Democrat Voters Are Lazy and Stupid

by: the Common Constitutionalist


Why does have such a low opinion of Democrat voters? It appears they think Democrat voters lack patience, are lazy and stupid.


You might say; those are pretty strong accusations. What proof do you have to back up such incendiary claims?


Just this. I receive alerts from time to time from our friends at the reasonable, middle-of-the-road group,


A few days ago I received one asking me to stop by Democrat Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter’s New Hampshire reelection campaign headquarters in Manchester to support their fight. What fight?


Well, the alert stated that MoveOn recently, “Launched a Defend the Vote Campaign”. That sounds nice. Who wouldn’t want to defend the vote? Naturally, being a voter, I too would like to defend my right to vote. So what do they feel the need to defend exactly? read more

MoveOn versus Walmart

by: the Common Constitutionalist 

Last week I received an e-mail alert from my friends at More specifically from a subgroup called “MoveOn Civic Action”. Boy what a pithy name. It has the well-known “MoveOn” moniker, but has been spiced up with “Civic”, so we know they’re working for the collective – doing their civic duty. And it also has “Action”, because… well… Action is good.


Anyway, the alert read: “In retail, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day are the only two holidays that workers traditionally receive. Now that many stores are choosing to open on Thanksgiving, that break is being taken away, denying retail workers the rare opportunity to spend a holiday with their families. A holiday should not be a luxury for the rich – all workers deserve time to spend with loved ones. We, as consumers, have the power to tell stores not to open on Thanksgiving by staying home. We hereby pledge not to shop on Thanksgiving day, to show the retail industry that everyone deserves a holiday.”


The e-mail plea ended by stating: “Want to support our work? MoveOn Civic Action is entirely funded by our 8 million members – no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs…”


Wow, that’s a compelling alert. It tugs at the heartstrings while still maintaining its communist feel. Karl Marx would be proud – using words like “workers” and “the rich”. I’m sure they would’ve liked to use the words proletariat and bourgeoisie, but no doubt 7.9 million of the alertees would not have understood it.


That aside, it seems MoveOn Civic Action has a lot of members. Being able to mobilize and being financially supported by 8 million members… Walmart should be worried! That’s the type of grassroots organization the Tea Party would envy… if it were the truth, which, not surprisingly, it is not. read more