Video Podcast – Trump Must Put the Courts in Their Place

by: Brent Smith at the Common Constitutionalist

The other day, Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review made a couple of great points regarding the recent supreme Court decisions.

It was regarding both the DACA non-decision and the census decision.

Neither of these “cases” should involve the courts at any level, much less the supreme Court.

I discuss why both should be decided by only the Executive branch, with no inputs from the courts, and little, if any input from even the Legislative branch. read more

My WND Weekly Exclusive

Trump Will Just be a Better Dictator than Obama

For years we on the right have called Obama a want-to-be dictator – mainly due to his usurpation of the legislative branch through his reckless and unconstitutional use of executive orders. It seems that practically every month we discover Obama is doing another end around Congress, because, as he says, we just can’t wait for them.

So instead of living with the reality of his office and the limitations the Constitution places on the executive, he writes legislation with the stroke of his pen. It’s outrageous and possibly the No. 1 complaint Republicans have of our current president.

We all know, regardless of intention, this is not the way the founders set things up. This is truly the stuff of dictators. Even the king of England at the time of the American Revolution didn’t have such power over the British Parliament. read more

My Daily Caller Exclusive – A Book Review

by: the Common Constitutionalist

When I first saw the title of Brion McClanahan’s 9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America: And Four Who Tried To Save It, I thought, okay, here we go with yet another rehashing of the same 20th century progressive presidents we already know. The author won’t be telling me anything I’m not already aware of or haven’t heard a thousand times.

Well, I am man enough to admit that I was wrong – dead wrong. Mr. McClanahan has a hit on his hands, or should. He lays out a case, in plain English, how each of nine presidents “Screwed up” our country. It is a fascinating and factual accounting of presidential usurpation of power. read more

Podcast – PC Navy Goes Gender Neutral – I Am Having A Constitutional Crisis

In this episode I discuss how the Obama administration now has its sights set on the United States Navy. They are attempting to strike all gender-specific names and titles in favor of friendlier gender-neutral expressions. If they have their way – gone will be titles such as Midshipman and corpsman.

In segment two I discuss my Constitutional crisis and coming to grips with the fact that at this point in our nation’s history we may never again see the country our founders envisioned. I explain that this is due in large part to the office of the Presidency – the Executive branch. read more

My Weekly Exclusive WND Column

Trump: A ‘man of action’ … to our detriment


Well, I guess the gloves are off, so here we go.

Last week’s GOP debate further convinced me that Donald Trump is a “man of action” and as such will be the embodiment of all out-of-control executives, believing, like Obama, that he has far more authority than the Constitution authorizes. He, like Obama, will follow in the footsteps of our history’s other out-of-control “men of action” like Andrew Jackson, both Roosevelts, Woodrow Wilson, Lyndon Johnson and others. read more

Nothing Ever Changes – By Design (Part Two)

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Yesterday I wrote part one of this two-part article. You may review part one here.

The premise was that no matter who we elect, nothing changes in Washington. The government just keeps growing and our rights keep shrinking, as do our wallets.

It was Mark Levin who reminded me that it’s the unelected bureaucracy and federal court system that really prevents any positive change.

In part one I hit upon the bureaucracy but concentrated more on dealing with the court system.

Here, I set my sights on the unaccountable bureaucracy that if left unchecked, will regulate us into third world status.

There are two types of federal agencies: Cabinet level and independent. Although both are said to be part of the Executive branch, unlike the Cabinet level agencies, the President really has no authority over the “independent”. They work outside the control of the Executive branch. read more