Hands Up – Don’t Sue!

by: the Common Constitutionalist

This is how the left works when they don’t get what they want. First they uncover, or magically discover, a failing at the individual, local or state level. Then after publically announcing the failure, they suggest that the failure should be changed. They advertise compliance with their “suggestions” as being voluntary. But compliance is only voluntary if the party or parties follow through to the government’s content. If those being “suggested” to comply or change their behavior are slow in doing so, the federal authority will shift from suggestion-mode to poke and prod-mode.

But what happens if the local or state authority decides instead to give the feds the one-finger solute instead of entertaining change?

If this were a constitutionally adherent federal government, they would say that maybe we don’t like it but it is the individual state or community’s right to govern themselves with minimum interference at the federal level.

But of course that’s a silly and antiquated notion. We all know that states and localities can’t govern themselves. They don’t have thousands of Harvard educated governmental experts to guide them. They don’t really know what they want. No, only the federal government experts know what’s good for them and it’s not the fault of our federal government if local yokels can’t understand this. In other words – the feds gotta do what the feds gotta do to save us from ourselves. read more