz also indicated his support of the tactic of the seventh President of the United States Andrew Jackson inNullifyObamacare how he would deal with “nullifiers.” He would have them shot and hanged.

According to Mrs. Hall, she not only spoke to Gaetz, but even wrote him and explained the positions of men like James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton on State sovereignty. She then received what can only be explained as a violence threatening email from Gaetz to anyone that would support nullification. Here’s what Sen. Gaetz wrote:

Thank you for your email and for your passionate views.

Like you, I believe Obamacare is unconstitutional and wrong-headed policy. I have consistently voted in the Florida Legislature for legislation that affirms our state’s options, obligations and sovereignty under the United States Constitution. I am working every day to ensure the election of national candidates who will repeal and replace this extraordinarily bad policy.

10th-amendmentAs to nullification, I tend to favor the approach used by Florida’s first Governor, Andrew Jackson:

It is said that one evening, while he was president, General Jackson was interrupted in his reading in his bedroom by an alarmed military aide who breathlessly reported, “Mr. President, the “nullifiers” are in front of the Executive Mansion with torches and guns. They are screaming that each state has the right to decide for itself which federal laws to follow. They threaten to burn us down if you will not agree with them.”

Without lifting his head from his reading, Andrew Jackson said, “Shoot the first nullifier who touches the Flag. And hang the rest.

Chaplain, I have sworn an oath on my father’s Bible before Almighty God to preserve, protect and defend the constitution and government of the United States. And that’s exactly what I intend to do. Count me with Andrew Jackson.

Senator Don Gaetz

From the Common Constitutionalist: Well, at least progressives are consistent. Whether they be democrat or republican matters not. A progressive is always in favor of siding with big government; the bigger the better. It’s also nice to hear Senator Gaetz is a big fan of that swine, Andrew Jackson. Lest you have forgotten or are a new reader, the following is an excerpt pulled from an article I wrote a while back regarding another progressive, Newt Gingrich. In it, I extolled the virtues of President Jackson:

Many believe the Father of Progressivism was Theodore Roosevelt. In fact it was Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson came to prominence as the Founding Fathers died out and I believe the republic that they envisioned also died with Jackson. He could not have done what he did if they had been around.

Jackson believed in Manifest Destiny, which is kind of the perversion of Divine Providence. Divine Providence occurs when you live your life in a good and moral way, try your best and pull yourself up by the bootstraps, God will open doors for you. You know, “Good things happen to good people”.

Manifest Destiny is more of the, “Get out of my way. I’m on a mission from God”. It’s my way or the highway. Like all progressives, he knew better than the people.

Founding Fathers = Divine Providence, Progressives = Manifest Destiny. It’s no surprise Jackson was also the father of the democrat party.

He declared war on the Bank of the United States (B.U.S.). I’m no fan of any national bank but unlike the Federal Reserve of today, the B.U.S. did not wield nearly the power of today’s central bank.

Although he declared it, he was not championing the working class or Ron Paul supporters. He claimed to be fighting for the “little man”. Sound familiar? In fact he just wanted to shut the bank down because he couldn’t control it. Jackson simply wanted to replace it with another bank completely controlled by him and his party. Progressives must control all things for the betterment of society. They arrest control by pretending to be the champions of the “Little Guy”.

Most Americans think the Civil War was fought solely about slavery. In fact AndrewTariff of 1832 Jackson started the ball rolling when he signed the Tariff of 1832 that taxed imported and exported goods. The North grew successfully under this tariff. The tax was rough on the southerners. As Andrew Jackson continued to tax goods, southerners found it hard to sell their products to the English and suffered badly.. South Carolina firmly refused to pay the taxes and threatened to withdraw from the Union if the tariff was enforced. It was eventually rewritten, but the damage between the North & South had been done.

Like the progressives that would follow, he was also a flaming racist. He believed neither Indians nor blacks should own any property in the U.S. He particularly hated Indians.

We have all heard of the “Trail of Tears”. That was Andrew Jackson’s doing. He declared war on the Eastern Indian Tribes, signing the Indian Removal Act. There would be no tribes east of the Mississippi. Many Indians were massacred. Those he didn’t have killed, were driven west along; you guessed it,  “The Trail of Tears”. Many of the Indians died on the trail (roughly 25%), freezing to death.

His excuse for the atrocity was, “Well, we needed the land, so we took it”. Manifest Destiny.