Net Neutrality and the Fairness Doctrine will become the New Normal

by: Brent Smith

Hopefully there are still enough liberty loving, free-thinking Americans to prevent the unthinkable from happening – a democrat hostile takeover of government – the perfect storm of victory (by any means) of not only the presidency, but the Senate as well.

There aren’t words enough to describe the importance of this upcoming election to freedom/liberty loving constitutionalists.

One might think, well, that’s a bit melodramatic.

It may seem, but if we lose big this upcoming election, we conservatives will be staring at our demise. And it’s something that few conservatives are discussing, but it would have a greater negative impact than practically anything else.

Allow me to explain. read more

Conservative Talkers Mislabel Trump as an Insurgent

by: the Common Constitutionalist

I never thought I’d say this, certainly about things political, but in my opinion, Rush is wrong – wrong about Donald Trump. He’s not the only one. Other conservative talkers appear to have the same opinion of The Donald.

Trump and Cruz have been labeled by Rush, Hannity and others as the two outsiders – the two “insurgent” candidates. I think everyone agrees on the right and left that this accurately describes Ted Cruz. Everyone whose life and livelihood is directly dependent on the federal government hates and fears him. He’s been an ardent originalist for his entire adult life. And what scares them most is that Cruz is NOT a dealmaker.

Trump, on the other hand, is a recent and rather radical convert to the conservative movement. Every position he holds so dear today is directly opposed to his positions of years gone by.

Now, this would be fine if The Donald could adequately describe his transformation. But he doesn’t. He merely claims that he is the most conservative on the border and healthcare and education, etc. It’s his supporters who simply choose to believe because they want so badly to do so. Obama supporters did the same thing. read more