Symbolism Will Not Hide the Catastrophic Substance of the Iran Deal

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Anyone with any common sense would know not to attempt to strike a deal with the number one sponsor of worldwide terror – any deal, unless you are also interested in weakening the United States and Israel, like say Russia and China.

No one who has the slightest concern for the security of Israel, or even the more moderate countries in the region, who, like Egypt, are at least trying to reform, could possibly strike a deal with Iran.

So if you’ve ever doubted conservatives when we claim that everything the left does is political, look no further than Obama’s deal with the country who’s leaders are still chanting death to Israel, death to America.

Look no further than the democrat party who walks in lock step with the president. This deal has nothing to do with security – nothing to do with halting the march of terror – nothing to do with nuclear arms.

Its one purpose is to secure the Obama political legacy of being the only president willing and able to “stare down” the Iranian regime and strike a deal – history’s greatest negotiator. That’s it. It’s no more complicated than that.

Obama and the democrats are willing to sell out anyone and everyone to secure the appearance of a short term political victory. And short term it will be. Remember, with democrats, it’s all political – and modern day politics is all about symbolism over substance. It doesn’t matter what’s under the hood – as long as it looks good. read more