Progressive Policies Have Helped African Americans in Chicago & Detroit

from Progressives Today:

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation held their annual convention in Washington DC this week.
PJTV’s Michelle Fields confronted Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) on the dismal record of the Black Caucus.

Lewis says progressive policies are helping African Americans in cities like Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles. But, then he backpedals when confronted with the facts. read more

Come Visit Chicago…You May Live Long Enough to Leave

by: the Common Constitutionalist


Just this past weekend it was reported that an 11-year-old girl was shot and killed in Chicago by a stray bullet.

Shamiya Adams was at a sleepover Friday night. The girls were making s’mores when gunshots rang out nearby. Evidently one of the bullets entered the house, struck and killed her.

In fact, a total of 22 people were shot just that Friday night in Chicago. And just a few weeks after 60 were shot over the Fourth of July weekend. That’s 26 more than were shot over the same holiday weekend in 2013.

Virtually all the shootings have been black on black, or Latino or let’s just say, minority on minority.

Yet, when reporting on the child shooting incident, ThinkProgress felt compelled to report that “A recent study found that African Americans were 10 times more likely to be shot by police than white people.”

Huh? None of the reported shootings were by police, yet the leftist radicals at ThinkProgress can’t help themselves. They have to somehow weave the “evil cops” into their narrative.

Of course ThinkProgress will never conclude that Chicago’s “gun violence” problem has anything to do with the city’s ridiculous anti-gun laws. read more

Mich. Judge Rules Detroit Bankruptcy Unconstitutional

Claims It Fails to ‘Honor’ President Obama

A Michigan judge ruled Friday that Republican Gov. Rick Snyder’s Detroit bankruptcy filing is a violation of the state’s constitution and that it fails to “honor” President Barack Obama who “took (Detroit’s auto companies) out of bankruptcy.”

County Circuit Judge Rosemary Aquilina said she hopes Gov. Snyder “reads certain sections of the (Michigan) constitution and reconsiders his actions.”

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“I have some very serious concerns because there was this rush to bankruptcy court that didn’t have to occur and shouldn’t have occurred,” Aquilina said.

“Plaintiffs shouldn’t have been blindsided,” and “this process shouldn’t have been ignored.”

County Circuit Judge Rosemary Aquilina Rules Against Bankruptcy Filing, Claims it Fails to Honor President Obama

Kevyn Orr, Detroit’s state-appointed emergency manager, filed for Chapter 9 protection on Thursday after two municipal pension funds moved to sue him in an attempt to protect retiree benefits.

Currently, both pension funds have claims to roughly “$9.2 billion in unfunded pension and retiree health care liabilities,” the Free Press reports.

The city’s debt and liabilities, Orr notes, could be as much as $20 billion.

State law protects pension benefits from being “diminished,” but filing in federal bankruptcy court takes away those protections.

After both funds moved to sue the emergency manager so at to protect retiree benefits, Orr had no choice but to file for Chapter 9.

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A New Nation is Born?

Investors seek to buy island from Detroit and start a ‘new nation’

A developer wants the city of Detroit to sell an island that is now a city park to a group of buyers looking to transform it into a new nation.

Rodney Lockwood, a developer from Bingham  Farms, a village of 1,100 people about a half-hour from Detroit, is pushing for  the city to sell the 982-acre Belle Isle for $1 billion to a group of investors  who ‘believe in individual freedom, liberty and free markets,’ according to a  website set up by proponents of the concept,

During the next three decades, the buyers  would establish a ‘remarkable new nation’ of 35,000 people using private money,  transforming the island into a quasi-autonomous state with its own government,  currency and system of taxation. The large sum paid for Belle Isle would be used to train Detroiters to fill the huge need for construction workers on Belle Isle.

There would be no personal or corporate  income tax in this business-friendly utopia.

A group of investors wants to buy Detroit's Belle Isle and turn it into a quasi-autonomous commonwealth
This is what Belle Isle could look like in 30 years, if  a group of investors purchases it for $1 billion and realizes their vision of  turning the island in the Detroit River into a new U.S. commonwealth
Detroit's Belle Isle Park is the largest island city park in the United States
Developer Rodney Lockwood says the economic effects of  his plans for Belle Isle, the largest island city park in the United States,  could restore Detroit to its glory days

Most people would buy citizenship to Belle  Isle at a cost of $300,000. Twenty percent of the population would be exempt  from paying the fee, allowing for some socioeconomic diversity.

All citizens would be mandated to have good  credit, no criminal background and command of the English language, according  to The Detroit News.

Supporters forecast that a privately  owned  Belle Isle would rival Singapore ‘as an economic miracle,’  generating ‘billions  of dollars in desperately needed economic growth’  and becoming ‘a social  laboratory for the western world’ — an  experiment in small  government.

The Douglas MacArthur Bridge connects the city of Detroit to Belle Isle
The Douglas MacArthur Bridge connects Detroit to Belle  Isle, which developers want to buy and turn into a new city-state.
Rodney Lockwood, the developer urging the municipal leaders of Detroit to sell off Belle Isle
Developer Rodney Lockwood authored a book about his  plans for the island titled ‘Belle Isle: Detroit’s Game Changer’

The construction jobs produced by the massive  undertaking and its other economic benefits would restore Detroit ‘to its former  glory,’ backers claim.

While the Commonwealth of Belle Isle has  prominent supporters, including the retired president of Chrysler, Hal  Sperlich, it will probably be struck down by Detroit municipal  officials,  according to news reports.

Lockwood even acknowledges that the  concept  is unlikely to be approved, while George Jackson, president and  CEO of the  Detroit Economic Growth Corp., was quoted as saying the idea  won’t  advance.

Investors want to buy Belle Isle in the Detroit River for $1B
Belle Isle, a Detroit park, could become a U.S.  commonwealth where the citizens all have good credit and no criminal history, if  a group of investors is allowed to buy it

Last fall, Detroit Mayor David Bing and  Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder reportedly struck a deal handing over the operation  and management of Belle Isle to the state.

City Council members were unhappy with the  deal, which would have granted a 30-year lease of the island to the Department  of Natural Resources, saying it lacked specifics and wouldn’t provide jobs and  contracts to the people of Detroit.

The agreement called for the new state to fund  renovations and operations of Belle Isle instead of paying rent which the brokers of the deal said would save the city $6 million a year. The state wants  the City Council to revisit the issue in 2013.

Attribution: Dan Prochilo, Daily Mail


Hoffa Found?

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) Reported Detroit mob underboss Anthony Zerilli came out this weekend to say he knows where the bodies are buried — one body in particular, belonging to Detroit’s most notorious missing person — Jimmy Hoffa.

Zerilli, 85, told WDIV in Detroit Hoffa’s killers buried him in a shallow grave and were going to move him to a hunting lodge in northern Michigan after they offed him 37 years ago. But Zerilli — who was in prison at the time on a racketeering charge  – said they left him where he was.

Local mob expert and author Scott Burnstein thinks this is the biggest break in the Hoffa case since the union boss’ disappearance.

“I think this is the most credible person to ever come forward to talk about this story,” Bernstein said, adding Zerilli is the son of Detroit mafia founder Joe Zerilli and served as the Detroit mob underboss from 1979 to 2002. Continue Reading