Washington, Madison, Jefferson are Rolling in Their Graves

What would these three say of the state of Virginia today? One writer suggest the Commonwealth just bequeath Arlington and Alexandria to Washington D.C.

from the American Spectator:

Well, we learned one thing on Election Day: Virginia is for louts. This should not stand. It cannot stand. We have a reform proposal. Don’t know why we didn’t think of it earlier.

In 1985, when we moved from our Indiana home to our nation’s capital area, Virginia was our logical destination: a low tax, right to work land of freedom abutting Democrat statism and big government to the north and east. But that was then. Three plus decades later, the swamps of DC have spilled over all of our habitat in northern Virginia. In these conditions, government has mushroomed and poisoned the commonwealth, and the corresponding demographic boom of like-minded actors and their servitors has altered the indigenous character of what was once a swell Southern state. The end result we saw on Tuesday: a state whose voting habits are now more akin to California’s than to the Virginia of our forefathers. Demography is destiny? That’s what they’d like you to think. read more

Let’s Eliminate the Electoral College

What a shocker. Hillary wants to dump the Electoral College because she won the popular vote. Frankly, with the recent revelations about all the election fraud, I’m not convinced she did that.

from the Blaze:

Hillary Clinton calls for elimination of the Electoral College

Hillary Clinton kicks off her book tour of her memoir of the 2016 presidential campaign titled, “What Happened,” at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square on Tuesday in New York. Clinton said she believes the Electoral College should be eliminated. (Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images)

Host Anderson Cooper noted that Clinton refers to the “godforsaken Electoral College” in her new memoir about the election, titled, “What Happened.”
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My WND Weekly Exclusive – How state Republicans are wielding Trump power

How state Republicans are wielding Trump power

In case you haven’t noticed, the left is in full panic mode. They are rapidly losing what was thought not long ago to be an iron grip on American politics and culture. But Heir Obama has squandered their historic pre-eminence, preferring to concentrate only on his legacy. I suppose we should thank him for this.

Americans have what seems to be a penchant for concentrating only on presidential elections. Maybe because it’s easy. We have two, maybe up to four choices for the office, and that’s it. It requires almost no effort on the part of the electorate to decide between two candidates. read more

Trump and His People Should Really Learn the Rules

by: the Common Constitutionalist

No one has the right to whine about changing the Republican convention rules. Okay, they have every right to whine. The Trumpists can complain all they like, but they have no right to demand the rules be changed. Unlike Obamacare or the TPP, the convention rules have never been hidden. They are accessible to anyone and everyone who enters this arena should darn well know them – chapter and verse. If they don’t – shame on them. So to start whining about the rules now is a bit disingenuous and juvenile. But that’s par for the course in this campaign.

These present convention rules have been in place since before Trump was a Republican. Yes, it’s true. In 2001 Trump was registered as a democrat. Then in 2009 he registered as a Republican. What else happened in 2009? That’s right – it’s the year Trump said that Obama “has the mark of a strong leader” and said Obama’s comments on the economy “have led me to believe that he understands how the economy works on a comprehensive level. I think that he’s really doing a nice job in terms of representation of this country. And he represents such a large part of the country. I think he’s doing a really good job.”

For Trump to say such things shows the mark of man with good judgment and an awareness of the world around him, considering 2009 was also the year of the Obama “Apology Tour,” where The One traveled the world telling every nation who would listen how terrible America was and is. What a great representative of our country. Way to go Donald. read more

Scratch One Dr. Ben Carson

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Dr. Ben Carson has finally spoken out on illegal immigration – outlining his plan to tackle the problem. His plan appears to start out like gangbusters as he says: “But let’s just say we get them sealed [the borders], because certainly in a Carson administration that would be done within the first year.”

I say it appears good because he states that the border would be “sealed” within one year. Yet he doesn’t articulate the means of the sealing. He does say seal, but does he really mean secure, as other Republicans say, which means absolutely nothing.

By seal – is it building a wall, erecting a fence, or merely stepping up border security? Until he is more specific, that, to me, is a red flag.

It is encouraging to hear him say, “You also have to turn off the spigot that dispenses the goodies, so that people don’t have an incentive to come here,” but then he says, of those who are already here, that we can’t get rid of them – that “we have to recognize that we can’t just round them up…”

And why do we have to recognize this? If a family of illegals got themselves a ladder and hopped the fence on your property, would you then have to “recognize” that they suddenly have some right to remain? Of course not!

But somehow, due to the size of the problem – the volume of illegals – the task is now just too great. The size of the task should be of no consequence. read more

Is Christie Done?…I Hope so

by: the Common Constitutionalist

The republicans had better look elsewhere for a candidate and not because of “Bridgegate”.

Remember back when, when we all loved Chris Christie. Ann Coulter swooned over him. We loved his fire and passion. And remember how he fooled us all.  Then we wised up (at least some of us) after looking at him a little closer. Colin Powell was the same way. We all loved him, until he opened his mouth.

And now comes the Bridgegate scandal, which because Christie has an “R” after his name, the press will not let him off as they would if he had a “D”. Love him or hate him, and if you have a brain it should be the latter, he probably isn’t getting out of this one. He may not lose his job, but he might be done running for president. Republicans aren’t so forgiving. If he were a democrat, this scandal would be a resume enhancement.

But let’s just say he does somehow make it through this; that all is forgiven. Then what? Is he still the frontrunner for 2016? Do we need to support him because he can supposedly beat Hillary, according to some lame poll 2-1/2 years out?

The answer is no. No more voting for someone because the pundit class say he’s the ONLY one who can win, until he doesn’t.

Putting the scandal aside; is this the man who you wish to be president? If so, this is what you’ll get. read more

Socialist In Seattle

Are we all socialists now? This article is a classic representation of how little most people know about business. Half of me actually hopes they could pull something like this off. It would be fun to watch the failure in action. The other half knows it’s wrong to think that way.

After Boeing, it’s on to Microsoft! It will make sense in a minute.


From RedState:

At a rally on Monday, Seattle’s newly-elected Socialist councilwoman, Kshama Sawant, accused Boeing of “economic terrorism” should the company decide not to build the new 777X in Puget Sound and urged the union members to “take over the factories.”

Her comments follow the members of the Machinists’ union in Puget Sound rejecting a Boeing offer that had been negotiated secretly with the company by IAM international officials from the union’s headquarters near Washington, DC.

IAM officials reportedly negotiated the tentative deal with Boeing in an effort to ensure the assembly of Boeing’s new 777X in Puget Sound. read more

All Hail Chris Christie

by: the Common Constitutionalist


Yes, prepare the kingdom for the coronation of the new monarch of the moderates.


Chris Christie won big in New Jersey and now has his sights firmly set on the White House.


He won in a liberal state with the backing of the Republican Party and Chamber of Commerce, none of which he needed to defeat a weak Democrat with virtually no party support.


It’s almost as if the Democrats wanted Christie to win.


At the same time the Republicans spent very little to help the conservative Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia. And the Chamber of Commerce; how much did they spend on the Cuccinelli campaign? Zip!


So why on earth would the Libs want Christie to win? Heck, Obama even called to congratulate Christie, you know, cause they are such good buddies. Frankly, I’m half surprised Obama didn’t join Christie on the campaign trail. read more

The Left’s “Black Hole” Candidates

by: the Common Constitutionalist

So what did we learn from Tuesday’s various elections? First, we learned that Chris Christie, who won a landslide victory in New Jersey, thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips. It’s all but certain now, that he will run for president in 2016.


Yes, the moderates rejoiced as their new standard-bearer was reelected. Yet it seems the exit polls paint a bleaker picture, with Hillary Clinton beating him handily in a head-to-head – in New Jersey.


The radical left will love Christie to be the Republican nominee. They will dispatch him as they did the other moderates; Dole, McCain and Romney. They certainly don’t fear him. Oh, the press will love him until they have a chance to support a real liberal and then like McCain, dump all over him.


We learned that the Clintons were winners, with the election of their boy, the punk, Terry McAuliffe. He was inserted as a candidate only to benefit Hillary in 2016. His only job is to deliver Virginia for Hillary.


But most importantly we learned that the left has all but perfected the use of the “Black Hole Candidate”, who is inserted into a race to suck up voters who would, without that third choice, probably vote for the conservative. read more

Cornyn Can Be Defeated

A generic “Tea Party” candidate beats Sen. John Cornyn III  (R.-Texas) a Oct. 26 Human Events/Gravis poll of Republican voters in Texas 46 percent to 33 percent for the GOP’s number two senator.

The poll clearly shows Cornyn is trouble, especially when you see that in the poll Sen. R. Edward Cruz (R.-Texas) has a job approval rating of 73 percent among Republicans and Cornyn 46 percent, said the pollster Doug Kaplan, who founded Gravis Marketing in 2010 and whose polls were included in the Real Clear Politics basket of polls during the 2012 campaign.

The Republican primary is March 4. The day for candidates to file for the primary is Nov. 9 with a Dec. 9 filing deadline. read more