Minneapolis Shows that Human Nature Never Changes

by: Brent Smith

Well this wasn’t 100 percent predictable or anything. I just recently posted an article I wrote, basically about human nature and how it doesn’t change from year to year, decade to decade and century to century.

And here we are once again, with yet another example of “human nature never changes.”

There will always bad people, or at the very least, otherwise decent people who have a predilection toward the occasional bad thing. And that’s why we have organizations like the police – to keep residents from acting on the urges, as it were. This is a cold hard fact. read more

Angry Leftist Hypocrite

More proof of what awful human beings leftists are. And what utter hypocrites they are.

from the Blaze:

Portland politician who wants to defund police calls 911 on Lyft driver for canceling ride. The driver? He had enough of her ‘rude and abusive’ words.

‘She was not a pleasant person. … She was very disrespectful to me, made me uncomfortable.’

The ironies are plentiful.

Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty has been pushing to defund the police at a time when officers have been overwhelmed by left-wing rioters in the Oregon city’s streets since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in late May. read more

ABL on Police Presence in Black Neighborhoods

Anthony Brian Logan is from the Hood. He grew up in the Hood. In other words, he knows of what he speaks.

He was recently discussing a Gallup poll about the need for police, across four racial demographics.

You’d never know by listening to and watching these BLM activists, woke leftists or the main stream media, but the poll reveals that an overwhelming majority of blacks polled actually want police in their neighborhoods, either at the same historic levels or more than they have now.

Enjoy the video:

read more