Citizenship for Sale

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Remember back in the good old days, during the George W. Bush era? You recall don’t you? Back when we only had a big government progressive Republican in the White House? Yeah, Obama kingthose were the days. Also remember how often he was called a fascist, a dictator or King? Ah,  the days of innocence and ignorance. Thankfully, we now see what a real aspiring dictator looks like, instead of just some wanna-be.

Now recall what some far left liberals, like that big ball of hate Alec Baldwin said. If Bush wins reelection, he would pack up and leave the country. Sadly for the rest of us, he didn’t.

If I recall correctly, it was either Limbaugh or Hannity that even offered him a first-class, one-way plane ticket to anywhere he wished to go. Now Mr. Baldwin may have balked at the offer because it was difficult and could be quite expensive to become a citizen of another nation.

Well evidently, at least the citizenship portion of the relocation has been solved and one does not have to be a gazillionare to accomplish it. The tiny island nations of Dominica, St. Kitts and Nevis in the Eastern Caribbean have developed a relatively reasonable price for citizenship.

Other countries offer citizenship by-ins. They are called “investor visas”. Countries that offer them include Great Britain, Ausst-kitts-nevistria, Canada and even the United States.

The U.S. program allows visas for a $1 million investment in a U.S. business employing at least 10 people or $500,000 in designated economically depressed areas. The investor can apply for permanent residence in two years and seek citizenship after five more. Demand in Canada is so great that the country stopped accepting new applications in July of 2012.

Unlike these developed countries, the citizenship process for these Caribbean islands is much faster, less expensive and relatively simple. A foreigner can qualify for citizenship in St. Kitts with a $250,000 donation to a fund for retired sugar workers or with a minimum real estate investment of $400,000. The minimum contribution in Dominica is only $100,000. The whole process, including background chinvestor-visaecks, can take as little as 90 days in St. Kitts. And there’s no need to ever live on the islands, or even visit.

The programs have become quite popular to those with means in the Middle East and North Africa as things become more tumultuous and unpredictable. In that region, some are looking at this as a way to more easily escape if regional conflicts deteriorate further.

It’s such a booming business that a Dubai-based company is building a 4 square mile community in St. Kitts where investors can buy property and citizenship at the same time. In its first phase, some 375 shareholders will get citizenship by investing $passport-for-sale400,000 each in the project, which is expected to include a 200-room hotel and a mega-yacht marina. Others will get passports for buying one of 50 condominium units.

“The more they fight over there (the Middle East), the more political problems there are, the more applications we get here,” said Victor Doche, managing director of another company that offers for condominium projects where approved buyers are granted citizenship in St. Kitts, which is less than twice the size of Washington DC.

American author Neil Strauss, who resides in Los Angeles, wrote of securing citizenship in St. Kitts in his 2009 book on survivalists preparedness, “Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life.”

Strauss said, “The same way we have a backup drive on her computer in case the hard drive explodes, I just felt like I wanted a backup citizenship in case the same thing happened to my country.” Like most economic citizens of St. Kitts, he rents out his island property.

Antigua and Barbuda is launching its own citizenship program. The island of Grenada has hinted they may revive their program, which was suspended after September 11, 2001.

So fear not conservatives. You may stop asking yourselves, “Where will we go when the country eventually sinks into the socialist abyss that it is fast tracking toward?

Just print out a map of the Caribbean, pin it up on the wall, grab a dart, close your eyes and throw.


Attribution: David McFadden, Associated Press