Trump Makes Right Call on FISA

from the Washington Examiner:

Trump rejects extension of surveillance law without FISA reforms in meeting with Republicans



President Trump told lawmakers that he will not support a long-term extension of key intelligence programs without reforms to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

Trump held a private meeting with Attorney General William Bar, Republican members of Congress, and GOP leadership on Tuesday about extending provisions of the USA Freedom Act. The meeting was focused on discussing certain provisions of the law that expire on March 15, including surveillance of lone-wolf terrorists, roving wiretaps, and a program that permits requests for metadata from phone records. read more

Video Podcast – FISA Nonsense – Joe Rogan

by: Brent Smith

Today I discuss the FISA court, FBI lying, bogus Articles of Impeachment and the likelihood that those responsible for this mess will not be held accountable.

Lives have been literally ruined – and for what – all so that obsessed leftists can try to take down Trump before he wins reelection. Because that’s the real goal. Justice has nothing at all to do with it.

That and I discuss the less than reasoned explanation why Joe Rogan will probably vote for Bernie Sanders. read more

FBI Continued Using Steele After Breaking Ties

from the Washington Free Beacon:

FBI Used Ex-British Spy as Main Source for Spying Warrants After Suspending Its Relationship With Him

Despite suspending its relationship with an ex-British spy who wrote the unverified dossier on President Donald Trump over the ex-spy’s unauthorized contact with the media, the FBI presented him as a credible source to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court multiple times after that suspension, according to two Republican senators.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) late Tuesday afternoon released a new version of a Jan. 4 criminal referral he wrote with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) that asked the Justice Department to investigate Trump dossier author Christopher Steele for allegedly lying to the FBI, which is a crime. read more

Mark Levin Presents Evidence of Obama Wiretapping

We’ve always known those in the Obama administration were dirty. I, as have many others have chronicled offense after offense Obama and his minions have perpetrated on political opponents, journalists and private citizens.

But now, we hope, it may be finally catching up to him and them. Yesterday on Fox News Sunday, Mark Levin put forth no less than eight pieces of evidence of the Obama administration attempt to derail the Trump campaign and to derail his presidency. As Levin put it – “the evidence is about the Obama administration spying.”

Mark says it’s not a question of whether there was spying, “we know they did..” The question is “who did they spy on, the extent of the spying.”

Watch Mark make his case: read more

More Arguments Against Datamining

by: the Common Constitutionalist

I recently heard an argument presented by a pro-surveillance advocate.

I’m paraphrasing: The metadata being compiled is no more dangerous or intrusive than the Post Office scanning every single envelope they handle, which they do. How is collecting phone numbers or e-mail addresses any more intrusive than that?

I can think of three things right off the top of my head. First: The intrusiveness is immaterial. Unless I’m mistaken, the fourth amendment of the Constitution does not have a clause indicating that search and seizure is okay depending on the severity of the intrusion.

Second: there is an “intention” that the Postal Service will scan and read the envelope that you send. Otherwise, how would it get to its intended destination? The same cannot be said of the electronic data the government is collecting. There is no “intention” of me allowing the government to see this data without first clearing the fourth amendment hurdles.

Third: the Postal Service is a government/public agency. Yes, it’s supposed to support itself, so one might call it quasi-governmental, but it ain’t private.

The companies being mined for data are all private. They are not public entities so they should be afforded the same benefit of the fourth amendment as you and I.

This massive data collection is supposed to be for our own safety and security. That is the way it is being portrayed to the low information citizen, and frankly to all of us, is it not?

Well, anyone who has ever been a cop, or a spy, or done any investigatory work knows that mining for gazillions of bits of information is not the way to catch anyone. Human intelligence, feet on the street and interrogations. These are the things that lead to real actionable intelligence. Electronic data collection is also quite useful when limited and focused properly.

That focus is how we found bin Laden and how we could have found the Tsarnaev brothers ahead of time.

What about the FISA court? Doesn’t it is still have to sign off on this surveillance?

To tell the truth, I’m not 100% sure about that, nor do I think this administration gives a flying crap about getting permission to do anything. But if they did happen to seek permission to hack, eavesdrop or collect everyone’s firstborn, chances are pretty good that FISA would rule in the affirmative. It has been a virtual rubberstamp for the feds.

FISA was developed by Ted Kennedy and signed into law by Jimmy Carter. Without knowing anything about it, I would automatically reject just on that basis.

In its 34-year history, from 1978 through 2012, the FISA court has rejected a grand total of 11 government applications, while approving more than 20,000. That’s pretty good odds.

When running for president, candidate Obama pretended to have serious concerns about the law, then voted for it. He then vowed to rein in its excesses. But last year he demanded the renewal of the law with no reforms and Congress as they tend to do, complied.

Gee, what a shocker. Obama, or any other politician for that matter, said something and then did the exact opposite.

In 2011 there were 1676 applications presented to the FISA court and not one was denied. Let me repeat, not one.

In 2012, the Obamites ramped up the applications to 1789. Again, not one was denied. Give me those odds in Vegas baby!

There is no reasonable or justifiable reason for this data collection of American citizens and there appears to be absolutely no oversight. This is the stuff of paranoid dictators and Kings, not of a constitutional republic.